Ataturk and Independent Road March Ended-TRTSpor

The “March of Ataturk and the Independent Road” organized by the route that weapons and ammunition arriving at the port of Inebolu during the Revolutionary War are transported to Anatolia has been completed. The 95-kilometer route of the marchers, which began at the ceremony in the Inebolu district on June 9, ended in Kastamonu.

Youth Sports Minister Metin Muharlem Casapol, Kastamonu Governor Avni Chakul, AK Party Kastamonu Deputy Metin Celik, CHP Kastamonu Deputy Hasan Baltachi and members of the Protocol who came to the city on the final day of the March have finished the march. Welcomed the people. Central barracks in Kastamonu.

After Kasapoğlu and Çakır presented flowers to the participants, the marching team marched to the Central Sports Hall, accompanied by soldiers, police and civilians.

At the ceremony at the Central Sports Hall, a moment of silence was observed, a national anthem was sung, followed by a gendarmerie Janissary unit.

In his speech, Minister Casapol thanked the young people who stood on the road of independence, maintained their independence and walked toward the future.

Casapol states that the land in which he lives affects people’s lives, personalities and futures: “Similarly, the fate of a country is similar to what they call home. Therefore, the children of the country. You need to know your hometown with that stone, the earth, the wood, and their spirit. It is the manifestation of eternal freedom in our country. The national anthem most clearly explains this obligation. Castamonu is exactly what Great Akif means, where geography and history meet, our independence is saved and the future is established. This city is one of the heartfelt soldiers who ferment Anatolia. Shabanwari’s hometown. With faith. It’s the land of the true hero Sherifestisters, “he said.

Casapol emphasized that the wheel of fortune was reversed here, “The captive country broke the chain, but what happened here is not a coincidence. Roads sweat dozens or hundreds. Formed from tears, and clean blood. Thousands of people, and this route brought the Anatolian Plateau freely. Weapons against those struggling in Istanbul under occupied Istanbul and their head resistance. Those who provide have the right to this road. The children of the soldiers and the young people have the right to this road against the raging waves of the Black Sea in a small exchange that sways like a hazelnut shell. He has the right to this road. “I used the phrase.

Casapol emphasized the importance of independent roads, stating:

“Here, the Independent Road is the name of a sharp, deep wound that was opened in the invader’s dream. The Independent Road is an epic of the sacrifice of a mother who considered wrapping a cannonball in front of children. Thanks to this road. And the most self-historical defense movements are emerging. Those who ruthlessly stopped the army with the most technological means of the era, this is the hope of their hearts. Rise from a distant country. The people who attacked the other hemispheres of the world, the heroes who stopped the horrific giants with sling shots, do not happen in fairy tales alone. The history of our country is evidence of how realistic this process is. Is the way to the people. The struggle that began with rocket cartridges, the place where so-called giants kneel. At every step of this march, you can reach the truth itself, not the last stop on the route. This great Truth, this simple truth It hasn’t changed for a century, this is: Turkey, under any conditions. It’s the land of people who never bow. Astamonu is during the most difficult days of the war of independence. , A martyr and a witness. “”

Pointing out that the preaching of Mehmet Akif Elsoy at the Kastamonu Nasrula Mosque had spread nationwide, Casapol said, “Unfortunately, even today, we have destroyed our state, bowed our heads, and lived our lives. There are people who want to mortgage. The saddest part is thank God, our direction is the same as the hero of the national struggle Our direction is the way of independence, the way of the future, the great It’s the Turkish road It was yesterday. It’s our unchanging attitude, keeping our heads high and keeping our foreheads exposed for decades, not deviating from the direction that led us to the country. With permission, this march will continue under our leadership, as always, the President after 2023. He said.

Mr. Casapol emphasized that the youth of the country are smart enough not to be fooled by the operation, “They have the foresight and wisdom to know the people who have worked for them for many years. Dormitory, facility. People who build, people who create projects, people who create resources, and people who trust them, so that they can continue their educational life in a peaceful, happy and well-equipped way. Young people know very well. The country is honored to serve, produce and strive for the bright young people of the country, as they go through the days of “working with young people for the young people” for the last four years. .. “” He said.

Turkey’s youth is the hope of all mankind, Casapol said, “I say every opportunity. Our youth is the hope of all mankind, not just Turkey. They consist of someone choosing letters from the alphabet. Not a generation to do. Great young people in a great country are walking towards their goals in the light of tradition. In the future, we are proud of them. “” Our Concerns, our goals, our efforts are their happiness, happiness, and success. Our claims haven’t changed for a day. Wherever young people are, we are there. ” I used it.

The program ended with a theater show and Yusel Arsen’s “Independent Folk Song” concert, attended by Governor Kastamonu Avni Chakul, Deputy Mayor Kastamonu Metin Cherik of the AK Party, and Deputy Mayor Kastamonu Mehmet Yult.