Athletes race against history on the Gallipoli Peninsula – TRT Spor


Hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and organized by the Presidential Office of the Çanakkale War and Gallipoli Historic Sites, this year marks the seventh edition of the Gallipoli Marathon. Thousands of athletes from Japan and abroad participate under the theme of “following those who never give up.”

The marathon, which was first held in 2015 by the historic Presidential Palace, attracted a lot of attention from athletes due to the characteristics of the track.

Attended by more than 2,000 athletes from 11 countries last year, the marathon consists of four tracks: a marathon, a half marathon and a 10km race, plus a 1915m Respect race open to the public.

The organization, which reached high participation rates last year despite the Covid-19 epidemic, is expected to see more countries and athletes participate this year.

The marathon, which starts in front of the historic Kilitbahir Castle in the village of Kilitbahir in the Eceabat district, ends at the same point.


Ismail Kashdemir, director of Çanakkale War and Historic Sites, said the Gallipoli Peninsula is one of the most themed and most beautiful tracks in the world.

Kaşdemir said the marathon will run on September 25 with registration closing on September 18. “It is a highly acclaimed activity, both as a participant and as a community where the marathon is held. As chairman of the historic site, I invite all enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts to participate in the marathon held here. Çanakkale may have been written and changed the history of the world, the best-preserved battlefield in the world.” Said.

Kaşdemir explained that he hopes it will be a marathon that everyone can enjoy, given the importance and beauty of a fun track.

Kashdemir continues that the area has history, nature and themed tracks.

“Castles, forts and the beauty of the climate make the marathon more beautiful and more attractive. Interest in the Gallipoli Marathon is increasing year by year. , amateur athletes and everyone who comes, including public runners, I am happy to leave.It will be a marathon where everyone can find themselves, express themselves and have categories of all sport levels. ”

We also offer camping.

Ismail Kashdemir stressed that Canakkale has become one of the meeting places for Turkey and the world.

Noting the region’s appeal to a large audience, Kashdemir said:

“Marathoners, motorcyclists, photographers, triathletes, walkers, people from all walks of life gather at Gallipoli’s historic sites to satisfy their curiosity. The historic site is to make this place both in Turkey and Turkey.”We have a claim and a dream to make the Çanakkale historic site the most visited open-air museum in the world. I Our work continues on this path. Of course, this is a very well-preserved battlefield. It has pristine nature. It has a colorful atmosphere. No other route has so many beautiful women. So everyone who attends the Gallipoli Marathon will leave great things out of here.Satisfied.They will want to come next year in a bigger and more crowded way.”

Kaşdemir announced that for the first time at this year’s event, participants will have the opportunity to camp.

Touching on the advantages of this situation, Kashdemir said:Those who wish will have the opportunity to camp at important historical sites such as the Gallipoli Historic Site. I think this will bring in even more participants. Interest and affection may increase. Therefore, we will carry out activities that will please the customers who come here in every sense. “he spoke