Andreas Cornelius talks about the championship-TRT Spor

Cornelius issued a statement to Correspondent AA about what happened with the victory of Trabzonspor. Cornelius said it all started at the beginning of the season, “We were talking about goals and championships at the match meeting. The results define the goal of victory over Besiktas in the last few minutes of the season. Shape and course. The most memorable goal scored in this match was the winning goal. “

Danish players commented on the post-championship game celebration with Fraport TAV Antalyaspor:

“It’s like an endless party. Since then, everyone celebrates it. Everyone in Trabzon celebrates it. It was like an endless party. It was something I’ve never seen anywhere before. The celebration was above “I won Denmark, but I’ve never seen anything as big as this. Looking at these celebrations, the championship I understand the importance of. That’s right. It’s unique in that respect. “

“Maybe I can take a penalty to increase my chances”

Cornelius, who leads the league’s top scorer with 15 goals, said, “I don’t know who we are at this point. We may be penalized to increase our chances. We used it before. To score here. There are too many people. As long as the team scores, it doesn’t matter who scores. Penalty. “He said.

Regarding fans’ comments that Norwegian striker Sørloth went missing and the affection they showed to him, Cornelius said, “I’ve never felt this kind of love and support from fans everywhere. It feels great. One of the reasons we played was the fans who were so successful. They support everyone. They won this cup. The main factor in our success was the support of the fans. I used the phrase.

“Our teacher has created a good team.”

The Danish player explained his thoughts on coach Abdullah Abju and said:

“From a coach’s point of view, he formed a good team. From our point of view, our way of thinking is different from other teams. He knows when to relax and rest. In that respect, he has a good feeling. “

Cornelius asked about his most impressive and effective goals: “It was the goal that I was able to win in the Besiktas match. It was a difficult match. It was the last few minutes. It was very critical. It was a very important time. It was the first match at the full stadium after the Covid process. I played against Besiktas in the last few minutes. ”The goal I scored was , Won the match and was the most impressive. Effective goal. ” Said.

Cornelius points out that he plays in a collective style built around individual styles, which is rare in Turkey. “This structure has goals and support. Above all, we are very solid. We are defensive. We are well prepared tactically. The most important thing is to focus on the details of the defense. “Looking at the other teams, they are as aggressive as we are. I haven’t played defensively. It’s not well planned yet, “he said.

“Eligible to go to the Champions League group”

Cornelius said he will fight in the Champions League next season.

“Our first goal was to join the Champions League anyway. There are different scenarios. It’s about the participation of Russian and Ukrainian teams. We have strong and experienced players at the international level. We have these players and participate in this. The game is also very important. Our first goal is to stay in the group. “After achieving this goal, we aim to get out of the group. We have the quality to do it. I played in the Champions League before. I know. We have the ability to achieve it. “

Cornelius said of the next season, “Because we’ve finished the season as a champion, people will focus on winning again. The next season won’t be as easy as this season. We didn’t play in Europe this season. I will play in both. ” next year. We must reduce this burden. ” He said.

Cornelius pointed out that he had a lot of experience in football and played in many clubs, saying, “I’m happy to be living where I am now. It wasn’t easy to come here. Driven by Parma. Then you come. For Trabzonspor, you win the Turkish League. Unfortunately, in football the situation changes rapidly. “What is important to me is to enjoy the moment. I’m happy with that. I can’t say I have big goals and ambitions to share. Now it’s important to enjoy the moment. “I used the phrase.