Arda Turan Award-TRT Spor

Turan, who made a frank statement at the award ceremony, said: Thank you for seeing my beautiful side. “

Galatasaray soccer player Arda Turan was named “2022’s most beloved and exemplary soccer player” as a result of a “brand survey and evaluation” conducted within the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Kent, Istanbul. An award-winning soccer player who came to college with his wife Aslıhan Doğan Turan also met the students in an interview. At the end of the event, the students who filled the university conference hall took lots of pictures with Turan and had them sign the form. Arda Turan, who made a frank statement about his professional life in an interview, thanked the students for the award.

Arda Turan expresses the happiness of being in college, saying: For a long time I always had such a beginning in my head. “Alda made a lot of mistakes, but he’s a good boy.” I really made a lot of mistakes 100%. These are not what you know. What I knew and what actually happened to my family. But we continue to make mistakes throughout our lives. We must make mistakes and find the courage to make mistakes ourselves. Can you forget what I do from time to time? Or is there no more inspiring work? I was thinking. This award has shown me that for the first time in a long time these can really be remembered and inspire young people. I can’t tell you its importance because it awakened the determination to really succeed, the determination to work again. Frankly, I also had some reservations about society. The happiness I felt after a long time cannot be expressed in words. Today, you chose to see the good side of Arda, so it’s not a “but” mistake. Thank you for seeing my beautiful side. “

Turan states that athletes are always judged, saying: There is little courage left to do anything. We are always afraid, and for us it feels like losing is very bad. The tricky part of this job is the psychological hurt, we need to be prepared for it. When I joined the Galatasaray A team, I had a lot of money, at least 3-4 words in English, and had no psychological training. After that, they expected all my actions to be correct. I always say they want to get back what they weren’t given to me. Now, about our infrastructure,’Are they educated in English? Do they have a psychologist? ” I say. I have played 700 games so far. I have overcome physical injuries, which I can tolerate, but when I reach, I become a traitor when I do national sports, when you win, and when you lose. You are always preparing yourself to make the people around you happy. Now, after 700 matches, your panic body can’t give the right reaction, you can’t think right, and you can’t share. This leaves the tolerance limit and overreacts. Whatever my greatest advice, make yourself happy. If you are not happy, you will not make your family or your teammates happy. I have made many of these mistakes in the last few years. I made people happy and did what they said, so I became a different person from myself.

Turan said he was very aggressive, “They were crazy about the fact that I wore too much, ate, drank and enjoyed. I did something to improve the game. I thought I was, I was thinking. I was able to discuss this with my teacher. There was so much “Alda’s perception” in his subconscious that it got in the way. There was a possibility of becoming. I also made a lot of attacks, I was everywhere. You get up in the morning so that no one gets angry, there are magazines, sports, and the economy. I often talked about nonsense. “

Turan states that his physical characteristics are not suitable for playing soccer, saying: I grow up with a sense of justice and have an incredible desire to win. I never cheat on any game in my life. I wouldn’t be fooled if my wife was here and playing cards at home, but she’s trying to win to the end. Another feature of me is that I have very good player intelligence. I have a close look at the world’s top midfielder, Iniesta’s Royce, a player at that level. This was a big advantage for me. I’ve always thought that ownership was very valuable to the big team that Real Madrid has proved every time. There have always been criticisms such as: Arda slows down the team. I didn’t slow down the team. He had the ball and allowed him to dominate the game. It was always like this, but of course I wanted to go to the castle on the other side on social media. Friends, the game has been played over 90 times and the ball touches the player’s foot for 2 minutes. This means that you have already played without the ball for the remaining 90 minutes. So believe me. The ball is so valuable that it is very important not to lose it and to control it. Frankly speaking today, the biggest problem with our own teams, Fenerbahce and Besiktas, is not having the ball. If he couldn’t have the ball, he would run further as an opponent and if he couldn’t play this game while running, he said.

“I’ve been suffering from sleep disorders for years and I can’t sleep comfortably,” Turan said, saying he’s been suffering from sleep disorders for years because he couldn’t recover. , I didn’t take care of myself. The reason is purely psychological. There were times when my psychology didn’t recover well. I’m on a diet but break it after 10 days. I Starts working and then I give up. I don’t blame anyone, but the rural atmosphere discourages me. Not being able to make progress discourages me. Why can’t I play this game well? Why can’t I play the pass game well? By the way, I’m also a little emotional and fall off quickly. I’ve been more free in Spain so I was taking care of myself. There’s nothing better than feeling free. I see the Spanish adventure as a complete story. Of course, it was a very good day. I miss it, but I have a sweet admiration for peace of mind. “

Explaining that the location of Fatih Terim is very different for him, Turan said: I respect all coaches around the world. In general, key managers around the world work with well-prepared teams and great players. So they take out the striker, take the striker, take out the right side and take the right side, or change the tactics very slightly. But no one has a Fatihoja genius, especially in the attack zone. There is too much movement. He frankly tries everything that teaches me a lot. He watches eight games a day and works hard. This had a big impact on me, “he said.

