Bag Law Statement from the AK Party: It Will Be Submitted to Congress

Vice Chairman Mustafa Eritash of the AK Party Group issued a statement on the bill. The bill contains regulations to protect the salaries of surnames and victims of domestic businesses.

The AK Party has completed work on a new bag method that it has been working on for a long time.

After President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that he would raise the minimum wage level, AK party staff, who first started working to prevent damage to companies selling interest-free homes, tackled the problem.

Today, AK Party Group Vice-Chairman Mustafa Eritash also issued a statement on the work done.

Bill is ready

Eritash said he sent the work to Congress as a bag. “Today we are submitting a bag bill to the chairman of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, which includes regulations to raise Mutar’s salary to the minimum wage level, including smuggling crimes within the scope of chained crimes involving taxes. Included. Procedural Law, and Protecting Victims of Homeland Companies. ” I used the phrase.

Studies conducted for baggage law were previously described in the banking sector and SDIF as follows:

300 billion LIRA accounts are insured

The new bag survey has important provisions for businesses, especially including banks and banking regulations. The bill expands the insurance guarantees that apply to bank deposit accounts. After that, the corporate account will also be insured. This means securing an account worth 300 billion lira. If a bank goes bankrupt, the state will intervene to secure an account.

Expands the coverage of insurance for bank deposit accounts

The coverage of insurance for bank deposit accounts is expanding. AK party officials are currently practiced to provide a real person with an insurance guarantee of 200,000 lira, and if a bank goes bankrupt or gets into trouble, that person can pay for his account. If not, the state said it would pay 200. Thousand lira.

Bag Law Statement from AK Party: It Will Be Submitted to Congress # 2

Added quick sale, appropriate protection clause

New provisions have been added to the draft article on SDIF and BRSA. Another practice is introduced with respect to proceedings filed against SDIF trustees. In the case of a proceeding, if there is negligence of the institution, it will be appealed to the institution, and if there is negligence of the trustee, it will be appealed to the trustee.

If TMSF acquires a company, the sales mechanism will operate in a short time.

Under SDIF, new applications will emerge to manage your enterprise effectively and efficiently. In this context, the sale of a company takes precedence over the administration.

When TSMF acquires a company, a mechanism is used to sell it in a short amount of time. The money from the sale will be blocked at the bank and you will be profitable.

Editing for Victims

Arrangements have also been made for victims who have invested money in the company to buy a home. In this context; there are arrangements to resolve customer dissatisfaction during the savings period of the liquidated savings finance company. Measures will be arranged for the transfer of all types of movables and movements of institutions and organizations that have been closed or transferred to the Ministry of Finance due to a declaration of emergency, and arrangements will be made for the payment of creditors’ claims from these institutions.

Regulations have been introduced to protect wages received prior to Decree No. 666. The purpose is to extend the application and payment period for immovable sales within the range of 2 / B and farmland belonging to the Ministry of Finance. This proposal will also increase the cost of accommodation paid to civil servants.

Progress of smuggling crimes

On the other hand, due to the revision of the Tax Procedure Law, smuggling crimes are included in the scope of crimes one after another, and effective repentance is expected for tax evasion crimes. It also aims to invigorate the process of prosecuting smuggling crimes. Regulations have been introduced regarding the transitional stages of tax evasion crimes. The president is expected to be empowered by the travel agency to determine the annual fee paid to the union.