Ata Sports Club National Swimmers Ready for World Championships

Ata Sports ClubNational swimmers Derin Toparlak, Ceren Güran, Yunus Toparlak, Ege Yankı Güneş, MuratŞenel and their trainers Canberk Babaoğlu, Bakırköy City Cultural and Social Affairs Manager Sait Babaoğlu and Ata Sports Club General Manager Yusuf Garip announced.

“The best athlete in the world, not Bakırköy”

Baba Ogle saidExpressing that he came here as a result of the process, “They are all young people in the Bakırköy district and this is another pride of our country. As a coach of the national team, I am my greatest pride. I am one of the founders of this club.

Trainers who trained these athletes Canberk BaogluI am a friend of the national team and his father. I don’t think there is any more honor for me. Water sports are one of the most difficult of the other sports sectors. Because they come at 5:30 am until 9 am. Then they go to school and on the way back they come to the pool in the evening.

My Canberk teacher sometimes says that the training distance is 15km. They don’t walk, run, or bike, they swim to this point and get ready. These are not Bakırköy, but the best athletes in the world. We are never humble. We also fully support our youth, “he said.

“Swimming loses a week a month ago.”

Baba Ogle saidHe said he had lost a week in swimming and returned to the swimming pool a month ago. “During the refurbishment of this pool, we did not close two lanes, even with three cranes. I also took this risk. To that end, I applaud the young people from the bottom of my heart. The big goal is a big name job, this is a big name job. The club was founded in the name of the great leader Ataturk. It’s also a club that has won. I’m sure he won two worlds. Last year’s championship. Deep chunkyEven if this number isn’t the same, our new athletes will be very successful. ”

“Aim for 25 medals”

this year Ata Sports ClubIt expresses that it is the 25th year of.

“Get the best results”

Ata Sports ClubNational coach Canberk Baoglu“We have a Serbian race before and are assertive. We are competing for the highest degree in our country. Twenty days after Serbia, we are in the United States for a world match. Increasingly, and there we work hard for our gold medal and get good results before going to Colombia to win.

Traffic congestion. I have a good goal. If we can repeat it, and if we can show the same belief, we hope that athletes can do a good job and win medals. A month or two later, the Open Water Championship will be held in Italy. Therefore, we have set high goals. Participate in four important races. As with last year, we will get the best results. “

“We are the first to participate in the World Games on behalf of Turkey.”

He said there were no medal winners on the national teams of the three branches. Deep chunky“I will be competing in the world championships in three branches again this year. My goal is to win the gold medal again. Now I will swim and see the results. It’s been a busy year compared to last year. I’m going to three world championships and one. At the World Championships. This is truly unprecedented. “Usually this year we don’t have so many races in a row. We are the first to represent Turkey in the World Championships. This is a great pride. For us. I will do my best, “he said.

“Aiming for a gold medal”

He said he had participated in the Finswimming national team three times. Selenium Gran“It’s my first time to participate in freediving. This is also a very high goal. I represent not only teams and clubs but also Turkish women. I am aiming for a gold medal,” he said.

“I want to stand with my brother Delin Toprak.

Dolphin round His goal is to say: “Our goal in these races is to be 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

“I want to break the world record”

Expressing that he has been swimming for 10 years, Aegean Echo Sun“I’ve been in the national competition for the first time and I’m working hard. I want to break not only the gold medal but also the world record,” he said.

“Together we achieve good results”

Express that his only opponent is Deep Plumpy Murat Senel“First of all, my goal is to set a world record and we will work together to achieve good results,” he said.

“We set a goal of 25 medals in the 25th year.”

Ata Sports Club General Manager Yusufuga Lip “I’m aiming for 25 medals in the 25th year. I don’t know how much I can achieve, but I’m happy with how much I can achieve. This is my biggest goal,” he said in a statement. Athletes to maintain this pride in our country. We will continue your work from morning till night. Raise beautiful young people for the country. They are all wonderful young people, with hundreds of athletes behind them, who follow their brothers and sisters. .. They will set an example for them in the championship. ”