Arsenal signal a return to the past with Arteta-TRTSpor

La Masia is one of the sacred elements of Barcelona’s DNA and is heard by almost all football fans. A soccer factory that requires more intelligence and vision than the talent of a midfielder. Over the years, the products at this factory have left the stands unexcited and uncomfortable, impressing them with what they have done. This is one of the least visible parts of the factory, bringing Arsenal back to the old days. The 39-year-old Spaniard gives Ada’s former boss a say.

Not so many, but everyone was convinced that the end of the road had come for Mikel Arteta, who was devastated in the third week of the season and suffered a 5-0 defeat at Etihad Stadium. But it was Arsenal, and the only way for Arsenal’s management to learn patience during the unfortunate Wenger era was to continue to trust the Spanish coach. After that, Arteta was able to reverse the direction of the water. Arteta’s team, which brought players an understanding of the game during football, continues to be a rival’s nightmare today. Topçular, who has achieved eight wins from the last 10 games with a 3-2 win at Watford, seems determined to win a huge league ticket four years later.

The average age of members of this determination in the field is only 24 years. The London team Emile Smith Rowe is one of the most spectacular instruments of the Arteta Orchestra, preferring to make stars instead of receiving them. Despite being only 21 years old, the Englishman who has blown the hearts of all Arsenal fans with his actions is the team’s top scorer. Perhaps the most amazing talent of this orchestra is Bukayo Saka. With the technical ability, speed and power to shape the future of all British football, not just Emirates, Saka can take the team from the talent thresholds passed in just a few years. Gives serious clues.

Of course, an orchestra without a conductor is unthinkable. Alexandre Lacazette plays this role in Arsenal. With the removal of Aubameyan from the team, the Frenchman, who spared even a moment of experience from his young teammates, in addition to the last hit we used, at least as much of his aesthetic pass as they do. Don’t hesitate to offer from him. Lacazette, one of the main stops of an effective pass in the opponent’s half and, of course, a typical 7-assist arsenal game, seems to be completely accustomed to the mission the manager assigned to him. am. The striker, who doesn’t hesitate to take control of the attack and isn’t afraid to make the final shot at the moment of the break, reveals how special he is to Arsenal.

In addition, Arsenal will fight their natural rivals over the years under names such as Martin Ødegaard, Gabriel Martinelli, Ben White and Aaron Ramsdale who have embarrassed those who criticized him during the transfer process. It came to be. Topçular, which was considered inadequate in the Europa League battles early in the season, is now one of the leading candidates for Chelsea’s third-place seat. It’s arguable how successful a club’s third-place candidate, who has won great championships in the past, will be, but after years of declining popularity and conversely more stories of failure, Arteta is Emirates. Continues to bring hope to. Even the London manager, who makes the impossible possible, plans to complete the game every day to lift the trophy he expects as soon as possible.