Arda Gurel is a great talent, but don’t forget …

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Uğur Meleke, Güntekin Onay and Mehmet Arslan evaluated the latest status of the Big Four of the Football Association Board.

Here are 6 questions and answers this week …

“The mission went faster than necessary, so I’m worried about the league for the remaining nine weeks.”

1) After the Great Referee Revolution in the Super League, Atila Karaolan controlled the derby and Volcan Bayarslan oversaw Alan Ya Fenerbahce. Do you think the new referee group will be able to survive the remaining nine weeks of the league without damage? How do you think this week’s performance was?

UĞURMELEKE: Altai and his arms were amazing

In fact, these referees were innocent and their careers would normally have progressed in very different average matches, but suddenly they fell into such a mess. I watched almost every match this week. For example, the surprise of Charda Shurtai played a leading role in the Adana de Mirshibas game. I saw the surprise in Yasin Kol, who ruled Kayseri Konya. They performed these tasks very quickly as needed. I’m worried about the remaining 9 weeks of the league.

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GÜNTEKIN Approval: Problems May Occur

No obvious error was seen. Although in a controversial position, the referee tried to steal what they saw. Unfortunately, the match between Adana Demirspor and Sivaspor was directed by VAR referee Haril Umt Meller, not by Chardash Altay. In the remaining important weeks, quality and quantity issues seem inevitable.

MEHMET ARSLAN: They can’t make anyone happy

In Turkey, there is no referee control that pleases the president, supporters, or so-called journalists. Everyone wants perfect control, and if they make a mistake, they want a mistake in their favor. I put this aside the negatives I experienced in the referee community. I think the league will end soundly with these referees, including the relegation struggle. Of course, it’s also a little about my approach. As I said, it’s hard to explain this to people who are interested in reading every match through the referee’s decision and lack self-criticism.

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“Even the breaking chain of Ismail Kartal was enough for Fenerbahce to play good football.”

2) Despite struggling in Alanya at the beginning of the second half, Fenerbahce scored 3 points in a good match in the previous section. How do you find the line of the yellow-dark blue team that has scored 13 points in the last 5 games? Did Ismail Cartal pass the class?

UĞURMELEKE: PEREIRA system did not fit

We have tried to express that Fenerbahce has a qualified team for weeks and can play better games with these players. In fact, Emre Belözoglu played better football with these players. Then came Vítor Pereira, he had a completely different strategy, and he didn’t fit into this team. It is clear that Ismail Cartal is not Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola. But even reverting the team’s chain was enough for good football.

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You see, I’m frank. Fenerbahce is the team with the best team in Turkey. The problem is not a technical problem. That was reflected and Vitor Pereira was sent. However, the problem was managing the process of 38 games properly. Fenerbahce’s management was unable to achieve this. He added a new crisis to all the bad consequences and crises taken in the name of protecting teams and coaches. The main problem with Fenerbahce was not performance and technicians, but unmanageable. I hope they start a new season with a different understanding. His first step was a press conference, which Ali Kochu shortened and delivered a shorter and clearer message.


Ismail Cartal did two things very well. The first seat was 11 seats and the search was closed. Second, I preferred more dynamic and faster-paced players to improve their fighting power. 0054smail Hodja started with difficulties, but he now seems to have settled things.

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“Galatasaray’s solution relied on Trent to overcome compliance issues.”

3) Galatasaray won the derby game and played very well in the first 45 games. What do you think the highly criticized Trent came out of the corner of Barcelona and Besiktas?

MEHMET ARSLAN: It was normal to make mistakes

No positive words have been said about him since the day he arrived. He came to a brand new country and a team he didn’t know about. It was normal for him to make mistakes and get negative results. His productivity improved when he knew the team and tried to adapt to the country. The solution relied on Torrent to overcome its compatibility issues and get to know the team and players better. Not only did Galatasaray begin to produce good results, but individual players also began to improve. Kerem Aktür koğlu was even more perfect, with players like Boye, Nelsson and Muhammed starting to play well. I think fans will be obliged to apologize to Torrent in the future.

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GÜNTEKINONAY: Serious and concrete development

In Galatasaray, two rising factors stand out. One is self-confidence and the second is physical fitness. Coupled with the support of the spectators, a powerful game appeared in the first 45 minutes. Also, Marcos Nelson’s duo plays perfectly. Maybe Torrent hasn’t got the game in mind yet, but there are serious and concrete developments.

UĞURMELEKE: Congratulations

I actually thought Domenec Trent could be confused after a successful match in Barcelona. Thinking about whether Besiktas Derby’s plan would be like that when Galatasaray had few balls and had a good standing, pass strategy and good results in the UEFA Europa League group stage and Barcelona match. I did. However, Trent was very brave against Besiktas, starting with pressure, playing in the press uninterrupted in the first half, getting what he wanted and going to the locker room. He deserves a compliment.

