Barely: Be careful!A weather warning has arrived … it also affects Istanbul

According to the latest information on meteorology, temperatures in the Marmara region will rise from Wednesday. Professor of Meteorology, CNN TÜRK. Dr. OrhanŞen warned about “desert dust” over the next few days. It was pointed out that asthma patients need to pay attention to the weather conditions that are valid in the western Mediterranean region, including the Sea of ​​Marmara, the Aegean Sea, the western Black Sea, and Istanbul.

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The fog that started in the morning in Istanbul continued until noon. The islands and seas have almost disappeared due to the fog density that affected many areas on the Anatolian side. At Martepe Beach, citizens on a sunny day were walking under the fog. Some citizens said they had difficulty breathing due to the polluted air during the walk.

Temperatures rise in the Sea of ​​Marmara

In a statement from the MGM Istanbul Regional Forecast and Early Warning Center, temperatures still above the normal and location of the seasons in the Marmara region (Izmit, Edilne, Tekirdag, Krklareri, Kojaeri, Sakarya, Yalova) were in the region as of Wednesday. It has risen a little more and will rise significantly (4-8 ° C until the beginning of next week), and is said to rise 6-10 degrees above normal in the season.

The highest temperatures seen in the region’s provincial center this week are expected to be: Istanbul: 21, Edirne: 24, Tekirdag: 21, Kırklareli: 24, Cocaeri: 26, Sakarya: 29, Yalova: 25.

“Close the window”

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Meteorologist Kerem Octen, who said that cold air waves from Siberia would be ineffective, but desert dust would be effective in Turkey, said desert dust would enter the country on Thursday. Octem also said, “Asthma patients must wear a mask. It is recommended to keep the south facing window closed on Thursdays and Fridays. I used the phrase.

“Spring comes with two dangers”

Professor of Meteorology, CNN TÜRK. Dr. Şen, meanwhile, made the following assessments of the weather conditions awaiting us in the coming days.

Now the weather is starting to get warmer. Istanbul today is 14 to 15 degrees Celsius and is warming all over Turkey. There will be no significant rainfall for the next 7-8 days. Spring has come and the temperature is starting to rise.

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In fact, there are two dangers in spring. One is dust carried from Africa.

This dust is generally effective in the Marmara region, North Aegean and Eastern Anatolia during these months. It is not very harmful and contains iron. Dust transport may come to the Marmara region on Thursday for the weekend.

In spring, pollen is also on our agenda. Pollen is a plant species. The wind and bees do this. Bee populations are very important in the world.

“I walk for an hour because of this strong air.”

Sinem Yamakalioğlu, walking on the beach, said: “This fog can also be a common air pollution in Istanbul. Seasonal changes can also have an impact. You see the world situation. Air pollution, surrounding debris, global warming. Along with, the bad world is waiting for our children.

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But I don’t know if it’s air pollution or some other reason. But we are happy, we are never happy with this situation.

Last minute: A caution weather warning has arrived ... it also affects Istanbul

It’s very bad weather and I always breathe in this air. For example, I’ve been walking for an hour and I’m stuck. Because of this dirty air, I’m stuffing and walking. I don’t know how clean I am walking. My lungs are now filled with old air. These air pollutions, these fogs are even more visible in the Istanbul situation. ” Said.

“Since I went for a walk, there was no air that smelled green.”

Citizen Semla Karataş said: There has been this fog since we left. I can’t even see the island. There is no bright air. In general, in this situation, the odor is very widespread where there is a waste route, not air pollution. Unfortunately, I went for a walk, so there wasn’t a clear scent of green.

Last minute: A caution weather warning has arrived ... it also affects Istanbul

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Meanwhile, the moment the island and sea disappear after the fog density and polluted air were captured from the air by the drone.