Barcelona-Galatasaray Match Live (UEFA Europa League)

Galatasaray is experiencing the excitement of the last 16 games of the UEFA Europa League. With great success in completing Group E as an undefeated leader in front of Lazio, Marseille and Lokomotiv Moscow, the Yellow Reds share the trump card with world giant Barcelona. Having had a disappointing season in the Super League, Athrun wants to smile on the faces of his fans by scoring a favorable score against Barcelona at Camp Nou. Our representative will continue his performance in the second cup of Europe. The two teams finally met at Camp Nou on November 13, 2002, with Barcelona winning 3-1.

Minutes from the match:

one‘Banot Bastien, the referee of the battle, blew the first whistle and the match began.

Five“Barcelona came fast, Aruba kicked a hard ball from the left and Ferran Torres’ shot disappeared.

Great rescue from Pena!

26“Depay took a free kick just behind the penalty arc, and Ignacio Pena, rented from Barcelona, ​​stole the ball. The ball reached the goal very hard and accurately in the immediate vicinity.

36‘Kerem came out of the left wing fast, dodging the Dest, then pulling the ball to the right, knocking out another Barcelona player and hitting him.

37 37“Aanholt took the right wing corner. Marcos’ head has no effect.

40Depay pulled the ball from the left to the right and hit it. Pena was almost growing.

45 45‘Add +1 at the end of the first half.

The first half of the match was passed with goalless equality.

When and on which channel will the match between Barcelona and Galatasaray be live? Barcelona-Is Galatasaray free?

French referee Benoît Bastian manages the Barcelona-Galatasaray match at Camp Nou. Tonight, it will start at 23.00 TSI and will be broadcast live from Exxen with a 90 minute live score on our news.

Barcelona-Galatasaray 11th generation:

Barcelona: Ter Stegen, Dest, Araujo, Garcia, Alba, Nico Gonzalez, Frenkie De Jong, Pedri, Traore, Ferran Torres, Depay

Galatasaray: Pena, Boey, Marcao, Nelsson, van Aanholt, Taylan, Berkan, Feghouli, Babel, Kerem, Mohamed

Not a foreigner, Barcelona!

There are six soccer players who have played in both Galatasaray and Barcelona. Georghe Popesque, Georghe Hagi, Frank de Boer, Giovani dos Santos, Arda Turan and finally goalkeeper Ignacio Pena have played for both teams so far. Galatasaray coach Domènec Torrent will play Yellow Red’s first Europa League match against former team Barcelona. Trent previously coached coach Pep Guardiola in Barcelona. In addition, goalkeeper coach Segarra, who is part of Galatasaray’s Trent team, has nearly 20 years of experience in Barcelona.

Arda Turan’s disappointment

Goalkeeper Ignacio Peña, who moved from Barcelona to Galatasaray in half-time, will also face Barça for the first time. The 23-year-old netkeeper is expected to back up Telstegen in Barcelona next season. But Galatasaray is looking for a way to borrow young gloves again. On the other hand, Arda Turan, who has played in Barcelona but is not included in the Spanish national team and watches the game at home, is experiencing great disappointment.

9th appointment with Barcelona

Galatasaray and Barcelona have so far been eight rivals in the Europa League. In the battle, they all played in the Champions League, with the Yellow and Red teams winning once and the Spanish national team winning five times. Both games ended in a draw. Aslan was pleased to score six times, while Barcelona scored 14 points. The two teams finally met at Camp Nou on November 13, 2002, with Barcelona winning 3-1.

301st test in Europe

Aslan has participated in the European Cup 300 times so far. Yellow Red won 106 times, but lost 114 times to their opponents. There were no winners in 80 games. In the process, Cim Bom aired his opponent’s net 400 times and scored 446 goals with his goals.

33rd battle with the Spaniards

Cim Bom has played 33 times against the Spanish team so far. Yellow Red played these matches with Atletico Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, Mallorca, Real Madrid, Deportivo, Barcelona, ​​Sociedad and Villarreal. Aslan recorded eight wins, six draws and 19 losses in these games. Galatasaray defeated Spanish giant Real Madrid to win the UEFA Super Cup in 2000.

