Award-winning comment from Ismail Cartal-TRT Spor

“We congratulate the players for playing football well and winning five goals,” said Cartal. “We congratulate the big fans of Fenerbahce for this victory.”

In the 29th week of the Spor Toto Super League, Fenerbahce defeated Alanyaspor 5-2 on the street.

At a post-match press conference, Cartal emphasized that they came to Alanya to win, “Graphics have risen in league games over the last five to six weeks. I put it at the top. We have a team. In terms of technology, physics, tactics and games. In terms of tactics it is important for my players and teams. We are on the rise. Today was a game with a high level of joy. The opponent was drawn 2-0, 2-. 2, then we balanced the movement we made with the game. We put pressure on the front line. We Won Match 5-2. Our three players who later entered the game scored goals. Today we scored 5 goals against Alanya Spore against a good team at home. But I had a 100% chance of scoring 5-6 goals before and after, and I had it in the second half, “he said.

“Arda did what he needed to do.”

Ismail Kartal announced that he had won five goals despite the lack of six players, saying, “Congratulations to all the players. For Arda, the youngest player to score a goal in Fenerbahçelig history. Arda is our son, both Turkish. He has served both football and Fenerbahce for many years. We took Arda to the match at the right time. There was an environment for him to play. He did what he needed. He didn’t score. He is a player with a clear path and future. We trust him. We love him. He is our child. I thank him too. “

“Goals we worked on”

Cartal analyzed all the opponents from the day he arrived and emphasized that he was working hard with the team: “For example, the first goal scored may be a coincidence of people. The goalkeeper You might think you’ve scored a long goal .. We tried this. After all, I hope Alanyaspor will succeed in the next match. Play football well and win with 5 goals. Congratulations to the players for what they have done, and I would like to congratulate the big fans of Fenerbache on this victory, “he said.

“Explanation of Arda Gurel”

When asked about his thoughts on the rivalry between Mesut Özil and Arda Gurel’s jersey, Cartal said, “There are three instead of two, there is also Ilfan Khan Kavechi. There are Mest and Arda. These are the top. I’m a player. I’m very happy and proud to work with such a player. Every player is my player. It’s worth it to me. When and where we play Plan. I don’t play some of them. Also help me. They say teacher, OK. We have no problem and we are in a civilized way by mutual agreement. Do the job. They also support me. “

AytemizAlanyaspor side

Alanyaspor technical manager Felipe Sanchez Mateos said he was disappointed that he lost to Fenerbahce 5-2, saying, “Even if the results are not in our favor, the performance is what we want. That’s it. “

In the 29th week of the Spor Toto Super League, Alanyaspor lost to Fenerbahce 5-2 in the field. Felipe Sanchez Mateos said in a post-match press conference, “Of course, there are times when you need to evaluate football performance and results independently. We will do that today. The results of this match, of course, will be 1 in the first half. It was -0. “I fell. I don’t know how to say the goal I gave up, but let’s say it. I was unlucky.”

“I tried to continue the match in soccer, which I wanted to win in classical music.”

Mateos said, “Fenerbahce was well defended in the first half. I couldn’t put the ball between the blocks. Even if I received the ball, the defenders didn’t allow us to return. There was no danger. He scored a goal in the first half and scored a goal at the beginning of the second half to retreat 2-0. The players played a good match. They responded to 2-2. One minute later. Of course, I had to take the risk or continue the match 2-2. I tried to continue the match in football, which I wanted a classic victory. Of course, I wanted to react after this goal and score a goal. However, it was difficult. I gave up the fourth point, so when I gave up this goal, I noticed that the goalkeeper hit the ball 1 meter away from the outside. Couldn’t. The fifth goal also had a position in Kamala and a foul from the club was clearly seen, but the referees are here. They continued. After 2-2, they won. We made changes to bring about, but that didn’t happen. “