Barely … “Inflation is a global problem” … President Erdogan: Developed countries are also struggling to raise prices

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President Erdogan’s remarks are as follows.

Since the last group meeting, January 12, 31 bills have been passed at the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Twenty-seven of them are international treaties. Our Foreign Minister has notified the General Assembly of the latest developments in Ukraine. Parliament works and produces with its members, groups, committees, and general assembly. The better we run the Veterans Conference, the stronger we will keep the country’s hopes.

Defeated in 16 elections, CHP returns continuously

Considering that there is a short period of 15 months before the election, it is necessary to make use of every moment. Together we prepare the party for the 16th victory in the ballot box. Of course, there is opposition not only to democracy, but also to the natural flow of life in power. Turkey’s misfortune has long been deprived of opposition leadership and style. There are CHPs that are not good in their own right, not to mention the country. CHP, defeated in 16 elections, has always retreated. The CHP formed an alliance on February 28, probably after that, and they all dared not mention their names openly. Perhaps by winning elections in this alliance, they were trying to change the country’s administrative system, beautify the world, save our region from crisis and turn it into a land of flowers and insects. Instead of motivating us in this direction, the photos presented by the alliance on the other side of us make us laugh, sad or surprised. If you haven’t decided on the order to sit at the table yet, how can you take the effective and courageous step you need? At the beginning of the journey, we don’t know how our country trusts people who are very distrustful of each other.

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The only job is to beautify the coalition

Looking at the issues opposed by the February 28 alliance, Turkey understands that it will give up its global interests. Nowhere else in the world has seen the opposite logic of “don’t worry” by threatening contractors who have already made these huge investments. How do you understand it? I didn’t know they were proposing a program related to the country’s true agenda, especially how to reduce inflation. Their only job is to beautify the coalition. Those who could not identify the presidential candidate skipped the difficult stages of parliamentary system and referendum, such as the change of government, and began direct negotiations with the prime minister. Is there a quorum in Congress? No. Even this ridiculous middle game is enough to show how the enemy is trying to deceive our country.

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These are the ones who are trying to collect black clouds throughout the country today.

We arrange all the works of art we bring into the country so that 85 million people can use them freely without discrimination. It was these people who called for “destroying the economy” at the Gezi event yesterday. These were the people who rubbed their hands yesterday while our country was tackling terrorist and economic attacks. These are the people who tried to collect dark clouds all over the country over potatoes and onions yesterday and oil today. Turkey, as before, will soon leave behind the problems it has already experienced. Instead of showing the national position of the country, the fall they followed will remain. We are looking for opposition to compete in the politics of work and service.

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People who do not submit concrete and rational proposals on national issues, even when they disagree, that is, when their hands are comfortable, are suddenly enlightened when they come to power. there is no. The delusion that they cause and display themselves is sufficient to reveal their true intentions. Our country never surrenders to this idea. We need to constantly remind our country of these facts, jobs, services, and the balanced policies we follow in the face of global crises. We must choke all lies with truth and strike all accusations in front of the recipient. We need to be vigilant against headquarters, organizations, and ministries in this regard.

It is true that developed countries are facing the same difficulties

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Inflation is not unique to Japan, but developed countries are suffering from the same problem. In the process, Turkey has once again proved its resilience to shock with productivity and employment. We have become one of the fastest recovering economies during the epidemic. Turkey’s economy grew 1.8% in 2020, making it one of the two countries that have achieved positive growth with China.

Despite the turmoil in the global supply chain, Turkey’s economy has reached its highest growth rate in the last decade, at 11% in 2021. It is also important to note that despite rising exchange rates, per capita income increased by more than $ 900 year-on-year to reach $ 9537. Last year, our exports rose 33% to over $ 225 billion, breaking the record. Our foreign trade deficit has decreased. As of February, our annual export value reached $ 232 billion. While the economy has grown, employment has increased significantly. As of the end of December, employment has reached historic levels, exceeding 30 million.

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We follow fluctuations in food prices

Rising commodity prices due to tensions between Russia and Ukraine will also affect inflation in Japan. We carefully monitor the reflection of rising oil prices on fuel prices. We are increasing the number of drillships to five. We have a fourth drillship and will be much stronger. We are scrutinizing food price fluctuations and intervening. There is no doubt that we will do whatever we can for our citizens in all things. Our citizens have shown great interest in applying for exchange-protected deposits and participating accounts. The amount accumulated in these accounts was approximately 550 billion lira. We have taken the first step in the work started within the scope of VAT simplification. Reduced VAT rate for basic foods, legumes, vegetables, fruits and other products to 1%. We will continue to take all possible measures to ensure supply safety and price stability. While doing these, we do not compromise on financial discipline.

