Ankara Bar Association Chairman Koranel Resigns: I Will Not Be Involved In Dirty Politics

Ankara -Kemal Koranel, chaired by a board decision, resigned from his position after Erinch Sarkhan, chairman of the Ankara Bar Association, was elected chairman of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations. About 3 months.

Coranel’s resignation; the fact that the torture report produced by the Human Rights Center was not published, the dismissal of the three presidents who supported him during the election process, the bar association’s board of directors, and finally the bar association fee attorney. , Payment notices that have received a lot of feedback.

The Ankara Bar Association did not publish a report produced by the Human Rights Center about allegations of torture at the Ankara police station two months ago. The failure to publish the report turned into a crisis, and human rights center executives resigned.

The bar association continued to be in danger of “reporting torture,” but a few weeks ago, three chairs of the bar association’s board were dismissed by a board decision.

Attorneys and Internship Academy (AVSA) Chairman Chawl Aihan Che’Nelle, Head of Gerinsik Center Asrihan Kossack Alhan, and Internship Commission Sfi Togay Eltunchi at the Board of Directors meeting on March 2. The chief has been dismissed.

“Board chairs to support Coranel have been released.”

The reason for the dismissal of the chairman of the board was stated as “to take advantage of the opportunities that arise from his duties during the pre-appointment process.”

Koranel, the chairman of the Ankara Bar Association, and the three chairs were dismissed by majority vote despite the opposition of some members between lawyers before the Ankara Bar Association election in October 2022. Was interpreted as “Operation against Koranel”.

“Slow fight before elections”

In fact, Deniz Aksoy, Veysel Kırıcı, Onur Tatar and Fevzi Gümüş are one of the names that Kemal Koranel wants to participate in the election from the Democratic Left Lawyers Group (DSA), which has once again declared a candidacy. Announced his candidacy so far.
Therefore, the Democratic Left Attorneys Group will hold a primary election in June. Kemal Koranel and Deniz Aksoy are among the top candidates for the primary. Among lawyers, the dismissal of the three presidents was described as a “pre-election throne battle.”

“Fee” from the bar: Registration will be removed from the plate

In addition to these crises, the last straw was a request from the Ankara Bar Association for a “bar association fee” from its members.
According to the communiqué sent to the lawyer by the decision of the Ankara Bar Association Board of Directors, the registration from the Bar Association will be canceled if the membership fee is not paid within 15 days.

Many lawyers in difficult times due to the recent economic crisis were said to be unable to pay membership fees, and the bar association responded on social media.

According to the information obtained, this notice decision for the president of the Bar Association Koranel was made by the board of directors in the absence of Koranel.


In addition to all these events, Koranel announced his resignation at a press conference. Mr. Koranel has stated that perceptual operations have been carried out against him since his inauguration, stating: “The purpose is to undermine the credibility of the president of the Ankara Bar Association. Finally, a board decision I did not attend sent notice to 10,476 colleagues about the payment of the bar association fee. Is an assassination of reputation not only for me, but for tens of thousands of colleagues. I will resign as chairman of the bar association and a member of the board to fight independently. “

According to Kemal Koranel, all of these events are part of the assassination of fame against him. From the day he took office, Coranel announced plans to prevent them from working systematically, explaining what happened at this stage:

“After taking office, after I did not meet the spiritual requirements of the tradition of teaching, perceptual manipulation began on me. Therefore, at the Ankara Police Station created by the Ankara Bar Association Human Rights Center. The report on torture and ill-treatment was discussed by the Board of Directors. Despite the fact that the report contained issues that violated the provisions of the Human Rights Center Directive, I gave my personal opinion on its publication. However, after reporting the crime, I published the report on our website with a petition for reporting the crime and decided not to publish the report by majority in spite of my opinion. I understand that I made a mistake because the current process did not oppose this decision. “

“Political reasons reach the chairman of the board”

Coranel also evaluated the dismissal of the chairman of the board “against their customs” and “against the will of lawyers” because they supported him.

Koranel said the board had dismissed the chairman despite opposition, saying: It clearly goes against the Constitution, the Attorney Act, the vocational rules of lawyers, and the tradition of the Ankara Bar Association, of which we have been a member for 98 years. However, some board members, disciplinary committee and auditors’ board members, and some centers and board presidents have the freedom to campaign with supporting candidates, but have colleagues. Dismissal goes against all democratic practices. Someone who thinks they support me.

“I don’t know about the’valofy’communiqué sent to lawyers.”

Finally, Mr. Koranel said the decision to send a notice of “lawyer membership fees” to lawyers was made without his knowledge, saying:
“During the period I was quarantined for Covid-19, a letter was sent to 10,476 colleagues about the delay in bar membership fees, and in my absence, a decision was made without my involvement. The above article is compliant with the Attorney Act, but is an assassination of fame solely for the purpose of electoral work in this process, where pandemics and severe financial difficulties continue. 5,000,912, especially between the ages of 0 and 5. It’s a pity I didn’t hesitate to send the same letter to one of my colleagues. The perceptual manipulation I was trying to pull in is no longer directed at me, but it’s starting to affect tens of thousands of colleagues. increase.”

“I must not be involved in dirty politics”

“What I want to do is to discredit the chairman of the Ankara Bar Association and stop the struggle that has been going on for years. I resigned as the chairman of the Ankara Bar Association and a member of the board of directors. To fight independently of the spirit of taking over the Metropolitan Bar Association, and I reach out to the Bar Association. “