Arda Gurel is a great talent, but don't forget ...

“Win with many goals and easily break the record”

4) Trabzon only needs 4 wins in the championship, but if he wins 8 games he will break the points and if he wins 9 games he will break the record of victory. Do you think they can break these records?

1 Day Approval: Buy More Goals

You can see that Trabzonspor is now much more comfortable and is heading towards the goal without pressure. From now on, we will see more such victories with many goals. I think they will easily break the record.

UĞURMELEKE: Many heroes

If you heard it a few weeks ago, you might have said that these records wouldn’t be broken, but now Trabzonspor is so windy that it can be broken without complacency. .. Everyone applauds when Uglucan Chakul is awarded the Player of the Season Award. If you give it to Nuwakaeme, no one will object. It can be said that Edin Višza deserves it. Marek Hamsík was also worthy of it until he was injured. Cornelius and Bakasetas are also in Golden 11. If your team has a lot of heroes, someone can come to the stage for each match.

MEHMET ARSLAN: Already broke the record

I am confident that these records do not care about either Ahmet Ağaoğlu or Abdullah Avcı. Trabzonspor wants to be the champion, not break the record. Is there such a record? Looking at the performance of the Bordeaux blues over the last few weeks, this is possible. But keep in mind that in the coming weeks, there will be more team struggles to rank without being demoted. Opponent resistance is the biggest obstacle in front of Trabzonspor. I think they are unlikely to win eight games. However, the team has already broken the record in the minds of Trabzonspor fans. There is a record difference in the championship that took place a few years later.

Arda Gurel is a great talent, but don't forget ...

“The cause of Ondel Caravelli’s too romantic and optimistic is failure.”

5) Ondel Caravelli went to Derby relying on data from the match between Shivas and Basakshehir, but changed Kenan and Guven at the age of 38. Do you think these two movements of Caraveli were correct?

GÜNTEKINONAY: I didn’t go with the strongest staff

Ondel Caravelli is very romantic and optimistic. 11 It was not the strongest team in Besiktas. He went out on the field in such a high and tough match. He tried to correct his mistake with the changes he made, but it was too late. Had the 11 players who finished the match played at the start, the result and the match would have been different.


I think Ondel Caravelli made those movements from the bottom of his heart. Yes, Kenan Karaman is terrible too, so it’s no longer worth reporting! But the main problem with Besiktas in the first episode was that he couldn’t keep up. It was too easy to lose the ball on the way. I thought the inclusion of Josef-Rıdvan Yılmaz could solve this problem, but they first preferred Batshuayi-Larin. Another big mistake is that Besiktas has changed his defensive core nine times in the last 11 games of the league.

MEHMET ARSLAN: The main issue was defense

Besiktas will not be able to gain efficiency from scorers this season. But it wasn’t the scorer’s skill that made the difference in this match, but the defender’s success. The Marcos Nelson duo was much more successful in terms of defense than Besiktas’s defense, and both when moving from defense to the midfield. This was the most important factor that made a difference to Derby. Besiktas lost points due to defensive errors in many of the most frequently attacked games. When the score reached 2-0, Ondel Caravelli relied on Larin and Batshuay’s scores and personal skills. But the main problem was defense in Besiktas.

Arda Gurel is a great talent, but don't forget ...

“Alda Gurel has the brilliance of Emre and Brigan.”

6) Turkish football rising star Arda Güler was also impressed by Alanya. Does Arda, who has played in the match in the last 15 minutes and provided one goal and one assist, agree with those who insist that he should play more?

UĞURMELEKE: Don’t hide

Tugay Kerimoul played at the age of 17. He was very mature and playing. Emre Belözoglu got a jersey at the age of 17. He never gave it again. Some soccer players are special and their personality and intellect are ready to take responsibility early. This kid also has the brilliance of the brigade, Emre. Ismail Cartal talks about hiding him, but I don’t think he hides much, I think he’s this kid! Is Xavi hiding Gavi? I think it’s better to have fun than to hide the game he’s playing.

MEHMET ARSLAN: I have to see more

His coach knows much better about the answer to the question of whether Arda Gurel should spend more time developing. Maybe it needs to be a little stronger. We do not know these. But there is one thing I know. That is, I want to see more of Arda Gurel. It’s nice to meet him in the field and see his talent. Over time, it actually strengthens our confidence in this game. It builds our confidence and strengthens our sense that “we can do it”. A 17 year old kid achieves this every week in front of him. Returning to the question, I don’t know if it will take time, but I would like to see Arda. Would you like to go further? When asked if it’s Mesut Özil or Arda Güler, I don’t think about it now and say Arda Güler.

DAYTEKIN Approval: Do Not Overload

Ismail Cartal makes the most of Arda Gurel. It improves it and increases efficiency without putting too much weight on the back. Alda Gurel has a great talent, but keep in mind that he is only a 17-year-old boy. It is best for him to take steps slowly with solid steps.