Ata Sports Club aims for 25 medals in the 25th year

Ata Sports Club swimmers represent Turkey at the Freediving Pool World Championships in Serbia, the 11th World Championships in Birmingham, the CMAS Finswimming World Championships in Colombia and the CMAS Finswimming Open Sun World Championships in Italy. ..

Sait Babaoğlu, Bakırköy City Cultural and Social Affairs Manager, held a press conference with trainers and athletes. Sait Babaoğlu, who began his speech by stating that the athlete was trained at the facility, said: The result of the “People who do not play sports are not limited to Bakırköy” project. This is our pride and they are all young people in the Bakırköy district. As a national team coach, I have experienced the greatest pride and honor of my life. Because I am one of the founders of this club. Water sports are one of the most difficult of the other sports sectors. It takes from 5:30 am to 9:00 am, so I will go to school and come back again. Our trainers say that training distances can reach up to 15 kilometers. These athletes do not walk, run or bike, but swim and prepare for such distances. These are the best athletes in the world. We mobilized all kinds of support under the authority of the mayor. We did not close the pool during the refurbishment of this pool. We took that risk. “

Canberk Babaoğlu: “If you show the same belief over and over, we will do good.”

The club coach of Canberk Babaoğlu, the son of Sait Babaoğlu, one of the founders of the club, said in his statement: As always, we are ambitious again. Our goal is the best. We are there to do as much as we can. It’s a 6-day race, but it’s going to be tough. Twenty days after Serbia, we will go to America at the World Games. When the championship is over, I will go to Colombia without returning. It will be a good race. If we show the same belief over and over, we hope our athletes will do good there too. You can get a medal there. “

One of the athletes, Delin Topallac, who said this year will be the busiest year, said, “I will be competing in the World Championships in three branches again this year. My goal is again the gold medal. We swam and reached the tail. It’s been a busier year than usual, and I’ll be competing in three world championships and one World Games. I’ll be the first to represent Turkey in World Games. “

Ceren Güran: “I’m going to represent a Turkish woman”

Swimmer Selenium Gulan said: Now I’m in the freediving category for the first time. My goal is high and I will represent Turkish women as well as Turkey and clubs. “

Yunus Toparlak, an athlete at the Ata Sports Club, said in a statement:

“I’m in my second World Championship this year. I was fourth last year, but this year’s goal is to win a medal. My goal is to be on the podium with my brother and teammates.”
Ege Yankı Güneş said they wanted to return to the world record, saying: It is difficult to do lessons and sports at the same time. This requires discipline, and you can do it, if any. “

Yusuf Garip, director of the Ata Sports Club, thanked the people who contributed to his speech and said:
“Thanks to the city of Bakırköy, Sait Babaoğlu, the club that brought the five national athletes and the world championships in the 25th year, and the athletes’ families to support us in this difficult process.”

Ismail Yasin Akcin-Mehmet Sirin Topaloglu