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Aiming to add something new to his achievements in daily motorsport, Turkey’s leading national athlete Cem Bölükbaşı in Formula 2 this season has the best sprint race results at the Monaco Grand Prix in the last few days. Achieved. Gem Volukbash, who started his career as an esportsman, brought it to the actual track and quickly rose to Formula 2 level, has become one of the latest examples of our potential in motorsports. ..

Inspired by a similar success story, Apex Racing, Turkey’s first and only e-sports center, is a mobile training simulator project run by the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) for students ages 7-11. Became a technology sponsor of.

Berkay Erdoğan, founding partner of Apex Racing, shared his reputation on this subject: “Esports is becoming more and more popular around the world. As Apex Racing, we are bringing new talent in this area from virtual environments to real trucks. I am aiming.

Belkai Erdogan

In this regard, we are developing a project technology for elementary school students by sharing TOSFED’s vision of bringing more national racers to the track to contribute to our new success story. I became a sponsor. “

Anatolia is looking for young pilot candidates

Among the 850 projects presented by the 146 member countries of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), one of the 10 projects accepted by the support program, the Mobile Education Simulator, has approximately 16,000 people in 40 different cities in Anatolia. Aiming to reach the children of. The Apex Racing simulator is used in a project carried out to discover new talents for students in the Seven-Eleven age group, introduce motorsports, and strengthen our esports infrastructure.

Keeping in mind that the project starts in Ankara and reaches many points in Anatoria, Apex Racing co-founder Ali Kerem Utenen said: Training with a high level simulator. We plan to form a team for Carte Blanche, one of the most successful names of potential athletes to compete in the next digital tournament.

Athletes can show off their talents by having a realistic racing experience in a cockpit designed for children. Positioned as a technology sponsor, this project is in line with our vision of carrying students with innate talent in motorsport, from simulators to real trucks. “

State-of-the-art technology, realistic experience

Berkay Erdoğan, co-founder of Apex Racing, stated that he had implemented Turkey’s first and only e-sports simulation center in Ankara and shared the technical details of the simulator it provided. increase. Approved racing seats, overalls and kart equipment. We run a franchise of equipment manufacturers Thrustmaster and Fanatec.

The cockpit uses original Sparco seats, Fanatec and Thrustmaster steering wheels trained by professional pilots. Based on the Sigma cockpit, these devices offer the best performance in terms of durability and functionality, enabling the most realistic racing experience. In this way, we provide racers with a truly realistic simulator experience. “

Contribution to esports and motorsports culture

Noting that everyone between the ages of 7 and 70 who is passionate about racing is interested in Apex Racing, Apex Racing co-founder Ali Kerem Ureten concludes his assessment with the following statement:

“We are contributing to the motorsports and esports culture of our country, especially Ankara, in our own tournaments. We are a talented and curious athlete candidate in the award-winning F1 eSports race. Providing an opportunity to prove ourselves. Gokart events and time trial tournaments. Contributing to motorsports in Turkey. We strive to be involved in all projects undertaken.

We aim to be successful with the seeded esports and kart teams and bring this business to the professional lane as an Apex racing team. “

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