Attack the target accurately with the national shooting system and torpedoes!Notable message from Minister Akar

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Minister Akar, along with Chief of the General Staff General Yashar Gurel, came to Navy Command to test the launch of nationally-resourced Akia training torpedoes, from submarines to targets. Minister Akar, greeted by Navy Commander, Admiral Ercüment Tatlıoğlu, and other officials, was later transferred to Submarine Fleet Command.

Here, greeting the ceremonial guards, Akar and General Guller went to the TCG Preveze submarine with the motto “Legend of Depth.” After the arrival of Minister Akar on the submarine, TCG Prevese left the port. The submarine cruised on the surface of the water for a while and then dived toward the training ground. After preparing after entering the submarine training ground in Izumit Bay in the Sea of ​​Marmara, Minister Akar fired a national torpedo Akya from TCG Preveze. The Akia training torpedo manufactured by national means has successfully completed the shooting on the target vessel, along with the shooting carried out by the national shooting system MUREN. In the shot, the real target was shot for the first time in Akya.

“We are for peace and peace in all the seas.”class = “medianet-inline-adv”>

Congratulating all project stakeholders and personnel, especially ROKETSAN and TÜB0054TAK, after the successful launch, Akar stated that submarines are one of the most important elements of the Navy’s General Army. He said that submarines are a very effective force. “Since the 1880s, there has been a culture of submarines in our history. Even for training and testing purposes, the submarines that were first fired on were The year is ours. “

Emphasizing the importance of developing this culture and having a strong submarine fleet, Akar said, “We support peace and tranquility in all the surrounding seas, especially the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Seas. “We need a better army than ever before. We, like any other army, ensure that the Navy has state-of-the-art weapons and systems. We are working harder and faster. We will be the strongest. “

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“We will do what is necessary for the survival of our country.”

Pointing out the importance of the domestic project and the Akya National Heavy Torpedo project, Akar said:

“Meeting the needs of friendly and sibling countries, not just the Turkish Army (TSK), is an important task for us. This is clearly seen in the activities we have done so far. We continue to work more and more. Pace and pace. With the leadership, encouragement and support of the President, we have made great strides in the defense industry. Now we have our own light weapons, Howitzer, attacking helicopters, Unmanned Aircraft (UAV), armed unmanned aircraft can be manufactured. Our ships, Aerial Vehicles (S0054HA) and Attack Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (T0054HA). We continue to strive to increase. We recognize that the next chapter will be more difficult, and after reaching this point we will continue to challenge. We will never give up, with patience and We will continue to work with determination. We will continue to succeed as one heart. What can we do for the survival and welfare of our country? If we have to do it, I’ve been here and want to continue. “

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“We strive for evolution.”

Touching on the war between Russia and Ukraine, Akar said:

“As the Turkish army, we must be strong. We need to be prepared in the unlikely event. There is a dispute between Russia and Ukraine. Both countries are neighboring countries at sea. They have a relationship. Stop. We sincerely hope that this conflict will end as soon as possible and that peace and tranquility will spread in the region as soon as possible. We have so far, whatever our obligations, especially humanitarian assistance. I went. “We are acting according to sanctions. Meanwhile, we continue to keep in touch so that the parties can discuss, negotiate and reach a suspension soon.”

The national fire system and torpedoes hit the target with a high-profile message from Minister Akar.

“We will continue to be in contact with both sides.”class = “medianet-inline-adv”>

Recalling that the evacuation work is continuing, he said, “I have a firm grasp of the situation in Mariupol. I am in contact with both the Russian and Ukrainian sides at the ministerial level. I am trying to make innocent people possible. “We expect this to happen within a few days and hours.” There are two planes in the Kive region. We will contact both Russia and Ukraine and evacuate at the most appropriate time, “he said. Said. ..

TCG Prevese returned to the harbor after the cake prepared for successful shooting was cut by Minister Akar, Chief of the General Staff Guller and submarine personnel.