Barcelona-Galatasaray | Roster change signal from Domenec Trent

At Galatasaray, attention is focused on the Barcelona match at Camp Nou. At a press conference nine minutes ago, Domenec Trent, who wanted to make a surprise to forget the bad course of the league in a difficult match, made a statement. Trent said Barcelona recently captured a good graphic: “Barcelona in Xavi is in a good time. It’s not a secret, everyone knows. They may be the best time of the year. They. It might have been better for me. I was in the Champions League. “

“Everyone knows they have a very good team.”

An experienced coach recalled that Barcelona coach Xavi would change teams before the match, saying, “Everyone knows he has a very good team. We also change from time to time. But the players are not necessarily at the same level. This does not change the profile, so the quality of Barcelona. Pedri, Gabi, Nico … This is a great treasure for Barcelona. It needs to be used a little more. Barcelona is a good player again. The quality players are always in Barcelona. When they have to play, they are in Camp Nou. They become more aware of their responsibilities. These young players have a short time. It wasn’t a surprise to me to adapt to the system at. ”

“I look very closely at our current situation.”

Trent said he would change teams in response to the last match of Ittifak, who holds Konyaspor in the league. Of course, we intervene. Play with a striker who has the same scoring ability. Three games were heavy in seven days. In fact, I’m happy that the team is doing well. I had a small problem with a Konyaspor match. It is a difficult situation as a fixture, but we will overcome this situation. We have a good idea of ​​our current situation. I want to play in a Konyaspor match and win. “

“We have to spend the last few minutes very well.”

Regarding his expectations before the match, Domènec Torrent said:

“Barcelona has a great shape. You need to be perfect. You have to do your best. You have to do your best in 90 minutes, not your position. You have a choice. How to act when you have the ball. I know. Barcelona I know how to put pressure and steal the ball when I lose. Both defensive and offensive. “” We know what to do. Barcelona constantly attacks. Take the necessary precautions. You have to spend a lot of the last few minutes. We are aware of that. “

“You shouldn’t suffer anymore”

Trent said the yellow-red team wasn’t working well this season and wanted to keep fans happy for the rest of the week, saying, “We’re on track. We’re away from the fall line. Galatasaray is the team.” rice field. It’s a problem for now, but we have to get out of this situation. You don’t have to suffer anymore. I am very happy with the players. This is the problem now. I was unlucky in four games. It was a difficult year. I think we can overcome this if the players do their best. Everyone understands that it’s not a good year. “We want to make our fans happy,” he said for the club and the fans.

Meanwhile, a Spanish coach said Ignacio Peña will finish tomorrow.