And Russia took action … Putin signed: they will all be confiscated!

Faced with severe sanctions after the decision to invade Ukraine, Russia decided to confiscate hundreds of commercial aircraft owned by US and European leasing companies. Analysts claim that a wave of widespread pressure has begun after Putin’s signed decision and his harsh statement yesterday, and Putin is preparing to close with the West.

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Russia, which decided to invade Ukraine 22 days ago, faced very severe economic sanctions as a result of the start of the war. Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that he will implement sanctions as the effects of US and European sanctions have begun to be reflected in the country’s economy.

Sanctions imposed by the United States and Europe require leasing companies to reclaim all planes they lease to Russian airlines by the end of the month. But Russia is not trying to give up the plane.

It has been discussed for some time behind the scenes that Moscow seized the assets of its foreigners and appoints a trustee to a company that has ceased operations, but the first concrete step came this week. ..

Putin signed and leased planes can be seen

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According to a statement by Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law allowing Russian airlines to register aircraft leased from foreign Russian companies and issue airworthiness certificates to these aircraft. ..

The bill will allow Russian airlines to seize leased planes for use on domestic flights, while making it difficult for foreign companies to reclaim planes without the approval of the Russian government.

Eighty-five percent of it is rented for a total of $ 12.4 billion.

Arguably one of the sectors most affected by the sanctions imposed on Russia is the aviation industry. According to data from airline Cirium, Russian airlines operate 305 Airbus and 332 Boeing aircraft. According to Cirium data, 85% of foreign aircraft in the country are owned by leasing companies, totaling $ 12.4 billion.

Of the active fleet aircraft of Russian airlines, only 144 were manufactured in Russia. In addition to Airbus and Boeing, Russia has 83 aircraft manufactured by Western manufacturers such as Bombardier, Embraer and ATR.

Access to spare parts is cured and Russia fights fiercely

Western aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing have already blocked access to the spare parts that Russian airlines need to keep and fly their planes safely. However, it is unclear how a company can regain a leased plane while on Russian land. So far, there is no statement from the company in question. It’s still unclear if they even want to get the plane back.

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Richard Aboulafia, general manager of AeroDynamic Advisory, pointed out that the loss of airworthiness certificates and access to spare parts for Russian aircraft is a serious crisis. “Russia will have a major impact on the country’s economy if it loses access to foreign-made aircraft.” Said.

And Russia took action ... Putin signed: everything is confiscated

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Kyiv’s threat to them would not end if military operations were limited to Donetsk and Luhansk.

First President Putin’s remarks

In Russia, where the effects of sanctions were felt, there were conflicting voices, but Putin solidified his stance. Putin, who was in front of the camera yesterday, said pro-Western Russians should be excluded from society. “traitor” Description.

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For the first time since the beginning of the war, Putin made a very harsh statement targeting Ukrainian leader Zelensky. “Negotiations with the Nazis are a dirty job.” Said the west, “Russian music, culture, literature” He claimed to have repeated the Nazi anti-Semitic pogrom by outlawing it.

A new wave is in progress

Putin’s speech was widely reported in the Western media today.Many experts speak ‘terrible’ Analysts believe Putin’s harsh stance will soon open the door to a wide wave of crackdowns.

In his speech, Putin laid the foundation for a larger confrontation between Western and pro-Western Russians, Tatiana Stanovaya, founder of political analysis firm R. Politik.