Anadolu Efes European Championship is Immortal-TRTSpor

At the opening ceremony of the monument at Korać Cup Square in Bahçelievlerer, Minister of Sports of France Mehmet Muharlem Casapol, Mayor of Bahçelievler Hakan Bahadur, President of Anadolu Efes Club, Tankai Ozilhan, Head Coach Elgin Ataman and players, club managers and fans attended.

In issuing a statement here, Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu stated that iconic achievements in sports are crucial for future generations to focus on the field.

Kasapoğlu: “We are confident that we will have significant success with the national team during the term of teacher Ergin.”

Emphasizing that the Navy White’s 1996 Colac Cup was the driving force behind its success, Casapol said: The victory of “Europe in 2001, the second place in the world in 2010,” 12 Giant Men “ignited the core of the enthusiasm of the Colac Cup. The THY Europa League Championship, which brought us here today, will also be a new driving force for Turkish basketball. The popularity of basketball in Turkey. “There has always been a direct ratio between the success of the national team and the success of the national team. We are confident that we will have significant success. With our national team during the term of the Elgin teacher. together.” He said.

Hakan Bahadır, Mayor of Bahcelievler, said he was proud to have made the trophy a monument.

Bahadır said they witnessed a historic day:

“I’m really honored to be with the heroes who personally wrote this historic day and share this moment. Our prominent team of Turkish basketball, the source of our pride, is international. Congratulations to Anadolu Efes proudly flying our flag on a historic platform, the THY Europa League Championship, especially Tuncay Özilhan. Head coach Ergin Ataman and the athlete who became a giant in the field. “

Özilhan: “Our championship will be immortal.”

Anadolu Efes Club President Tuncay Özilhan said he has contributed to the development of Turkish basketball for over 45 years and has succeeded in representing Turkey on the international stage.

Recalling that they are the team that won the most trophies in Turkish basketball, Özilhan said, “Our international success journey, which began in 1996 with the team-based acquisition of our first European Cup, the Colac Cup, is the highest level organization of European basketball in the 2020-2021 season. At the peak of the championship in. Today at the monument prepared under the leadership of our mayor, Dr. Hakan Bahadur. This our championship is immortal. On this occasion, our We would like to thank the youth minister, Mehmet Muharlem Casapol. A sport celebrating his existence at the opening ceremony. Our President Hakan Bahadur, the city of Bachelievler, and created this epic work. Thanks to the sculptor and master architect Penal Octem Doan. “ I made that evaluation.

Ataman: “We believe in ourselves.” Failure 2 “.I say a friend

Head coach Ergin Ataman began his speech by thanking President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Minister of Youth Sports Mehmet Muharlem Casapol for their constant support of Turkish basketball, and head coach Ergin Ataman on a meaningful day. He said he was with him.

Emphasizing that Anadolu Efes is trying to represent Turkey in the best possible way, Ataman said: “Minister, thank you and our President for supporting Turkish sports on a meaningful day as always with us. You gave basketball. Thank you for your support. ” He said.

Emphasizing that athletes have the greatest share of success, Ataman said:

“We are a club that has been trying to represent Turkey to the fullest in infrastructure, history and achievements for 45 years. The biggest share here is athletes. They have made history in Turkey. They Became a Turkish team. They are a Turkish team. Proud. It happened on a meaningful day. “Tomorrow we are heading for a new adventure, a goal. Madam (Pınar Öktem Doğan) ), Let’s start preparing for the new THY European League Cup on Saturday night. We believe. “Failed 2.” I say everyone. “

On the statue, “This monument spares the support of Anadolu Efes Sports Club, which became Europe’s top by proclaiming the EuroLeague Championship in the final in Cologne, Germany on the night of May 31, 2021. Dedicated to Anadolu Efes fans who didn’t. Even if they couldn’t physically stay with the team due to the pandemic situation.‘Was included.

After the speech, the Protocol, Anadolu Efes team and head coach Elgin Ataman took pictures of souvenirs with the monument.

The opening ceremony ended with the presentation of a gift by Bahçelievler Municipality.