Ankaraguju’s goal is to reach the top of the Super League-TRT Spor

Falkkoja, president of MKE Ankaraguju Club, said the goal of the yellow-navy blue team promoted to the Super League was always at its peak, and the team was formed according to this goal.

In a statement to AA, Falk Koja emphasized that MKE Ankaraguju is one of the four most competitive teams in the Super League.

Coca said the dark blue people are an established 112-year-old community.Our friends have been watching soccer players around the world for 5-6 months to establish a good super league team without the trauma of demotion. We are ready for the Super League. This season, we have a staff system that meets the expectations of the Ankaraguju community. Ankaraguju is neither a super league team nor a collapsing team. We disagree with this. We are advancing long-term structuring by saving Ankaraguju from these traumas. The football public will see a good Ankaraguju. Camia will see a team boasting about their team.” Said.

“The goal of Ankaraguju is what the top of the league is.”

Noting that they set their goals high, Falk Coca continued his words:

“Whatever the top of the league is, so is Ankaraguju’s goal. Our goal is to be the champion of the Super League, play in the Champions League and other European cups and win the Turkish cup. In fact, when all teams have research assistants enrolled in college, his goals are: After all, he wants to be a professor, or when a party is established, he wants to take power. I’m in the Super League, and I’m trying to set a goal as the top of the league, take responsibility for myself, and develop the necessary staff to achieve this, but the result is fate. Fenerbache has been a longtime champion. Galata Sarai couldn’t win, Galata Sarai had similar troubles and Trabuzon Spo became the champion for the first time in 38 years. Last year he won the championship without playing very well. , This year is “good match, good result”. I have set a goal. “

“Welbeck is tough. I want to get the star soccer players that the community expects.”

Falk Koja also provided information about the transfer work and stated that they were interested in star players.

Coca confirms that they are interested in one of the world-famous names, British striker Danny Welbeck. “I contacted Welbeck. Somehow I have a problem when I hear about the transfer work. I respect their profession, but unfortunately the management culture is not perfectly adapted to us. There is a problem with the process with such a player. There is little chance for this player. I want to get the star football that the community expects. There are players who meet the Chilek transfer concept, but because they have a name. Instead of taking the players, we contribute to the team. ” He said.

The president of the Huang Navy Club has announced that he has acquired three players so far and is interested in three or four players at the national team level.The community wants a name, but that’s against us. Some clubs may be eager when the players we are looking forward to become clear. We are trying to make this process very private. There is a transfer list that meets the expectations of the Ankaraguju community. Anyone with a keen interest in football will thank us for the names we receive and are interested in. I want to get good results with good play. Last season, our setup was to become a champion in order to get results with experienced players. We have achieved that. “ I made that evaluation.

Falk Koja emphasized that there is no problem with the transfer ban, “The problem with one or two players will be resolved by the end of the month. In 1.5 years, we have overcome the huge wall of this ban. Ankaraguju paid a lot. Hopefully it will process the remaining 2-3 files to prevent such problems from recurring. We meet in Ankara on the 20th of every month. Camp in Bol from the 1st of the month. The league starts in August. We will strive to train camp staff.“He gave the information.

Another two-year contract with Mustafa Dalc─▒

Coca, president of MKE Ankaraguju Club, said he has a two-year contract with Mustafa Darchi, who promoted the team to the Super League, and trusts his teacher.

Faruk Koca emphasizes that the community can make unjustified criticisms of Dalc─▒, saying:

“I signed a three-year contract with Mustafa D’Artisan at the beginning of last season. I was grateful to the teacher. If I unilaterally terminate the contract during this process, he said he would not claim compensation. . “I will not stay. Where I don’t want it, there is no penalty. “He showed the right personality. I think our coach is also valuable in terms of football knowledge. The only problem is that his equipment and vision are not widely known to the public. Many criticisms. Despite receiving, he did not make negative criticisms towards the community. “Fans are always right, they have a place above our heads.” The team is in the Super League. When we went to, when we walked down the street, we and the teacher said, “We have a lot of injustices to you. We come across many people who say that doing this self-criticism is our motivation. Of course, our teachers may also have drawbacks, but when we ask critics of them, they say, “If we are on your behalf, we will continue.” He is answering. “