Ambitious Giresunspor for next season-TRTSpor

Karaahmet said he never spoke categorically during his two presidency terms. Karaahmet announced that he had great success in his first semester and brought the club to the Super League 44 years later, emphasizing that he did this without changing coaches.

As a new team, remembering that they couldn’t score in the first six weeks of the Super League, Karaamet continued his words:

“At that time there was incredible criticism of our coach, me, and the team. Perhaps this was normal. At that time, I always said,” How can I continue to be a coach? Do you want to? ” The club president may do so because he has a habit of behavior, but when he asks the club president, “Can you change the teacher?”, He says, “I can’t send myself, so I’ll send the teacher.” I answered. I got the answer. This is also customary, but if you fail, your coach will go. I’ve always said from the beginning, “I don’t go as you’re used to.” This is because this method is incorrect. The reason football was so criticized and unsuccessful in Turkey was its lack of stability. Currently, Giresunspor is showing stability. In any case, the coaches, the whole team, and their players, they acted together and solved the problem, especially at bad times. It’s called stability. “

“Field results are not enough criteria to replace managers.”

Karaahmet stated that he set an example for Turkey from a coaching perspective and made the following assessments:

“We showed this to Turkey, saying,” There may be bad results, look, if you stand behind it, it will change the results. ” This person’s change is not exactly the right decision. It is subject to change if there are administrative or club-related issues, but field results alone are not sufficient criteria to change coaches. Did not change the coach. The actual success story came from here. What if we change? On that day, let’s say, “What if I change coaches? I’m full-time now, but if I did, I might have been demoted.”

Most Turkish teams have announced that they will change coaches, and Kara Amet said, “We are one of the few teams that do not change coaches. I think this model was loved in Turkey.” There was something like a football Gilleson model. ” He said.

President Hakan Karaahmet emphasized the importance of transferring players who are hungry for writing success stories in Giresunspor, adapting to the coaching system.

I announce that I will transfer with this understanding at Karaamet in the new season“There are players who are financially satisfied and have other expectations. They go to Turkey and come back. They actually use Turkey as a hobby garden and take away so many people. This is not the case for Anatolian clubs like us. Fight us, struggle. “We need players to do so.”I used theirs.

President Karaahmet said plans for the new season are ongoing and that he pays close attention to budgetary standards when doing this.

“We really need to redesign Turkey’s football economy.”

Karaahmet has stated that all clubs should pay attention to financial standards, saying:

“We need to save the club from debt. The debt of the club is so different that we really need to redesign the Turkish football economy. When all teams fight the same, the Turkish budget Must fight together. Will automatically decrease. If we all standardize on it, everyone will know Turkey. “This is the money that players coming to Turkey can get. .. We have no choice but to achieve this. As a club, at least we try, we do, and we continue to do so. “

“Giresunspor has staff to write bigger success stories.”

Hakan Kala Amet said he would improve plans for next season, “Giresunspor has staff to write bigger success stories. Giresunspor will end the league in a very good place next season. I like it. Not categorically, but we’ll be doing something else next season. We’re Giresunspor and we’re talking more. ” He said.

“The emotional decisions we made this year may have done some things we shouldn’t do,” said Karaahmet, “Giresunspor is more realistic, manageable, and more. You will have a well-structured football team. What I am most happy about is that everyone sees Giresunspor in sympathy. Next season, we will give experience to everyone who sympathizes with us. Let me do that happiness again. “He concludes his speech.