An impressive analysis by the British press before the match between Galatasaray and Barcelona! Torrent, Fatih Terim, Burak Elmas ..

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In the second leg of the last 16 UEFA Europa League games, Galatasaray will share the trump card with Barcelona at the NEF stadium.

Prior to this match, which determines the quarter-finalists, a detailed analysis of Galatasaray was published in The Athletic by the British press.

This is Nick Miller’s analysis of the yellow-red people this season, their financial situation, the relationship between Burak Elmas and Fatih Terim, the arrival of Domènec Torrent, and more.

You cannot escape the splendor of Galatasaray’s history, north of Istanbul city centre. Exiting the subway station that connects to Nef Stadium, you’ll find pictures of the club’s past wonderful moments in the tunnel. Since the 2000 UEFA Cup final, there is a moment when Metin Oktay, who scored the highest score ever, raised the Galatasaray flag on the field of Fenerbahce.

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Worst in 40 years

Galatasaray is in 11th place, 32 points behind league leader Trabzonspor, and is close to the relegation zone. However, this is also an improvement. As of the end of January, he was only 3 points away from the relegation pot. Yellow-red people are now experiencing one of their bad times. They finally finished the league in 11th place 40 years ago. Galatasaray, the club with the most victories in 22 championships since 1959, was able to make it into the top three in 51 of 65 seasons.

Legendary left …

These Turkish situations do not occur in Galatasaray. But it was a combination of factors such as inexperienced management, legendary withdrawal, and club financial problems. This is not temporary and may be the beginning of a new normal. Not only Galatasaray, but the rule of other Istanbul giants Besiktas and Fenerbahce could end.

New Start

But this may also be the beginning of a more logical period to change management and transform Galatasaray into a modern football club. Anyone you talk about why Galatasaray is so bad this season will tell you, “There are many reasons.” Last season I missed the championship with just one goal. If the season lasted a week or two, they were probably champions with form graphics. However, there was no problem fixing the leak in the bathroom, so it felt like the ceiling of the kitchen had collapsed.

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The fact that they were very close to last season’s championship was not due to their own excellence, but to the final wobble of champion Besiktas. With a loan from Tottenham, Gedson Fernandez is considered the catalyst for the team. However, due to the high cost, I could not get a letter of recommendation.

Musla Injury and Marcos Kerem Fight

Club star and captain Fernando Muslera was in serious trouble with his December injury. Fans pointed out the referee’s decision, but defender Marcos’ six-game penalty for hitting teammate Muhammed Kerem Aktulcor during the match had a negative effect on the situation.

Living Legend: Terim

There is also the effect of Fatih Terim … “Emperor” is the name that left its mark not only in Galatasaray but also in Turkish football. He continues to be the only coach to win eight league championships and the Europa League in Turkish clubs. Living legend …

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All this could not prevent Terim from being dismissed after the match lost to Giresunspor, and instead dismissed Trent, a former assistant to Pep Guardiola. Despite the bad results, there was a crisis after Terim’s dismissal. The majority of fans didn’t want him to go. Some fans came to the stadium wearing term masks, and some fans were confiscated by security guards. At the last moment of the match when Galatasaray lost, the chant of “Emperor Fatih Terim” was made.


Fans blamed Burak Elmas more than Terim in this process. Elmas won 41 votes last summer and is aware that he did not keep his promise during the campaign. Elmas promised to reform the club. This will inevitably take some time. For this reason, fans have not yet seen this result. However, Elmas also promised to stay with Fatih Terim for three years. The president was the only candidate who promised to work with Fatih Terim. There was also recognition that Terim would not be elected without his name.

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Torrent was supposed to be Terim’s assistant, but the replacement of experienced technicians didn’t help in this situation at all. Fans unanimously agreed that the problem was not in the torrent but in the arrival process.

Don’t fight the term

Despite the good results of last season, football was considered inadequate. The harmony and quality of the team was questioned. “The team wasn’t fighting Terim,” a club source told The Atletic.

Dangerous period of black diamonds

Brak Elmas can be removed from the meeting at the end of March. However, this can lead to new confusion within the club. Term is often encouraged to become president. But athletics know that Terim is considering options for becoming a coach.

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Biggest problem: financial status

But the biggest problem with Galatasaray is money. Debt is a heavy burden. All big clubs in Turkey have the same problem. They are not at the level of Barcelona, ​​but they have a big black hole. Future broadcast rights contracts are another matter. The current agreement, signed in 2015, was worth € 450 million. The new bid has not yet been signed, but the highest royalties are believed to be close to € 135 million. “The situation will get worse,” said Galatasaray’s senior name. Economically, club photos aren’t quite comfortable at all.

