Antalya News – Holidays in 2022: Entertainment – Sports – Art


Having spent 2020 and 2021 in the shadow of the coronavirus epidemic, the tourism sector has focused on entertainment, cultural, arts and sporting activities for the 2022 season, when measures have been eased and relief provided. A tourism expert told Hürriyet about the tourism strategy for this year.

This year, vacationers tend to spice up their days staying in hotels and pensions in the Antalya locations that we visited and surveyed with different activities. , offers vacationers a dynamic and entertaining programme. Tourism experts from Belek, Kemer, Manavgat and Alanya spoke about outstanding trends in holiday programs this summer.

they miss the fun

Khan Kavalor, board member of the Belek Tourism and Investors Association (BETUYAB) and vice president of AKTOB, said gastronomy and lodging services began to increase as the impact of the pandemic weakened. I’m here. Missed a little bit of fun. Seeing such needs, I started focusing on entertainment from May. We create outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. I think this year should be evaluated as the year of entertainment and anime. Especially travelers from Europe for the first time are hungry for such entertainment. I told you to come and rest during the pandemic, but now come and enjoy,” he said.

where sports and music meet


While talking about the dynamics of regional tourism this year, Chairman of the Kemer Regional Development Foundation (KETAV) Volkan Jorulmaz said: We take great care to ensure safe sightseeing. This year we will focus on alternative tourism models for Kemer. We plan sports and music events. The 12th Phaselis Festival will be held from September 12th to 18th. Then, from October 19-22, the Sea to Sky International Enduro Motorcycle Race will bring together important Turkish and international athletes in Kemer. Highlander Turkey – Lycian Way Trekking event November 15-20. By combining such programs with local characteristics, we aim to promote tourism throughout the year. “

Gastronomy and cycling

Cengiz Haydar Barut, Chairman of the Manavgat Side Touristic Hoteliers Association (MASTOB), explains this season’s focus practice: Most travelers now think about what to eat at their destination. Most recently, we brought together a Turkish culinary expert to introduce you to Cretan cuisine. We will continue to hold events like this and make it into a festival. This year, more emphasis is placed on sports activities. The best destination for mountain biking in Antalya is Manavgat and its surroundings. We are planning to develop bicycle tourism in this area, which is attracting attention for its nature-rich trails. Many hotels are certified as ‘bike-friendly hotels’. One of the most effective ways to spread tourism over the 12 months is bicycle tourism. “

triathlon brands

Burhan Sili, President of the Alanya Touristic Operators Association (ALTID) said: It seems unlikely that things will return to normal before this war is over. Our goal as a community is to manage this year and start next year on a high note. Across Antalya, there are seasons that focus on in-hotel entertainment and activities, but Alanya, being a region with smaller occupancy and boutique hotels, offers holidaymakers a concept of intertwined city and tourism. increase. On the other hand, we are trying to make progress in sporting events. Cycling, beach volleyball and paragliding are his activities that are typical sports of the region. Triathlon has also gained international recognition as an organization founded and branded by Alanya. “