Bandirma joins Super League-Bandirma News

Bandur Maspor, who finished the summit race in 3rd place in the 1st league of Sport and advanced to the final by defeating Eyupspor who played in the playoff semi-finals, stuck to the supermarket after two games. For the first time in the club’s 57-year history, they approached and the city was equipped with a burgundy-covered league goal-white color. Everyone in Bandırma believes that Bandırma will advance to the Super League by winning the match against Istanbul Spor in the final round tomorrow. Bandırma Mayor Torga Tosun said they were always financially and morally with Bandırma and believed that Bandırma would reach the Super League. Everyone who maintained this enthusiasm. We sincerely believe that our Bandırma will defeat Istanbul Spor tomorrow and play in the Super League, “he said.

“Bandur Maspor has had a lot of trouble so far. We are experiencing the excitement of the city for the first time. This issue is not just a championship issue, but the city’s reputation,” said businessman Ozan Tum. , City branding, national and international reputation in the city. I care about Bandırmaspor for myself. “U. I want everyone who has the opportunity to be in the stadium on Thursday, “he said.

Bandırma City Council Chairman Serdar Polar also said:

“Bandırma is the first in 57 years of club history to be so close to the Super League. We will face Istanbul Spor in the final on Thursday. How Bandırma is detained in the Eyup match. As shown in. We will pass Istanbul Spor on Thursday and play in the Super League. As Bandırma, our team is with you. There is one step left for the Super League. At Bandırma Ferry Square. I hope to celebrate the enthusiasm of the Super League. “He said.

Eyüp וl: “We are fixed together as a city”

Pointing out that he gathered as a Bandırma merchant to join the Super League, Eyüp וl, Chairman of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, said: “Our sport in Bandırma will reach the last 90 minutes tomorrow. We are united as a city. We will be three district teams in the Super League, with the exception of the Istanbul team. They gave our city this atmosphere. We sincerely hope that Bandırma, the illustrious star of South Marmara, will join the Super League. “

Bandırmaspor has proposed to join the Super League in Totem, and Dr. Murat Ergöz said: “First of all, I would like to thank the Honorary Chairman, Management, Technical Committee, Teachers, Medical Teams and Tribune Group. It is an honor and I believe in South Marmara and even the surrounding area. Bandırmaspor will be in the Super League. I believe that. I have a tortem. In connection with the tortem I made, the Bandırmaspor match has begun. I will bring the tortems Bandırma and Bandırmaspor to the Super League. What is this tortem? Unfortunately, Bandırmaspor didn’t win the match I saw. I didn’t see the last match. This match never came back from here and Bandırmaspor wrote its name in the final. “.

Bandırma has shown that it deserves a super league, and former Bandırma soccer player Hussein Cheri said, “Bandırma has opened the door to the super league, even though it is a larger district team than many cities. The team is actually a team that deserves the Super League. Kent has good players. “I want to emphasize that we are ready for the Super League. Because it deserves Bandirma and Bandirma. Bandırma is the last 90 minutes to take place on Thursday. My heart, my heart is in Bandırma, “he said.

In Bandırma, where 16,000 tickets will be given, ticket sales will start early and will be sold out by the match. Bandırma is breathtaking and awaits the outcome of the Istanbul Spor finals in Cocaeri tomorrow.