They spend more than they earn

So how did Galatasaray get into this situation? For years, Galatasaray and other large Turkish clubs have spent more money than they earn. Most of this is spent on the player. Names such as Didier Drogba, Wesley Sneijder, Claudio Taffarel, Gheorghe Popesque, Popesque pay high wages to Galatasaray, Roberto Carlos, Mario Gomez, Samuel Eto’o, Guti and many other famous soccer players. I participated.

The party is over

The party is over. Mesut Özil’s arrival at Fenerbahce is considered the last point. Babel’s € 2.5 million contract will expire this summer. Besiktas will also say goodbye to high-paying players.

Falcao was the last drop to flood the glass

Radamel Falcao was the last straw. The Colombian star, who scored a goal in his first match against Galatasaray in 2019, missed half of the match for the second year in a row due to various injuries and shapes. His contract ended earlier this season. An important name for the club. He announced that Falcao will cost 25 million euros. If anyone doubts the need for a new era, you should give him one name: Falcao.

Signs of life are available in Europe

Signs of life at that location have appeared in Europe. Despite Terim’s helplessness in the league, it was surprising that they ended the group with Lazio, Marseille and Lokomotiv Moscow as leaders of the Europa League. The draw they won at Camp Nou, and their 2-1 defeat against Besiktas, drew attention. The team is in better shape than before. When the torrent came, a double training session began and competition intensified.

President Elmas recently said, “When Trent first entered, the team’s average mileage was 7-8 kilometers. Now it’s 9-10 kilometers. It will grow further.” “The team was in a very bad situation when I arrived, and we’re slowly getting out of this situation,” Trent said.

Former coach and one of Turkey’s most important comments, Onder Ozen, said, “I understand the current plan. I didn’t understand Galatasaray before torenting. Now it’s a little more efficient. But Trent’s job is very difficult. “” He commented.

Before the match between Galatasaray and Barcelona, ​​the analysis that attracted attention in the British press Trent, Fatitelim, Braquelmas ...

Will torrents be given?

It’s not yet clear if Trent will be given enough time for a fan base that is loyal to Terim and skeptical media members. One commentator said, “Trent is like a stepfather whose mother got married shortly after his beloved father died. He may be a good person, but it’s still hard to like him. “I wrote.

Management insists on giving torrents time. Important iism told The Athletic that Torrent needs to lead the team in the long run and wants to change the team’s playing philosophy.

Trent’s Önder Özen said, “He just thinks and talks about football. This is the biggest difference between him and Terim. I respect Terim, but Turkish football has new ideas, new projects, new things. I need a football language. Trent has all of this, but fans said, “I don’t know if board members and the media trust him.”

“If fans and the media don’t know you, they’ll give you time, but they’ll eat you alive,” commented Hulliyette newspaper reporter Banu Jerkoban.

Before the match between Galatasaray and Barcelona, ​​the analysis that attracted attention in the British press Trent, Fatitelim, Braquelmas ...

Smartest movement: CAMPOS

Recently, Pasquale Sensibile has been appointed as the new sporting director. But arguably the wisest move was to hire Luis Campos as a consultant. Campos formed a team in Monaco, won League One in 2017, played an important role in the Champions League and played a leading role in Lille’s top spot last season. They are trying to find a young and selling player who makes everyone happy. In this way, they try to make the club more economically viable. This makes it an ideal business model for all major Turkish clubs, not just Galatasaray.

Reel, Benfica, AJAX model

Galatasaray focuses on young players who are likely to rejuvenate their reputation (such as Renato Sanches in Lille). There is no reason why they shouldn’t be Lille, Benfica, or even another version of Ajax.

The process has started

The process started last summer. Contracts for high-paying players like Babel and Feghou are nearing the end. These players break up. They signed seven times last summer and all but Patrick van Aanholt were under the age of 24. When Benfica’s demands were too high, they gave up Gedson Fernandez. The media reflected that Galatasaray was in talks with Lille midfielder Zeca. Portugal’s midfielder had a contract with CSKA Moscow, but the contract was canceled due to the war.

Galatasaray is at the forefront

Turkish football is changing and Galatasaray is at the forefront of this change. Turkey is no longer a retired home. This is long and unpopular, but it’s the right way to go. Someday, new photos may appear that will be added to the walls outside the stadium.