Attila Szalai from Fenerbahce explained why the performance was so good. “This is why we are leaving.”

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Hungarian defender Attila Szalai of Fenerbahce answered a question on Fenerbahce TV of the Fenerbahce Cambal to Facilities. There, preparations for the national league tournament continued.

Szalai, a guest of the “Interview Today” program, spoke about both the injury process and the rising graphics of the team.

Attila Szalai, who recently made a short statement about the fact that she speaks Turkish much better, said: I’m doing my best. In terms of speaking Turkish, I think I’ve improved a lot. I’m happy to be able to speak better than before. she said.

“The process is going well and I’m recovering soon.”

After being injured in a Konyaspor match, he continued the rehabilitation process. “I was injured in the last Konyaspor match. In that match, I hit the outside of my right knee and injured my inner ligaments. Thank God. It’s not a big injury. Our doctor I said my treatment would take about 2 weeks. Today is the 7th day of treatment. The process is going well and I’m recovering quickly. And of course, our health in this sense. Thanks to the care team. Our massagers, physiotherapists and doctors work hard and help. I want to get home as soon as possible. ”As Szalai, he says in this process: Said he tried to do his best.

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“As we are now known, we are on a national break, and we are very sorry that we couldn’t go to the national team because of this injury. Of course, the treatment process is difficult and time consuming. It takes. I will do my best. In both treatment and salon work! I had the opportunity to jog a bit in the field for the first time today. The exams and tests we did seem to be making good progress. So I Is happy. “

“Every day we focus on what we can do to improve the game.”

Hungarian soccer players also shared their views on the team’s rising graphics and related field results over the past few weeks. “Thanks to God. We had a good match in the previous period. We got good results. But it was all a product of hard work. We are working really hard. We are working hard every day. We’re focusing on what we can do to improve the game. We’ve had good results in the last game, but it’s going well. We’ll continue to do so after the national break. ” He said.

“Fan support is very important to us.”

Attila Szalai, who received feedback on fan support, said:

“Fan support is very important to us. Not only our players, but everyone in the club feels this support very well. They are behind us in the match and make us a lot. It helps. One of our goals is to make them happy and we are working hard to do that. “

“Thanks for the support and love they have shown.”

A brief evaluation of the dialogue with the fans, the soccer player said, “I am grateful for the support and affection of the fans. Their support and love are very important to me. It makes me very happy. It is very to me. Because it’s important to, I always try to give the best response both inside and outside the field. It’s worth it because they support us unconditionally. As a group of actors, we do it. I want to repay. “I used the phrase.

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“We have a very good team spirit and a good group.”

Attila Szalai emphasizes that there is a group of actors with quality and personality, saying: Hard work is always rewarded. We can get good results, and when we get good results, it makes us happy. Results like this show that you are heading in the right direction. I want to continue as it is. We have a really good team spirit and a good group. We have a very good group in terms of quality and personality. Everyone is friends with each other and everyone is doing well with each other. We are working hard to maintain it. ” Said.

“Everyone took care of me after the injury.”

Explaining the moment of his injury, he later stated that his teammates and club staff supported him a lot, and a successful defender said: At the first medical examination by the doctor, my injury looked serious. Everyone was very worried about this situation. Thank God, after the inspection, my condition turned out to be better than we expected. This reassured me. On my way to the hospital, after having an MRI, all my friends called. They showed me their love and support. I thank them and want to join them as soon as possible. When I was injured, I hit the outside of my right knee and felt a lot of pain. Then I wanted to continue. Our doctors said it was dangerous for me to continue the tests they performed. I was disappointed. It was a lot of pain, but I wanted to help my team so that my teammates could change the game brilliantly. It was nice to see the atmosphere of the stadium and it made me feel better. ” He said.

“This is the reason for our debut in the last few weeks.”

In response to questions about the rest of the league and preparing for the match, Szalai said: “There are eight games left in the league and the goal is to get as many points as possible and be as high as possible on the scoreboard. At the end of the league. We are working hard on this and doing our best. First of all, mental preparation is very important. I am always preparing to play in various new positions. I am trying to improve myself in every position. Teams and I’m working hard in every position to help the club. I think every player on the team has this idea. Every player is like that. That’s why they made their debut in the last few weeks. I think. “

“I started playing soccer as a left wing.”

A Hungarian player said he started playing soccer as a left wing, “My dad was also a soccer player and played on the left wing. I started playing soccer as a left wing. Over time, I was in the position of defender. I have reached a professional level by working hard. I am very happy to be here. I hope we all have a good time and win together. ” Said.

“You can do a Turkish program with Philip Novak.”

Attila Szalai speaks the best Turkish language of any foreigner on the team, reminding Philip Novak of his strength in this, Saray said: I try to improve my Turkish every day. There are other excellent Turkish-speaking players on our team. Philip is one of them. One day you may be able to program on Youtube to see who speaks Turkish well. I am ready for this challenge. ” Said.