Antalyaspor director Nuri Shahin: Jurgen Klopp broadens my horizons


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Nuri Shahin, who left the jersey and moved from Greenfield to the club, performed one of the most notable performances of the season at the beginning of last season’s Antalyaspor. Shahin told Hürriyet about his goals and future plans, especially the transition from soccer player to coach.

・ Are you in constant contact with Klopp? How did his style affect you?

Klopp was the one who urged me to look at the teachings. He is one of the people I exchange ideas with most people. He was one of the few I consulted before I started teaching. Of course, Klopp is more like an elder than a teacher. He was the first person I shared that I would be a father. Faster than anyone …

The details have a big impact

I’m never happy with his communication with the players, his view of the game, his constant personal development, his achievements and his ambitions for the game. There are many examples taken from the crop.


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・ Please tell us about your work with the throw-in trainer Gronemark.

I attach great importance to scientific research. One day, while talking to Klopp about common tactics, the subject was thrown in. I was very impressed when Klopp explained how decisive even the details of football were. After this meeting, Gronnemark gave me a presentation. I like the solution. He came to Antalya and worked with us for four days, and we soon bear fruit.

Two more important experts are coming

In the second part of the camp, two important experts are with us. Dr. Alan Watkins is one of them. Arsene Wenger is one of the most famous names in the world and has led many of the top athletes and CEOs of the British Olympic team in 2012. We will benefit from him in performance management. The other is world-famous sleep coach Nick Little Halles. For athletes, sleep and rest have a significant impact on field efficiency. We want to keep track of this issue.

The secret to success in Antalya is to stick to the right plan.

-You have caught a wonderful series with Antalyaspor. What is hidden behind this success?

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In fact, the answer is very simple. Stick to the right plan. When I first took office, we had a bumpy chart. After this ups and downs, eight games of longing for victory were added on top of it. It wasn’t working at the time, but it was the right system for our team and it took time to add this system to our team’s games. The players also did their best. In the process, the president also supported me a lot. He hadn’t had any negative thoughts about the plans we made for a while. After the system was fully established, the results began to appear one after another. Record points and 16 undefeated consecutive wins. Our key in this process. It was devoted, diligent, and sticking to the plan.

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I have a dream, but I’m not going to rush this way

・ It is said that I met Galatasaray in the past few months. Was it true? I have an ongoing contract with Antalyaspor. Here are plans that aim to be achieved in both my career and Antalyaspor. The only focus of me and my team is to prepare the team for the new season in the best possible way and create an Antalyaspor that will continue from where it left off.

・ If you receive offers from the three big German teams and half-finished teams at the same time, which do you agree with?

This is the question we have the complete answer to social media, Koray. I also have a dream and I have no intention of rushing towards it. My biggest dream right now is to write a good story about the history of sports in this beautiful city in front of the stalls of Antalyaspor.

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Our goal is to participate in the championship race

“We hope it will be a season for everyone to play healthy, challenging and fun football. I think it will be a championship fight with more teams. Our goal is to stay in the race and last year. It’s about maintaining a positive image and performance of football. “

My relationship contributes to the transfer

“Of course, I enjoy the advantage of being a soccer player who has played for important teams in many European leagues. The relationships I have built and the friendships I have built have contributed to my new role. I am paying close attention to doing the first interview under the new name. “

Defended the team in a Trabzonspor match

“After the Trabzon match, my relationship with Abdullah’s teacher became as usual. What happened on the field stayed there, but no one criticized me for protecting my team and players. I don’t think I’ll do it. It’s hard to explain how proud the team’s football is for the day. “

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Within a few years you will meet Arda at a big club in Europe.

・ Can Alda Gurel become a world star?

Arda is a very special talent that our country has recently grown. He is a very different player and has different techniques. I really enjoy watching it. Arda showed his level by being promoted to Team A at the age of 16-17.

I am happy to see

If you play soccer at the A team level at this age, you already have another talent. As I said, I’m looking with great joy. Playing at that maturity at that age is very different. God made him pave the way. He will come to a better place, and I believe that a few years later we will see Arda represent our country in the best possible way at a big club in Europe.