Association and company board + new sports law + egonomania ..

Ali Liza Value

Hello my dear friend,

As you know, the new Sports Act No. 7405 was issued and came into force on April 25, 2022. One of the most interesting subjects of the law is the corporation established by the association and its board of directors. As stated by law, the board of directors of these sports companies may be established by one or more persons in accordance with Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 and may differ from the board of directors of the association. This unfortunately / in the future, associations and businesses may face some problems! (In the case of existing club companies, in many cases more than half of the members are the same person!)
In addition; will all members be partners in the company? Who will be a “large” (at least 51% “corporation” of the association to avoid major problems in the future) or a “small” shareholder? Is there an open call for participants? Do “small shareholders” who are also members of the association show interest in the General Assembly because they have no financial expectations from the company? Is there a proxy war to hold a general meeting? Like … There are also some open questions! ..

In this electronic article I wrote to point out the problems I have experienced and are experiencing in the past and present, in case the association and company owners are made up of different people, of the possibilities. A “story” is projected and product placement is performed. 😊

First of all, assume that you are one of the shareholders, two separate multi-members and members of a partner institution, the partners and members are usually the same people, and the facility is quite old (exactly). Just like Fenerbahçe + Galatasaray + Beşiktaş Spor Clubs / Fenerbahçe A.Ş.Galatasaray A.Ş.Beşiktaş Sportif A.Ş, you are a member of the General Assembly of the Association and a registered shareholder of the company. The board, which was made up of the same person, took time and some small calculations so as not to interfere with the administration!

One of these institutions is the XYZ Sports Club Association and the other is the XYZ Sportif A.Ş. Well say it!

According to VUK, through “Participants-Transfer Pricing”, hidden income and from the XYZ Association within the scope of XYZ Sportif A.Ş. You can’t expect much income + Considering that the majority are the same person + The number of partners and members is about 600-700 + The maximum share ratio (including the share acquired only by donation after that) is 1% or less Let’s continue this very special story! ..

In addition, members of the board of directors of both institutions. It is worth noting that he works fine by being chosen according to the main contracts and rules + they do not receive wages!

Okay; what’s wrong with such a scenario? I can hear you! 😊

Problem; XYZ Sportive Inc. Also, some managers are unfortunately worried about losing the position they achieved 10 to 15 years ago, but there is no financial benefit, but the egoic they showed to love this. Satisfaction example Seat + Strive in every way to stay in that seat + XYZ Shows problems that have arisen between his company and the XYZ Association in recent years, but not due to the nature of the problem, but its purpose It is along with. Established as a source for the XYZ Association + Convince some people in your circle far from both the company and the club to believe this … and by drawing them into the event, especially at the General Assembly use! Ego Nomania: Unsatisfied Ego Problems! ..

To get a clear understanding of the subject and the issue, take a look at the “Website” / “Company” pages of the three big clubs mentioned at the beginning of the article. It is striking that the majority of other board members, especially the club president and the company board, are made up of the same people + different people are independent board members, especially financial and technical experts. is!

In addition; everyone knows that the Sportive Company is acting as an economic company that brings together all the club’s initiatives under one roof and reports financial trends to the Public Disclosure Platform.

On the other hand; as a subsidiary of a sports company, a subsidiary related to “sales of own brand sports equipment” and “corporate sports training” is introduced, and the name of “Sports Club Association” as a parent organization is the purpose of Sportive Company. , Underlined! ..

Therefore, in the name of institutionalization, there is no need to look for solutions or rediscover America in different locations / forms of the XYZA Association and XYZ Company, which have their roots in the 1960s!

The only and definitive solution to such problems that develop depending on people (essential to institutionalization and sustainability, but independent of people). As stated in the new Turkish Commercial Code; increase the share of XYZ Association, which is about 1% of XYZ, to 51% and increase the capital + Therefore, the result of the general meeting is to increase the company and personnel as needed. As a result, the association by the same board of directors.

Now; dear readers are familiar with this subject, and I think this is not a big issue for the subject of the article and can be solved with a simple, well-meaning approach. But this is; not for some people! 😊

At one point, these friends went to the XYZ Sports Club Association and XYZ Sportif A.Ş. By first convincing themselves that the problems experienced between the Turkish governments are superficial, and then convincing some members, they are obliged in an election campaign based on alternative rivals. I want to continue – gossip! ..

There is another situation between these two institutions that is different from the other. The company is a multi-partner, but it is not listed. At the association; the company has about 700 members and about 700 partners.

In the 1960s, members and partners were 100% the same person. Today, this percentage is below 50%, and company partners are getting older and gradually becoming forever. (First of all, I would like to express my condolences to those who died.) Unfortunately, the new heir does not know the name of the company or the location of the association. As a result, both institutions, we go to the precursors of the end, they are in a state!

Converting a company’s assets to money at today’s value is always appealing to partners who don’t know the name of the club and company, but who strictly follow real estate prices.

In this regard, many years ago, I used all sorts of plots with the best examples of egonomania (I used this definition in the title of an article I wrote about 10 years ago!). I wrote a special article titled “Status and Unpracticed Costumes” “in corporate life” refers to some senior executives who can think about it, I said ..

[Şimdiye kadar! Kurumsal organizasyon şemalarında yer alan mevkilerdeki, kişileri ve onların statülerini; özel kumaştan yapılmış birer kostüm şeklinde yorumlamayı hiç düşündünüz mü?

İsterseniz bir düşünün!..
Genellikle bu şekilde düşündüğümüzde, 3 durumla karşılaşırız…
1) Bazı statüler, bazı insanlara “Cuk” oturur. (Ki, ideal olan da budur!)
2) Bazı statüler ise, bazı insanlara küçük gelebilir. (Zaten onlar; hiç zaman kaybetmeden, daha üst ve yüksek makamlara/statülere doğru yelken açarlar veya elinizden uçup giderler!)
3) Bazı statüler de, bazı insanlara bol gelir. [En tehlikeli ve sıkıntılı olanda, bu durumdur! Eğer o kişi bu bolluğun farkında olmayıp, olur olmaz ortamlarda salına salına dolaşıyorsa, maalesef bu provasız kostümler, çok kötü bir şekilde sırıtır ve de kurumu dışarıya çok yanlış yansıtır!..]

The example I mentioned above, XYZA association and XYZ Sporting Company; Article 3 means a special friend in the position of manager, and they are satisfied with their personal ego when trying to express in the title of the article. It meant the effort made to make it happen. A management strategy for not losing status.

Hopefully the new sports law will not cause such problems during the establishment of our association and will create an association with a stronger financial structure for the future!

In this fierce competition in our business world, especially multi-partner companies with small shareholders, personal or corporate awareness (in yesterday’s experience-planning tomorrow, noticing today, being aware of today). Not just relying on positives or negatives while, past experience-evaluating new jobs, corporate training and acquisition of new knowledge within the framework of strategic planning and making beautiful differences about our future I believe you can!) I think you need to pay attention to the white stones in it! ..!

Managers who gain power from the authorities are always away from managers who add power to those offices!
Therefore, they do not hesitate to act with different ideas to protect their place! ..

Some statuses / offices need to be known to be empty before they expire. Therefore, it is said that there should be no personal ego satisfaction (egonomaniac discomfort) in corporate management strategy, and I always hope for a happy future. Everything works!


Ali Liza Value