Banner reaction from Birecik-TRTSpor

Fenerbahce Club Vice President Errol Bilechik has issued a statement to Fenerbahce TV about the banner held during the match between Trabzonspor and Fraport’s Tav Antalyaspor.

Condemning the banner action, Bilecik also called on the Turkish prosecutor.

Here’s a description of ErolBilecik:

“We are unfortunately living a night of blame. First of all, I have to say this. Today we experience a night we never want to see again in the history of Turkish sports. Before the open sports club flag match, the champions of the 2010-11 season are themselves, unfortunately at the edge of the gun. Unfortunately, they blame them for hanging. This deserves neither human law nor dignity .. I don’t think putting such a structure on our side is as painful as the whole Republic of Turkey sees.

All Turkey saw, all people saw this picture. It is normal to see the FETO terrorist organization as legal by denying the July 3rd process, the conspiracy case, with a picture in front of us that rights, law and justice are largely ignored. It is considered. It is impossible for people not to understand this. If you really attribute to the 2010-11 season championship, if you say it’s impossible for Fenerbahce to happen, you’re really talking through the mouth of FETO, you legalize the FETO terrorist organization ing. This is one of the biggest crimes that can be committed against the Republic of Turkey. All in all, it means committing one of Turkey’s biggest betrayals of sports justice. The season we live in now is 2021-22. We live in a season when registration is being discussed by many institutions and many predictions. If you’re playing the ball this season and you can’t find the exact answer to the question of whether you should register for the 2010-11 season … any law if you’re raising this issue in a nonsensical way. You are only trying to justify FETO in a way that is not based on it and that annoys all justice institutions.

As a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, I am very sorry for this. As a Fenerbahce fan, this is my biggest problem. Everyone cares about their business. For us, 2010-11 is our greatest right and is endowed by all judiciary in every respect. Finally, the forehead. The biggest crimes today are the ones where sweat can be stolen. Looking at these sums, we are having a really interesting night. We unfortunately live a night of blame. A sports club that puts up such a banner during the match, puts such a banner at the tip of the barrel, and puts Turkey’s largest sports community like Fenerbahce at the end of the barrel … this cannot happen. I’m really having a hard time explaining it. In this regard, I am calling on my conscience, I am calling on justice. Individuals and institutions in the Fenerbahce community will contact us by signal via email, whatsapp messages, and all the screams on this issue. We go through the process at night when we are really struggling to maintain them. But our entire process is ultimately a process in which rights, law and justice shed light. Today I ask all supporters and our community to stay calm. We will be defenders of our rights, the law and justice to the end. In other words, those who insult us and ignore our championship … one of the most important issues is all these that I consider to be a major crime in the history of law and justice in the Republic of Turkey. To make a statement. Provoke the people. I’m watching this tonight. Tonight’s banner action invites the Turkish Football Federation, especially the prosecutors on duty, all the mechanisms of the judicial system to be on duty in all the structures so far.

All of them should be seen by all relevant agencies, as we mentioned in the social media reaction we showed as a club a while back. Everyone needs to care about their business. One of the greatest evils that the Republic of Turkey can do today is to oppose what is envisioned by retroactive legislation. Ignore the Fenerbahce Championship for the 2010-11 season. I can’t hear it. These must now be abandoned. There must be a community that doesn’t exacerbate the problems of this beautiful country … Today we need to get rid of this becoming a phenomenon of schizophrenia. We hear them from social media accounts from time to time, we also use all legal methods, but from now on we will be explaining in cmcm in front of all legal channels tomorrow Will come back to life. We also invite prosecutors on duty.

Tomorrow is the last day of our holy Ramadan month. Monday is the first day of the blessed Ramadan feast. But the law doesn’t wait 30 minutes. In that sense, it is a structure that does not wait for a few seconds for the law to be passed. All prosecutors working in today’s judicial system believe that we will carry out our petition from tomorrow. In this regard, we apply to the law to carry out our petition from tomorrow, as the Fenerbahce Sports Club, and as our association, as all the fans who bring their discomfort back to life in this regard. .. As a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, I reject the structure of Fenerbahce, which puts it on the edge of the barrel, not as the vice president of the Fenerbahce Sports Club. I think it is an act that cannot be combined with a wise act that wastes reason and logic. There is no doubt that our judiciary and legal system will make really correct decisions on this issue and implement them quickly. i am sure. In this sense, all of our Fenerbahce communities, associations and MPs are calm …

After all, I think the Fenerbahce Sports Club needs to take every legal step in this sense, both individually and as a group. Justice always brings its necessary manifestations to life. It doesn’t fail in this sense. In that respect, it closes the eyes of the most important element of justice. In other words, everyone is just as far away and just as close. Therefore, I believe this symptom will occur very quickly. Fenerbahce who lives long. I hope the Ramadan holiday will be a blessing again. We wish the peace, health and good luck of the Turkish community, especially the Fenerbahce community, especially the Islamic community and the Turkish community. “