At which stadium will Umraniye Spor play a Super League match?President announcement

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At Umraniye Spor, who will be competing in the Sportoto Super League next season, President Talc Axal has issued a statement to reporters at the Illas News Agency (0054HA) on many issues. First, Axor began his speech by expressing his feelings. “As residents of Umraniye, we are very happy. We have reached a happy end. They always told us. Half.” No president wants to give up the championship. As a team, we believed this, became a team, built a sense of belonging, and won the Super League with the team we believed in. Our Umraniye, Istanbul, and all over Turkey. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed since the establishment of Umraniye Spor in 1938. God has blessed us. We have contributed to the Super League. Is happy. We spent two holidays together, “he said.

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“We are now a team that fills the gap, not the gap.”

President Axor, who also cited the main factors for success, said, “This is entirely attributed to the feeling of being a team and a team. We have begun all the preparations as if we were playing in the Super League. The moment the season started. Since the second half of the previous semester, the team has performed well, earning points and returning from the playoffs. I believed that by adding to the league, I could achieve something in the league. So we kept our work so tight and never relaxed. We had a small problem but recovered quickly. Believe teams, brothers, brothers and we are like brothers and fathers to each other We were a team that filled the gap without exploring. Of course, the protagonist of this was initially the Mayor of Umranje, Ismet Jurdurum. He Really always by our side. He always supported us. There are even bad things .. He said, “Don’t worry, you’re a good team, you’re it. Will be put together. ” Thank you for the president. Then there is the fact of Dr. Recep (Uçar). The club gained momentum with his teacher, Recep, and put his thoughts into action by extending his contract with his teacher. One of the biggest contributions to getting this team into the Super League is Recep’s teacher and his team. “

“Recep Uçar is familiar with Turkish, European and world football.”

“Do you think you are taking risks when hiring Recep Uçar?” Tarık Aksar answered the question in the following format:

“People I believe and trust have gone the way. When I said I took the risk, I had no educational experience. Everyone was under pressure. This is called neighborhood pressure. Receipt teachers are an increased value by the Umraniye district. At Bashakshehir in Besiktas, where you can see what he did, we are all about how his players played and where he transferred. I saw together. He is familiar with football in Turkey, Europe and the world and has a system. He loves his work and thanks him and his team. Of course. The biggest factor here is the soccer player. No matter how successful the soccer player is, if the soccer player does not play on the field, there is nothing we can do. We are always with the soccer player, good and bad. We were always in trouble and we had trouble together. Thanks to them, they also trusted me. Even if we have financial difficulties, they I trusted. Without saying a word, I. “

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“Our first goal is to stay in the Super League.”

President Axor explained the goals of the Super League: “I don’t like to talk loudly. 19 teams fight. Try to stay on top of them. The first goal is to stay in the Super League and there. If the team we set up can catch better weather, we will try to push the top up. “” Of course, our first goal is to stay here. We’re definitely before. He said he was going to the Super League, but I never said he would go out because I wasn’t mathematically certain. “

“We are considering 8-9 transfers.”

President Axor said he would try to protect the teams in the Super League as much as possible, and continued:
“Some people have loans. We have players who break up. We are thinking of transferring players who have the ability to play in the top 11, 8-9 on average.”

“We are always planning to work with Kartal.”

President Tarık Aksar has been lent to Umraniye Spor for two seasons, and the testimony said that Kartal Kayra Yılmaz, Ajdin Hasic and Atakan Üner in Besiktas have made great profits on their way to the Super League. I want to continue the cartal. My players have a big influence on the championship. Brother Cartal also contributed significantly to the promotion to the Super League for two seasons. We will always work with Cartal. Again, thank you to Besiktas Club. They have always helped us. If we want soccer players, they have given us priority. I thank them all. We may be rivals, but the exchange of our soccer players is always done with Besiktas. We, they are our priority. Because there is an act of loyalty. When we reach the Super League, they are also ours. He has made a great contribution. “

“Stretch your legs to fit the quilt”

The president of the Red and White Club explained what kind of transfer policy he would follow, saying, “I always say that I will stretch my legs to fit the quilt. There is a fixed number, so do not exceed this number.” rice field. .. When we say we’re trying to stay in the league, it may be the other way around, we may fall. When we fall. We don’t have to borrow so that we can come out again next season. The team is in debt and goes to the amateur and disappears. However, Umraniye Spor is a team that can always know and carry itself. We never dream. I believe in the team we form. You can get 8-9 players per person during the season. Then you can make some more enhancements depending on the course, but I know it doesn’t exceed the limit. Of course, if you succeed with these players, we will try to do everything we can. I am a man with a goal. Why not? “

“We work with everyone who contributes to us.”

Yılmaz, who explained that there is no age limit for transfers, said, “We will contribute to us and transfer soccer players that match the structure and character of the club. We do not look at the age. 35-36 years old. Old Burak Yılmaz example. He went to Lille and played the ball there. Our friends will be able to play the ball. We are working harder than most young people. We give us We will work with everyone who contributes, “he said.

“They have created a lot of awareness for us.”

In response to criticism that the promotion to the Super League has increased the number of Istanbul teams in the league to 7, “They have given us a lot of awareness. For some reason, they never I didn’t want it. I accept Umraniye Spor. Unfortunately, even on some TV channels, Umraniye’s Super League, “they said. Please do not come out. If successful, you will be rewarded for this success. If they ignore it, don’t enter. Istanbul has a population of 15 to 16 million. , The population before the division was 1 million. Currently, Umulani Esporte has a population of nearly 750,000. Umraniye Spor has more than 50 states. There is a population. You can’t ignore it, you can’t ignore it. I was very angry on TV. “What is Umraniye Spor doing?” They said. Umraniye Spor has been successful, and with that success he has worked in all kinds of super leagues. We hope to succeed there as well, we are permanent. Let’s get a good team and defeat a bad team. Rather than being driven out in the hope of helping others or continuing to pay off your debt, these things are wrong. We deserved it, we came here in a minimal number. I have a team that spends 5-6 times more money to play for demotion. This does not necessarily happen with money, but with faith. We believed we had achieved that, “he said.

“Umraniye Spor will play all matches in this field.”

Emphasizing that they are exposed to recognition on the field, President Axor put an end to the question of where they play Super League games. Tarık Aksar said, “Umraniye Spor plays all matches in this field. Our stadium complies with the standards of the first league, not the super league. The matches meet these missing criteria. So it will be done in this field. But our first goal is to destroy the U-shaped stadium at the same time and complete it at the same time. Our mayor, Ismet, previously the stadiums of Buffchehill and Nef. He is familiar with this job. He says. Even if it finishes in 6 months, it will do the same as Fenerbakhche. Open some tribune and cover other tribune. It will open gradually. The pitch is here as usual. This is a recognition. “He has no pitch.” “We will build a stadium here. We will play a match here.” He concluded.

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