Aslan does not blindly buy Seferovic


Murat Özbostan asked and Levent Tüzemen commented on the proceedings

Galatasaray stepped on the gas in the transfer .. Finally Dubois, Seferovic and Glyrich were filmed.this What does the transfer add to the yellow-red team?
Riuler The transfer was perfect for Galatasaray. Encounter with players such as Carvalho and Idrissa Gueye Management was surprised to end Glyrich suddenly. Glyrich is a young player with testimony. Stubborn with his tall height, technical ability and ambition Glyrich is dazzling in his struggle. especially It is very difficult to transfer a player without transferring It is considered a great skill. Seferovic 30 years old, indispensable for the Swiss national team striker. But he has a chronic disability. It will be expressed.

From the G. Sarai administration According to the information, I have not experienced the second Falcao event Club Doctor Yenerðnce and her team gameHe checks cu from head to toe. June Seferovic International Match 90 minutes to stay on the field and score a goal “Do you know, was this player chronically injured? Question Bring it to the front. To the feeling I have 20 games for players, according to management Sign the conditional contract. G. Sarai Management reserves the right to rent and buy I think the retention policy is correct. He hasn’t signed blindly. Dubois is what Galatasaray needs Right back. Professor Oka also insisted. However, except for Dubois I heard you are talking to another right back. Also, Dubois and Seferovic Galatasaray training What you came as a player you did Must be highlighted.

Wing requirements!

Which other region of Galatasaray? Need to transfer?
Gary In a small space like Rodriguez or Onicle To a player who can surpass the opponent Galatasaray needs it. Yunus, G.Sarai’s He will have an important weapon, but Kerem is narrow. Players with playing skills No. So you have to take the wings. Even Glyrich You will be able to play behind the striker outside of Riuler Foreigners should also be considered.


Riuler to the game Mind ad

In a friendly match How did you find Galatasaray?
Okan Buruk’s taste And how was the system? sigma In the game of Olomouc The team game was more effective. Placed on the field in the first two games Most of the first players I took It will not be 11 o’clock.send on Let’s finish it and form the ideal 11 Let’s rate G.Saray that way. But the game of Riuler The added wisdom, Yunus G. Sarai’s strong attack I think I have legs. Muslera’s Return Both goal and defense It gave me confidence again.

0054SMAEL must keep the doors of the four systems open

Besiktas is assertive in the championship Do you think it is in the right position?
Besiktas He is always a candidate for the championship.Valerian Ismael’s 3-4-3 system responds from the player If he finds it, Besiktas will succeed. But Ismael If a special system cannot produce a solution Return to the concept of quadruple defense You also need to keep the door open. Besiktas’ management team is Ismael this season. I am waiting for the action from the teacher.Attempt Execute the method of error there is no time.

Get a new name, Hull Garden!

Fenerbahce, Ozan Tufan, Percus after Alayar He can be shipped to Hull City. Two clubs Transfer between these What is your view?
Acun Ilıcalı renamed Hull City, Let Hull Garden do it! Apparently Hull City, Fenerbahce Side Garden Functions as Minister Ali Koç and his management, the bulge of Fenerbahce From the player Hull to remove He uses City.flat Behind the scenes of Hull City Its president is Ali Kochu Even if spoken. like this But I don’t think it’s wrong. I want a lot of people in Turkey Club to such a pilot team If they can have it.

Front center Tosun out!

Besiktas Club Vice President of Emreco Kadag. “Turkey’s” from SABAHSpor “We have the best line of attack.” Said. What happens when I see the transfer? Do you think
Besiktas past Batshuay, Alex, Pyanic, Lots of Ghezzal and Laline He had a stronger striker line. But they won zero in Europe, They were also out of the league of the league. Statement of Benkokada As a populist approach I understand.Friendly match Make such a comment It drags Besiktas into complacency. A trio of Weghost, Senk and Mureka In my opinion again in the foreground It is Centk that comes out.

Jesus’ strategy Well planned

Fenerbahce Dynamo Less than Kyiv’s match One time left. Do you think it’s dark blue Team of this match Preparation Is it …?
Jorge Of Jesus Dynamo Against Kyiv past Season success death Of the player Its weight With the staff I think it will come out. Jesus, Kyiv He knows well. In a friendly match Performance F. Garden It gives hope to your name. I think it’s the first Don’t lose in the match When Rematch work end strategy need to do it.

Happy honor Season Live

Mesut Özil In the new season Basakse hill jersey I will wear it. Will it succeed?
happy Ozil’s Honor Season Will be.World Cup World star From Mesut, F. Bahçe With the ambition to be sent In front of Başakşehir Fight to get out Will. Mesut Soccer he plays Sender’repentance’ Mu quality. Mesut performance Game intelligence that can be displayed, With foot dexterity Manage your team as a leader I have the ability.