An adrenaline-filled sport where you can explore the underground “Cave Diving”



> An adrenaline-filled sport where you can explore the underground “Cave Diving”


Cave diving is one of the most popular extreme sports for adventure enthusiasts. Divided into two categories, dry caving and wet caving, cave diving offers an opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. This adrenaline-filled activity, albeit dangerous, is highly exhilarating. Turkey has many caves suitable for diving. In this content you can learn about cave diving. Learn about the best cave diving spots in Turkey.

What is cave diving?

What is cave diving?

A very important tool in the research and study of groundwater and underwater and underwater caves, cave diving is a very popular and popular extreme sport in our country. Cave diving provides information about the world in the distant past.

The sport is divided into two categories: dry caving and wet caving. Dry caving is based on the study of above-ground caves. In wet caving, we dive and inspect underwater and underwater caves.

Wet caving, which is underwater caving, requires much more equipment than dry caving. The reason is that wet caving takes place under more difficult conditions. Adequate knowledge, skills and training are very important, especially in underwater caving.

Cave diving is very different from diving in open water. Cave diving is one of the most technical and dangerous dives. Therefore, special separate training is required.

Who Can Cave Dive?

Who Can Cave Dive?

Anyone interested in cave diving can do it, but it’s not a direct sport. Prior training from a suitable and certified cave diving instructor is required.

Cave diving is much more than diving in the ocean, so many dangers await athletes here. Diving into dark, murky waters can sometimes reset your vision. For all these reasons, it is very important to have detailed training.

Dive training takes place in limited locations around the world. At this stage, candidates are trained on topics such as first aid, pit her diving, and navigating in murky water. Hands-on training is also provided throughout the process. After successfully completing the training, you can cave dive as a professional.

Since cave diving is a technical discipline, it is important to follow some rules at this stage. For example, the water depth limit when diving is 42 meters, and the 1/3 rule of using a rope is one of the rules. Following these rules will ensure a successful dive.

cave diving equipment

cave diving equipment

Cave diving, especially wet caves, requires a lot of equipment. It is important to carry diving gear with you in order to intervene in moments of danger.

Some of the most important equipment for cave diving are:

  • rope

  • underwater lantern

  • spare oxygen cylinder

In addition to this, there are many equipments necessary for cave diving. Cave diving can be done by making up for the lack of equipment and taking the necessary training.

Best places for cave diving in Turkey

Best places for cave diving in Turkey

There are many places in Turkey suitable for cave diving. A unique and adrenaline-pumping sport in a cave that attracts attention for its many features.

Here are some places where you can enjoy cave diving in Turkey.

Sluin Cave – Antalya

Sluin Cave - Antalya

Suryn Cave in Antalya is one of the most interesting caves for divers as its borders are still unknown. Sluin Cave on the Finike-Kash Road is bathed in sunlight as you go deeper into it. In this way the viewing angle can be maintained.

It is mostly preferred by professionals because its depth limit is unknown. At the same time, diving here requires a special permit. This place also has a mysterious side. On August 27, 1995, there was no news from the team that attempted to detect the mysterious depths of the cave after descending to 122 meters.

Turkish divers have also come across pottery and bone remnants within the cave. This suggests that this place was previously dry. Interesting in many ways, Suruin Cave can be chosen for professional diving.

address: Finike Demre Highway, over, 07740 Finike/Antalya

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Wushan Cave – Kastamonu

Wushan Cave - Kastamonu

The Kyle Mountains are Turkey’s extreme sports paradise. There are over 100 underground caves here. At 250 meters deep, Ilgarini is the deepest cave in the Curé Mountains. All the caves of the Kyule Mountains including Eşekçukur, Ejder, Mantar, Topmeydanı and Mencilis are among the favorites of cave diving enthusiasts.

Altynbesik Cave – Antalya

Altynbesik Cave - Antalya

Altumbesik Cave in Antalya is one of the best spots for cave diving. Located in the Ibradi district, this cave has the distinction of being the only and first cave national park in our country. This point is also attracting attention.

The entrance to the cave is a boat ride through a 200m underground lake. Some of them are fossilized. At the same time, in the cave he has two floors, not all of which have yet been fully explored.

Altumbesik Cave with its colorful travertines and waterfalls is a great place to dive in Antalya.

address: Urunlu, Antalya, Ibrady District, 07680 Ibrady / Antalya

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Rat Island – Antalya

Rat Island - Antalya

The Mediterranean region, especially parts of Antalya, are great places for cave diving. Another point here is Rat Island. There are many caves of various sizes on Lat Island. The presence of a cave that appeals to both amateur and professional levels makes this place attractive.

The eastern side of the island is one of the most popular spots for diving. You can enjoy diving at points on the island according to your level.

address: 07130 Konyaartu / Antalya

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