The best season in a few years

Galatasaray played 12 games in the Europa League this season. Cim Bom won 5 times, lost 2 times and drew 5 times. Aslan drew 0-0 with Lazio, who last faced Italy in Europe.

French referee team

Benoit Bastian of the French Football Federation manages the match between Barcelona and Galatasaray. Bastian’s assistants are Hicham Zakrani and Aurelian Bertomiu. The fourth referee in the match will be Jeremy Pinhal. Delajod Willy leads the VAR and Benoit Millot joins the AVAR.

Hagi: Barca is better

Romanian legend Gheorghe Hagi, who played in both Barcelona and Galatasaray in his football career, evaluated the match between the two teams in the Manka newspaper. “Barcelona is a better team. Currently, both Barça and Galatasaray are in transition. Barcelona has recovered after Xavi’s arrival and is definitely a favorite of the match,” Hagi said. An experienced coach commented, “I love Galatasaray’s Marcos. I’m Mohammed the striker. But above all, Kerem is a fast boy and versatile.”

Frenkie: We are a favorite of the tour.

A Dutch star in Barcelona said Galatasaray was a good team. Frenkie de Jong said, “But we are a favorite of the tour. We always want to win, especially in games we play at home. Our place is in the Champions League, but not there. Now we have to win. Europa League. We have tough teams here too, but our goal is to win the trophy, “Frenkie de Jong said. A star soccer player said he was very comfortable and happy in Barcelona, ​​saying, “It doesn’t hurt if I’m criticized. People always talk.”

Spanish missing 7

Prior to the match against Galatasaray against the Spanish giant, the most important missing person was Gabi, who was suspended from the yellow card. Experienced right-back Dani Alves and Wagué are not on the UEFA list. In addition to these players, injured Umtiti, Valde, Sergi Roberto and Fati will no longer be able to serve.

Domènec Torrent, Hopeful: Very well prepared for the Barcelona match

Galatasaray made a statement before the first match of the last 16 rounds of the Europa League against Barcelona, ​​and Aslan coach Domenec Trent said hopefully. After the defeat of Konyaspor, the Spanish coach responded to the words, “I didn’t form this team,” said the Spanish coach, who now trusts his player, “a talented player to play for the European team. I’m ready. It’s very suitable for a match in Barcelona. “It’s a special club I support. I know everything about it. It’s no surprise what can happen in the field. Barcelona Is one of the few teams in the best shape in Europe. Now Zabi knows how to play football. Barcelona is definitely a respected team. ”

“Club with European history”

“I act knowing the game and power of Barcelona. But I also studied the lessons well. I want to carry out the right plans at the right time and transfer the chances of the tour to Istanbul. Things are going as I expected in the league. No. So far, Galatasaray is also a club with European history. We also know that there is another reaction here. If you can return to Istanbul with a good score, it’s important to get the support of the fans there. You can do a lot of work. “”

Xavi: We are in a promising process

Barcelona’s technical boss spoke at a press conference prior to the match against Galatasaray. Xavi said, “I have to play well and keep luck. I want to beat Galatasaray and succeed in this tournament. We are in a promising process. Very good for Naples. Now with good dynamism. I want to continue this. I insist on this game model. ”

“I like Seville more”

Spanish coaches were asked if they were Europa League favorites and said, “We don’t consider ourselves one of our favorites. We have never won this trophy. Sevilla is a favorite than us. I We are still one of the championships. We are competitors and we need to prove it in the field. We haven’t achieved anything yet. Our goal for this season is to win the Europa League and the Champions. To win a league ticket. ” Xavi also talked about Galatasaray and Domenek Trent.

“We have to afflict Galatasaray”

The 42-year-old coach said, “My torrent friend. He came to Qatar five months ago and met there. He followed Al Sadd’s training. He is a very experienced name. He Uses a football model similar to us. The Turkish League is another experience for him. Galata Sarai. He quickly outperforms the league rankings. They have this quality. They have this quality. There are talented players like Kerem Aktür koğlu who surprise me individually … Galata Sarai can cause us problems, so we have to afflict them when we have the ball. ” rice field. Xavi said the pena they hired for Yellow Red did a good job. Finally, the Spanish coach said he would replace the team against Galatasaray. “Because the players are tired. They play a lot and aren’t feeling well. They attack with another player in the middle,” he said.