At the police station, the rules for allocation and relocation have changed.

Amendments to the rules regarding the appointment and relocation of members of the Security Services class were published in the official bulletin. This new regulation introduced a “regional system” at police stations.

Of the policeman “Orient” The official bulletin has published rules on amending rules on the appointment and relocation of members of the Security Services class, including shorter terms and new rules on appointments.

The regulatory statement made on the official website of the Directorate General of Security of the Ministry of Home Affairs is as follows:

Reduced state and district terms in eastern and southeastern Anatolia

“1-) Regulation changes in June 2016 have extended the duration of states and districts in the eastern and southeastern regions of Anatolia.
In line with staff requests and the opinions of state police, the terms of states and districts have been reorganized and the terms of states and districts in the eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions have been significantly reduced.

In fact, about (62,000) people currently working in our states in the eastern and southeastern regions of Anatolia will be subject to the amendment period and will benefit from this situation. Our personnel who are still working in locations where the service period has been extended will not be affected by the extension.

In addition, personnel performing the 2nd Oriental mission are deemed to have completed the Oriental mission if they perform a mission that is one year less than the newly established period, except for units with a term of two years. .. However, police chiefs and police chief-ranked personnel are not subject to this practice.

Due to the reduced service hours, thanks to the new regulations, approximately (7,500) employees are considered to have completed their duties in the Eastern State.
2. Personnel who have completed their oriental duties will be evaluated for reassignment to previously working staff upon request.

2-) Our martyrs and veterans who are exempt from oriental obligations and benefit from the right assigned to the place where they are registered will continue to benefit from this right. (Relatives of all martyrs, all veterans and their relatives, veterans and their relatives on July 15)

3-) Current rules limit the excuses for appointing relatives of our staff for health reasons to themselves, their spouses, and their children. Under the new rules, our staff.

-If, for health reasons of his parents, he is the only child in the house and his guardian is appointed by the court.

-If he is the only sibling and a guardian is appointed by the court, the request for the appointment of his sibling for health reasons is regulated.

4-) If the spouse of an employee works as a full-time employee, he or she will now be assigned to the General Administrative Services class of the police station upon request at the end of the term of service in the state. Where he / she works.

5-) Our staff; For children entering primary, secondary or final year of college, it is regulated to accept ipka requests.

6-) Our personnel are targeted (2) Due to local allocation and relocation practices, personnel will work very long in the assigned unit. To eliminate the negative effects of long-term work and make the allocation and relocation system more dynamic, the state has been divided into two regions, Region 1 (West) and Region 2 (East). rice field. Among them were divided into (2) groups and our state was divided into total (4) groups.

The enactment of the rules aims to hire staff in a fairer and more equitable manner across the country, paving the way for staff to work in the states they desire and preventing practices that cause staff anxiety.

By this practice, our personnel are intended to work in a particular order throughout their professional life in all regions and groups. Employees working within the organization are subject to the regional system of the current Rule (2) and are planning family order and working life accordingly, so the above application will gradually shift from 01.01.2024. Will be done.

7-) In our organization, the second Oriental mission is already practiced for our staff of all ranks.
With this change, staff will be subject to appointments from up to (4) centers throughout their professional life, after which he / she can request appointments according to his / her preference.

“Come come”

Interior Minister Suleiman Soil, regarding changes to the rules regarding the placement and relocation of police personnel From his Twitter account “Many positive regulations have shortened police oriental time and started regional regulation in 2024, Kılıçdaroğlu tweeted after obtaining the approval of the relevant ambassador. Your partner’s HDPKK regulation is yours. The organization that has given your municipality. Come. ” I made a statement.