Arda Turan: I’ve had sleep problems for years-sports

Galatasaray soccer player Arda Turan was selected as the most beloved and exemplary soccer player in 2022 after a brand survey and evaluation conducted at a private university in Istanbul. An award-winning soccer player who came to college with his wife Aslıhan Doğan Turan also met the students in an interview.

At the end of the event, the students who filled the university conference hall took lots of pictures with Turan and had them sign the form. Arda Turan, who made a frank statement about his professional life in an interview, thanked the students for the award.

“You look at me beautifully”

Arda Turan expressed his happiness in being in college, saying, “I thought about this conversation before I came here. For a long time I always had such a beginning in mind. Arda made many mistakes. But he’s a good guy. Boy. I made 100% many mistakes. These are definitely not what you know. What I know in myself, And that was actually what happened to my family. But we continue to make mistakes throughout our lives. We have to do. Make mistakes and find the courage to make mistakes on our own. Let’s say, “Did I forget what I did, or did I finish the stimulating work?” This award shows that it has been memorable for the first time in a long time and is still inspiring, awakening the determination to succeed and the desire to work. Its importance Frankly, I also reserved it for society. I cannot say the happiness I experienced after a long time. Today I chose to look at the good side, not Arda’s mistake. Thank you for seeing my good side. ” Said.

“I was the perfect person”

“Athletes are always being judged, sports coaches are judging, mothers are judging at home, and eldest sons are always judging themselves. I have little courage to do anything,” Turan said. We always seem to be afraid to lose. Like very bad for us. The troublesome part is the psychological hurt. Now about our infrastructure, “They are studying English. Do they have a psychologist? “I have played 700 games so far. I haven’t been physically injured, but I can tolerate it, but when I reach it, I’m mentally tired when I win the national tournament. , When you win, you become a traitor when you lose. I am always preparing to make people around me happy. The panic at the end of 700 games is that the body cannot react correctly and cannot think correctly. Cannot be shared. It’s out of tolerance, so it’s overreacting. My biggest advice is to make yourself happy no matter what. If you are not happy, neither your family nor your teammates will be happy. I fell down. I have become a different person from myself because I make people happy and do what they say. ” He said.

“I was very aggressive”

Turan said it was very aggressive: “They were crazy about what I wear, eat, drink and enjoy. I’m doing something to improve the game. I thought. I was able to discuss this with my teacher. Yes. Many of my subconscious Arda’s perceptions that I might be anxious. “I did that, I was everywhere. You wake up in the morning so that no one gets angry. There are magazines, sports, and the economy. Nonsense. ”I used the phrase.

Do you want to slow down the team

Mr. Turan stated that his physical characteristics are not suitable for playing soccer, “If a player needs 10 physical characteristics to become a soccer player, I don’t think there are 7 justice. I don’t cheat in my life with a feeling. My wife is here. I don’t cheat even if I play cards at home, but I’m trying to win to the end. Another feature is very much. Has great player intelligence. I have a view close to the game view of the world’s top midfielder, the Iniesta Royson, that level of player. This is a huge advantage for me. I always thought having the ball was very valuable to a big team. This is proved by Real Madrid every time. Arda slows the team. I slow the team. It never slowed down. Previously I had the ball and the game. That was always the case, but of course the social media public wanted to go to the opposite goal. More than 90 played and the player’s foot 2 Touch the ball for a minute. That is, I’m already playing without the ball for the remaining 90 minutes. So believe me. The ball is so valuable that you don’t lose it and dominate it. Is very important. Today, frankly, the biggest problem our own teams, Fenerbache and Besiktas, have is that they don’t have the ball. He said if he couldn’t run further and play this game while running.

Sleep problems

Arda said he had been suffering from sleep disorders for years because he couldn’t regain his psychology. Do we play this game well? Why can’t I play the pass game well? Then I’m a little emotional too. I will fall soon. I felt free all the time in Spain so I was taking care of myself. “I think the adventures of Spain are a complete story. Of course, it was a wonderful day. I miss it, but I have a sweet admiration full of peace of mind,” she said.