Answers to Sonar Dikumen’s question from Stefan Kuntz!

National team coach Stefan Kuntz answered the question why Konyaspor’s Sonar Dikumen wasn’t replaced by Belkanktor.


At a press conference before the match in Italy, national team coach Stefan Kuntz gave a speech.

Regarding the triple defense system at the press conference, National Football Team coach Stefan Kuntz said, “I don’t want to talk too much about the pre-match team plan. I won’t talk about pre-match tactics, but what Hakan Charhanor said. Is true. We play as three players. Visit many of my players. I talked to him, and system issues emerged in the conversation, “he said. Said.

“The coach’s job is to find the right system for his player’s skills,” said the German coach.

“Recently, I visited a lot of players. There was also a system problem. Chaglar (Soyunchu) was in England, Merih (Demiral) was in Italy, Ozan (Kabak) was in England, and these players have already used this tactic. .. Great for my defenders to play in this club formation. This is also their favorite system. My main criticism of the team in half time was that they didn’t believe in victory at first So,’Do you play on the old system?’ I said “No”. “Be a little courageous,” he said.

If you have a question for me, you will get an answer. I am also sensitive to wrong things. It became clear that some players were not happy with this. There is absolutely no such thing. If you have any questions, please ask. You will definitely get the answer. “

Regarding the election of Salif Ezkan to Turkey, the German coach said, “I participated in the U-21 European Under-21 Championship in Germany at the end of May. In fact, I wanted to take him to the Olympics after the tournament. But he said he wanted to stay in Cologne. Physically he said he needed to fix some things as a team. He called me after being brought to the A National Football Team. Here But I want to thank Sari. He also made his decision was swift. His family supported him. Cologne also contributed to the process. TFF “Turkish officials are very quick on this issue. There was no confusion about the salif that had already made his decision, “he said.

“Do you think it is appropriate to remove it from the current list?”
In response to a question about Sonar Dikumen not being called by the national football team, Kuntz said, “Now let’s hear this. Who do you think is appropriate to remove from the current team?” .. I asked a question.

Regarding the reaction of Belkan Konyaspor, Kuntz said, “Belkan is a player who has played many games in Europe and is responsible. It is important that he is on his left foot. I am the coach of the national team. For Turkey. To choose the best player. To choose for some clubs. I don’t have to. In fact, we invited a player from Konyaspor. But he couldn’t come because of an injury. . “

“Some players were called in unexpectedly. The main criterion is performance. It can happen to players,” said Kuntz, who said that showing the best performance would ensure that players would come to the national team. The best thing is to play for the national team. This is not an award, but the result of hard work. ”

Recalling that striker Dennis Andaf came to the fore after Burak Yılmaz’s appearance, Stefan Kuntz said, “In fact, after announcing the candidate team, I made a declaration. Deniz (Andab) and Umt (Bozok) I saw both. Umt. Facing the sea. ”

When asked about Turkey’s chances at the European Championship, Stefan Kuntz, technical director of the national football team, said, “Currently I’m focusing on the Italian match. My second goal is in June. It’s the Nations Cup. I want to make progress. Go there and start qualifying. Don’t answer about group opportunities, find your opponent first. (Laughs) We have to do Is just Lothar Matthaes quitting the draw, “he concludes.