Athletics Federation President Fatty Sintimar: We Must Run To See It-Sports News

Starting from Manisa Ataturk City Park, it reaches Westel City, one of Europe’s largest production facilities built on a single site, from which it extends to Manisa’s historic texture and all its beauty. The countdown for the Stermanisa Half Marathon has begun. Not only domestic and foreign elite athletes, but anyone who loves and is interested in athletics can participate in the marathon.

“For people to see …”

Before the great organization, Fati Sintimar, president of the Turkish Athletics Federation, also answered a strange question. After telling Cintimal’s FANAT0054K, “100,000 people are running and 20 people are watching,” he made a very special statement in response to a question about how to increase the audience on the screen. To do that, you first need to run people. “My dad runs, my kids run, or my kids run, my dad goes. That’s why I’m currently running half marathons and road races all over Turkey. That’s why there are a very serious number of half marathons. bottom.”

“If your child isn’t running, why do you see it?”

“Now this is our 28th half marathon and road run. We believe that sports infrastructure will develop with spectator infrastructure whenever we can increase this number to 500 and do it in the district as well. Why are you watching when you’re not running? You need to increase the number of people who run because you grow up with people who are doing something only for those who are running. The Istanbul Marathon has 200,000 people running. Yes, while 200,000 are running, 200,000 to 250,000 are watching. Why? Bringing a child, bringing a spouse, watching, so I say so Otherwise, of course, it doesn’t compare anything to soccer. “

“Athletics is the mother of sports”

“As athletics, we are the mother of sports and we have to give birth. This is the way of giving birth and it involves reproduction … There is now a branch of athletics for children that continues around the world. Last week. , 60,000 children participated. Children’s athletics. This race is also 1500, 2000. There is a race where one person runs. Those who have never run here will experience a half marathon. At the end of the marathon, at the end of 21km, it’s as if he had climbed to the top of Mount Ararat. He has this in his body because he is so big, so this is how he gets rid of it. We race Need to increase the number of. “

“Sports tourism is happening”

President Cintimal, “Is the reason why the marathon is held in Turkey is a domestic request or a foreign request?” I also answered the question. “There is a lot of demand at home and abroad. The reason for the domestic demand is that people are competing in State A using the competition as an excuse, and at that competition they are in the city. , Know its environment, structure, geography. It will be sports tourism. With this contribution, people will come and go a little more. They also have sites abroad. We also have sites. People Enter from there. In Manisa, Turkey … “What does Vestel have to do with it?” “He knows Vestel. He wants to come with Vestel and run here. For example, if we have 3-5 races this year, we will have 15-20 races next year. Everyone from Kenya, Ethiopia, Jamaica and Europe will be here. “

“They are looking at economic power.”

Cintimal said: “People from abroad will also get to know Manisa. They will see the economic power. For example, when I came to Vestel and toured the Vestel factory, my chest swelled as a citizen of the Republic. It was in Turkey. Why? It’s so big. “My people built and operated the facility. He was able to sell materials all over the world. Then we can do anything. . “

FANAT0054K SPECIAL / Atalay Ozcelikli