The proposed developed countries did not speak out of oppression except for conditional messages.

This region, including our country, has had a tough and difficult day over the last 11 years. The crisis that caused 12 million people to leave their homes in Syria continues to this day. In this ruthless ongoing process, we struggled to find a way to turn this into a basin of peace as much as possible. As you can see on the screen, a child licking the tears of a crying mother. I saw on the screen this morning a puppy hitting a police father’s helmet, a mother behind him trying to take care of his child. This is dishonest. Whatever we can do from this unscrupulousness, we want to bring our children back to peace again.

No measures were taken to prevent slaughter, prevent conflict, stop oppression, and bring stability and peace to our geography. Those who confront the world when their interests are at stake have not taken steps to prevent genocide in our area for 11 years. Developed countries did not oppose persecution, except for a message of condemnation, while the countries adjacent to the conflict area were burdened with pain. They sought to thwart our operations aimed at bringing stability to the region. A statement made in the Western media after the Ukrainian crisis clarified the reasons behind this unresponsiveness, this indifference to humanitarian tragedy, and this dual standard for terrorist organizations. These fascist practices also cast a shadow over the legitimate struggle of the Ukrainian people by mixing straws with straws, fueling a trend of hatred and creating new dissatisfaction. We did not see the language, religion, and color of the people who came to our doors, fleeing the war and persecution in their country. In an era when human qualities were tested, Turkey became proud of all mankind with its stance, generosity, honesty and compassion. The spirit that distinguishes oppressed people by their religion, origin, and color has nothing to do with humanity or civilization. This perspective of high racial discrimination is shameful to humankind.

We do not accept applications such as witch hunting.

We do not accept witch-hunting practices against Russians, literature, students and artists, such as Ukrainian criticism. Look at the situation. The conductor of the German Symphony Orchestra has been dismissed as a friend of Putin. Is that nonsense? Dostoevsky’s work is prohibited. Is that nonsense? How is it different from Hulagu, which has burned down the library in Baghdad in history? They are the same. Unfortunately, meeting them at this time of the century is really killing our politicians. People who talk about human rights and freedom every time they speak fail in the classroom, but our country has passed the test of mankind again.

War can never win

I am deeply saddened that the tension between Russia and Ukraine, which are neighboring countries of the Black Sea, has become a fierce conflict. In a meeting between Mr. Zelensky and Mr Putin, I emphasized that the problem should be resolved through dialogue. Conflicts past the 14th today unfortunately cause serious human loss and tragedy. Already 2 million people had to leave the house. If we continue as it is, it will be close to 5 to 10 million people. Thousands of people have died. Roads, schools, houses and hospitals were severely damaged in the city. Innocent children and defenseless women suffer the most. Citizens trying to continue their lives with belongings that fit in their suitcases remind us of the true face of the war again. War never wins.

I hope that the first meeting of the Ukrainian and Russian Foreign Ministers tomorrow will lead the door to a permanent truce.

I had the opportunity to meet with some leaders once and with other leaders a couple of times. At the NATO Summit, we evaluated the joint steps we can take as an alliance. We do not understand the opposition within us, but Turkey’s position as an important country to talk to both sides is highly regarded around the world. We will continue diplomatic traffic on the Antalya forums from March 11th to 13th. We hope that the Ukrainian-Russian Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, which we will meet for the first time at the Antalya Foreign Affairs Forum tomorrow, will open the door to a permanent ceasefire. So far, we have secured the evacuation of 13,000 citizens. We helped the evacuation of Crimean Tatars, Meskhetian Turks, Uzbek brothers and citizens of other countries. The number of foreigners entering our country is approaching 20,000. Twenty-three relief supplies were sent to Ukraine. This number increases to 39 trucks.

Turkey is a country that has developed crisis management skills over the last decade. We always acted with this understanding, fighting terrorism and not trying to disrupt the economy. We sincerely believe that economic volatility is temporary and that the future is waiting for us with good news. Make all the necessary preparations. I ask people to be patient, act calmly, and continue to trust us.

The President of Israel will be the guest today. The guest will be the President of Azerbaijan tomorrow and the Prime Minister of Greece on Sunday. There are also meetings with many leaders in the Antalya forums.