“Athletes with medals” are growing at Buka Ataturk Sports High School

With research to study sports from an early age, find talented students and train Turkey’s leading athletes on the international stage, the school accepts students from all sports disciplines.

At high school, which accepts students based on average junior high school grades and talent exam results, athletes ranked in different branches are trained.

In the first two years, students taking general courses at all high schools receive 11th and 12th grade training in training, basic sports, sports management organizations, sport psychology, teams and individual sports.

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Of the 420 students who continue to educate at Buka Ataturk Sports High School, 350 are undergraduate athletes participating in national and international organizations. Students actively participate in amateur brunch, from karate to wrestling, athletics to swimming, weightlifting to boxing.

The school’s students, who are proud to represent Turkey in international organizations, have won 172 medals at the kickboxing, taekwondo, athletics, swimming, wrestling and other branch competitions they have participated in so far this year. I got it.

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The students explained their goals

One of the students, 16-year-old Elif CerenŞanlı, has been involved in kickboxing since the age of 9, and said he won the Turkish Championship at Starbranch some time ago.

Elif CerenŞanlı said he was the Turkish champion in the youth branch of Ordu’s organization and finished third at the 7th International Kickboxing World Cup in Istanbul last month.

“I was a very passive and confident girl. Then I started the game. I continued when I was ambitious. I became ambitious and continued like this. Then the rest have already come. I will continue to build my family. I am proud of my friends and school. The next tournament of the month is Kokaeri. Bachelor’s degree and championship. Later, I will go to big games and announce my name to the world. Want to.”

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Meanwhile, 10th grade Khan Jeraldi said he had been interested in taekwondo for nine years and won the Turkish Championship.

Yelaldı emphasized that he was qualified to take part in the World Championships in Senegal, taking first place in the Youth Turkey Taekwondo Championships in Mula.

“I want to be a world champion. Then the Olympics … I’m aiming to go on to college after graduating from high school. I want to be a PE teacher and coach. I was guided to Taekwondo by my family because of my active activities. I love it. We do the best job at school in this sense. “

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Principal Vasfi Çetin said Buca Atatürk Sports High School serves as a compass for talented students to grow themselves, build their careers and maximize the excitement of sports.

Chetin said his students have so far earned important degrees in many branches.

“Our school has 420 students, 350 of whom are licensed. These students have recently attended the competition. They have won the Turkish Championships, especially in many areas. Each of our students coming here is preparing within a training framework. Working with clubs and schools, their coach’s calendar. “