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Elden Timur, vice-president of Galatasaray Sportif AŞ, said Danish defender Victor Nelson told him he wanted to leave.

Timur issued a statement to the press ahead of the Yellow Red team’s training at the Florya Metin Oktay facility.

Arden Timur says he has made an offer for Nelson, who has been named in the Spanish Sevilla team. “We want Nelson to stay. If he leaves, our plans are ready. We were doing other research on the centre-back area. Nelson met with me yesterday. At this point he was dreaming and said he wanted to leave.. “I want to come to a very important point in my position.” It’s a dream come true,” he said. At that meeting, I said, “It’s our duty to reach each other’s dreams.” I said that too. We have dreams too. We believed in our dreams so much that we made them believe that we now form a great team.You are a very important part of us here.” I said. This process will continue.We want to keep it going.Plan B is also ready. He said.

“I’m interested in Alexis Sanchez.”

Erden Timur said he met with Chilean footballer Alexis Sanchez, who has ended his contract with the Italian Inter team, and a player of similar quality.


Timur said he was in constant contact with a list of alternatives during the transfer.Alexis Sanchez is one of the actors. He has met many players. 4-5 people, sometimes he negotiates positions with 6-7 players at the same time. These players are always the same level. By negotiating this way, your hand will be strong and you can go for the right numbers. As soon as this number drops, you can feel your doom. Sanchez is a very valuable and great player that we talked about, but there are others. The process continues with all of them. ” He said.

“Mertens has been waiting for us for six days”

Recalling that on the day Lucas Torreira and Doris Mertens were brought in, former footballer Arda Turan and Eyupspor club president Murat Ozskaya were also in Italy, “Have these names inspired a compelling transfer?” In response to form questions, Timur said:

“Arda is a great Galatasaray player. “It wasn’t the player’s persuasion in the transfer of Torreira and Mertens. The player’s persuasion was completed before they left. Mertens said Waiting for us for six days, we got a net offer of 5 million euros from Juventus: “There are many reasons why he chose us, but we shouldn’t blame him for not choosing Juventus. Napoli and “There is a rivalry between Juventus. He spent years at Napoli. Who has scored more goals than Maradona is the top scorer. “He doesn’t want his Napoli career to end.” Mertens had many offers. We work 20-25 days. We are not over the salary cap. And Torreira’s transfer is not taken into account.It is in line with the budget.We go to the player through a lot of persuasion.Otherwise, we can only persuade with money.That’s why it takes so long. For Torreira, Arsenal started with a first €18 million, dropped to at least 15, didn’t drop for 15 days, sometimes you need patience, we don’t have patience for the opposite I was saying things would eventually come to another point.Before we left Mertens was convinced and waiting for our part of the process. I said that I would come two days ago. he texted. The manager had an easy one. The reason Alda came was related to other players. The fact that Arda and Murat Ozkaya were there is irrelevant. ”

Arden Temur said he would be the only one to negotiate a transfer.”I have them all running. It is very important not to make the slightest strategic mistake. However, this does not mean that others make mistakes. Because there is a process that requires embroidery such as embroidery, there is a possibility of trouble if other people enter. People around us are much smarter than we are. They can understand the smallest words. After the election, my life changed a lot. But I am happy. In the last 80 days, I haven’t gone to bed before 4:00 and woke up after 11:00,” he said.

Emphasizing that he had the support of many people to convince his players, Timur said:What convinces people is the information and data you give them. But the most valuable thing is honesty. we had a dream That’s what I use to persuade them. “We will be champions again,” he said. we say We will be champions of Europe again. This is our goal. Galatasaray will be European champions again in the medium term. This job makes no sense. There is no other way. The reason why I run this business alone is to convey this sincerity and belief. We don’t play in Europe. Last season he was 13th. In such a difficult situation, we are trying hard to convince him of something else. We meet not only the player, but also his spouse, brother, father, former teammate, former athlete and famous sportsman from Galatasaray. Hakan Çalhanoğlu also intervened regarding players from Arda.” he declared.

Timur said he would continue the transfer of Yilduz and spoke about the process of bringing Mertens and Torreira to Istanbul.May everyone rest in peace. So far, everyone should also think about the transfer period in the past. Never before have so many star players gathered at the same time. So, let’s continue like this. I’m not trying to be mysterious. My only goal is to put players first. we are doing our duty. That’s why we have stage actors. There is no job, no place. The private plane was adventurous. 2.5 hours, the Italian state did not allow it. We have summoned an honorable minister. I would like to thank Mr. Suleiman Soylu, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Mevrut Çavşoğr and Mr. Murat Kulm. Our state either fixed the problem or was sending them back to Istanbul. It’s been a long process. The players are great players. They are all highly compatible and valuable players.‘ He said.

“I’m everywhere you look”

Galatasaray Sportif AŞ vice-president Arden Timur said he would work to ensure justice in football.We never allow people to be deceived by manipulative practices. ” Said.

Timur said he will be closely monitoring both referees, media and broadcasters this season.

“I wish everyone a good season. May everyone achieve their goals, their desires and what they deserve. I say this from the bottom of my heart. There was definitely something about refereeing in our games we’ll take note of these we’re going to look at it differently this year we’re looking at it scientifically on all platforms We’ll be in. We’re assembling a monitoring team. We’ll prepare with recaps of our own matches and standings from other matches. We’ll form a panel of. We are ex-referees whose careers are respected by everyone internationally and we evaluate these things week after week, not only our own matches but others as well. In terms of shaping public opinion, in terms of oversight, the work of the press is very important. Until repeated repetition, we will reveal the justice of them all.Equality.A person is first responsible for his country.For justice.All scientific versions emerge.Fenerbahçe’s penalty I’ve seen newspapers say it starts on the outside and ends on the inside That’s why we never allow people to be fooled by manipulative behavior We are everywhere Wherever he blinks , we’re there Anywhere, any way We’re everywhere you turn your head We’re behind, we’re in front We are Every table, everywhere, everywhere.And we’re not the only ones.We need to take this football somewhere.With a worthy approach, Galatasaray will act now.We will develop this together. We decided last night we have to admit that everyone is smart, the whole country is smart, there are efforts like this going on, we are aware of this every week I will post on Monday and Tuesday.We fight for football everywhere.Those who fight for their own benefit will not succeed in the end.”