Moving the process of leaving the national team, Turan said: After the Icelandic match in the 2016 qualifying, I have a very tired smile. Before the game, I practiced throw-in for a week. The Icelandic team has been kicking and throwing long balls for a week. Mircea Lucescu said, “Even if you hit the ball, it’s a place where the ball will fall, so don’t get too crowded.” In an important match like the World Cup, the two hit the first long ball at the same time, the place where it fell was empty and we acknowledged the goal. He made me so angry, and I kept teasing him throughout the game. When I left the game, I laughed at his anger. I have made many sacrifices for the national team for the rest of my life. Too many, I can’t tell you. While I was in Barcelona there was a rift in the tendon of the foot and frankly the Barcelona club didn’t want to send me to the 2016 qualifying but I came here without asking them .. I’ve had great love for years, but I’ve whistled. As a result, I left myself. “I didn’t think it was worth it,” he said.

National team players have incredible potential, saying, “They are incredibly good players, but I don’t admit that they are the most talented team ever. Not so. To be honest, this country has seen Rüştüler and Brigades. There were names such as Hamit Altıntop, Selcuk Inan, Emre Belözoglu, Burak Yılmaz. We are realistic. Must, we put an undue burden on the children. When that happened, they couldn’t play well in the European Championships. “

Arda Turan, who said he loves Galatasaray very much throughout his life, said: So I’m trying to offer anything related to Galatasaray. I don’t know about football associations. Because if you were interested in it, I would never be there, because I wasn’t in my entire life. If they really want me to play soccer, I do. I can represent my country anywhere in the world. I think everything should be fair. We had the idea of ​​talking to Fati Hokadan. I would like to make these VQAs and boards from club representatives. Every week there are issues of justice and refereeing. The truth of the game is that the team can’t play well, and our team can’t play soccer well. “

Mr. Turan emphasized that infrastructure is very important, saying: This should be monitored by a good controller. Children between the ages of 15 and 16 at Galatasaray Infrastructure are training on artificial turf. Galatasaray Infrastructure is Turkey’s most important infrastructure. Unfortunately, there are no fields. We expect these children to come and play with Turkey’s most important team within two years. On artificial turf, cleats tear every 15 days. Infrastructure is very important to me. We do not offer a real opportunity. First I criticize myself. Financial resources are no longer sufficient and must be returned to infrastructure. In fact, this is my opinion on our supporters. “I won’t be a champion this year, but I’ll cut my budget, think about the future, and play players from the infrastructure. For example,” Trust us, give us 3-5 years. Galatasaray fans will do it. I think they understand that because they loved the team more than the championship, but we can’t do that. The truth is to come out and tell the truth. Someday when I become a Galatasaray coach I want to do this, “he said.

When asked why Galatasaray wasn’t part of the team in the match against Barcelona, ​​Turan said: “My duty as a coach and our club choice, team captain is to continue to act in the right way, because I think it represents Galatasaray’s infrastructure and culture. I respect him. If I’m not in Gyoztepe’s Konya, it doesn’t make sense to be in Barcelona because I’m not a tour guide if I’m not that important to the team.

Regarding throwing cleats to the referee in a Barcelona match while at Atletico Madrid, Turan said: When Fernando Torres kicked the ball, it hit Javier Mascherano’s hand. We all thought it was a penalty and paused because it was a penalty. When he hesitated, Barcelona went to the counter and we were caught by Messi, Neymar and Suarez in the open field, while recognizing the goal. When we acknowledged the goal, we strongly opposed the referee. This objection lasted half an hour. The appeal was half-time, but the referee’s attitude was very strict with us and much more polite with the Barcelona players. I was very angry with this, and in other places Dani Alves and Rakitić stepped on my foot to remove my cleats, and the referee said “continue”, Frankly, it was purely reflexive, but fortunately he didn’t even come. It’s a completely wrong behaviour, but I admit, it’s a very good moment, “he said.