Answer my question, over-promised

Chairman of MHP State garden, CHP reader Kemal KurtidalallHe said he made an “excessive promise” during his visit to Diyarbakır, “His timing was wrong. I asked five questions on Twitter. First let the six-party table explain their answers and then let the Turkish people speak.” Said.

Bahçeli responded to Kılıçdaroğlu’s visit to Diyarbakır.Kılıçdaroğlu, do you agree with the establishment of a wonderful four-part Kurdistan? If you plan to visit the mother of the terrorist Demirtash, do you plan to go to Sanliurfa shortly afterwards to visit the family of the murderer Abdullah Ocalan on Imrali Island to heal your admiration with them? Ask the shameful partners they met at the roundtable on February 28, 2022 if they are supporters of the great independent Kurdistan and discover their true intentions and beliefs hidden in their heads. Do you think about that? ” He said.

Click-Bahçeli: Kılıçdaroğlu’s visit to Diyarbakır is an attempt to ignite the ceasefire and peace pursuit of the Russian and Ukrainian Foreign Ministers.

In response to a journalist’s question, Bahçeli said people flocked to the market after sunflower oil from Russia was delayed. The market was attacked by saying, “Turkey has no oil.” Said.

Mr Bacheli responded to those who made negative comments, saying it was important for Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers to gather in Antalya.

Bahçeli’s statement is as follows:

“Telephone diplomacy continues to operate within the framework of close negotiations. The diplomatic forum is held annually in Antalya. When such a conference was held on March 9, Turkey was much more successful. Taking a step. This is a step towards peace. This step was between the two countries and was aimed at taking a step that could provide the beginning of peace by bringing together officials.

This conference is important and successful. It is impossible for a 15-day conflict to end at a meeting there, but it is a beginning and a good step. In some internal and external assessments, I see it. Some segments of Turkey cannot digest these steps. They don’t want to get results with these steps. Some media headlines are already trying to eliminate the hopes that may develop in society, with negative statements such as “Peace did not happen, peace happened this way.” This is not an easy task. It is also important that the country can do this. Turkey’s diplomatic success in reaching this position should be highly valued. We are children of this country, the war is very close.

Twenty-three ships carry sunflower oil to Turkey, but a little late due to the war. The market was attacked by saying “Turkey has no oil” and was stimulated by the media to start the oil battle. Those who want oil have darkened Turkey’s future. Regardless of which political party we belong to, it is beneficial to support good steps like a nation. He is in favor of peace in the region, Turkey and the world.

(Article by economist Kılıçdaroğlu) The chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party is realistic, not minding unsigned declarations, articles and unclaimed words. You need to ask his six partners if he has signed.

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(Kılıçdaroğlu visits Diyarbakır) I commented on Twitter the other day: There was a wrong timing. The speech did not mention peace. There were too many extreme promises. Faced with those promises, CHP Chair said, especially loudly and resolutely, “You can ask me any questions, I can talk to you, I explain everything. You can. Listen to what you know. So I asked five questions on Twitter. Let him first explain their answers to the table 6 and then let the Turkish people explain. Then, if you have the time, let me talk about how world peace will be achieved.

(Western demand for Turkey to impose sanctions on Russia) That is not the right approach. We should not pay attention to the approach of causing war through sanctions without fighting the economic opportunities we have among war-torn countries. The United States needs to take care of itself in this regard. There are many questions in the world to ask America. While provoking countries within the framework of Western imperialism, we also want to include Turkey in this. Even if Turkey tries to impose economic sanctions on this, Turkish CHS opponents have already stopped producing all kinds of commodities with a false policy to impose economic sanctions, and have said words to enhance society. No mess left.