Are the numbers true? -0054brahim Kahveci

Do you remember the Canal Istanbul number? I’ve come across someone who says they can do it for $ 5 billion and someone who says it ends up with 74 billion lira.

Numbers ranging from $ 1 billion to $ 15 billion a year flew in the air for revenue from the channel.

For example, they said the costs of the Istanbul-Izmir Expressway and the Osmangaji Bridge are different. Initially, the bid stated it was $ 6.5 billion, but President Erdogan announced it was $ 11 billion while cutting the opening ribbon. Binali Yıldırım then increased this cost to $ 14 billion with additional additions.

We do not know the actual costs or the actual payment obligations.

You see, didn’t they extend the YSS bridge’s operating life for another four years without telling anyone? In other words, the contractor will collect money from the bridge for another four years while he is not there.

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I would like to touch on issues that have not been discussed much in the PPP project so far.

In the part of the cost explained …

As a result, the cost of the Canakkale Bridge was 2.5 billion euros, which increased to 4 billion euros on side roads, but the financial guarantee was 3.5 billion euros.

What is the truth here?Do you know

Let me give you an example. I understand because the Japanese explained it.

A Japanese company has announced that it has built the Osmangaji Bridge for $ 1.2 billion. Adding a TEM connecting road to this would increase the cost to $ 1.3 billion. If you use all the loans, it costs $ 1.43 billion (for example, $ 1.5 billion) at a 5% interest rate.

This is the actual price for you.

Consider another real price. The same Japanese company manufactured the FSM bridge. The cost of $ 286 million at the time was over $ 500 million today.

However, it is cheaper due to technological advances, but let’s add it to $ 500 million.

Now you can compare these two examples with other bridges.

Do you think the construction cost of the YSS bridge will exceed $ 800 million? Or will the Canakkale Bridge pass $ 1.5 billion?

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These numbers are important.

If the cost figures are declared high, the toll is reasonable. This effort is especially seen at the Canakkale Bridge.

Let’s ask again: If the low-cost Osmangaji Bridge costs $ 50, will the high-cost Canakkale Bridge cost € 17.5 (that is, $ 19.5)?

Is there anything wrong with this?

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Now let’s analyze the theme of YSS bridge cost income.

Did the $ 800 million annual financial guarantee sound reasonable when they announced $ 3.3 billion in bridge costs?

Next, let’s look at the calculation again and ask for the construction cost of the YSS bridge over $ 800 million. Can I build a bridge with a one year financial guarantee? Is such a financial guarantee given? If so, who gives it and how?

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You see, you can’t learn all these facts today. If the government does not change from country to country, we will never learn.

So I say: The power to get up from that seat is very difficult … the account is pretty expensive.

You can’t go anywhere without paying the invoice.

Gas producer from dried beans

Last week I connected to HALKTV’s Cause-Effect program. Dr. Uğur Emek made some remarks about the Canakkale Bridge. I connected to the program, provided information about the bridge data, and asked him to write in the KARAR newspaper.

He didn’t hurt himself, he wrote in the newspaper and spoke on my TV show.

Our teacher asked Seda Serek, as in an article in the KARAR newspaper, “How can we guarantee 40,000 vehicles per day at Osmangaji Bridge? 45,000 at Canakkale Bridge. Can you guarantee your vehicle? ”

He talked about how “artifact politics” destroyed the country.

Yes, it is The PPP project is a project to sell the future of children. A project with many shows but no income. Not all projects are useful.

All fathers need to question his future sales considering the future of his child.

But perhaps by taking a section from social media, Ahmethakan sought to reach his goal by posting a photo of Khawaja in the Hulliette newspaper without looking at the full text.

However, they had experienced a similar situation some time ago. With the rise of natural gas, they have created a program that proposes to produce natural gas from dried beans for people in need. And when they were taken from part of the sentence and placed on the target, he had to write that he wasn’t. (And it was)

Why doesn’t he learn …