Altai’s Account Crisis Fallen from Super League-Sports


The Izmir team Altay, who dropped out of the Super League for the first time in 18 years during the 2021-202 soccer season, which ended in May this year, is experiencing an “account crisis.” Elected at a previous controversial general meeting, the new board issued a written statement, making notable claims about the club’s debt. The board of directors of the Altay Sports Club claimed that the club’s debt was much higher than that announced at the General Assembly, but former members of the Board of Auditors put the accounting system in place by improperly entering passwords. Locked and claimed not to allow enter.

The Board of Directors of the Altai Sports Club issued a written statement today on the club’s official website, recalling that it was elected at the extraordinary general meeting on May 20, 2022 and began work in a decentralized task three days later. I did.

“The actual debt burden is higher”

The statement said:

“Institutionalization, management / financial discipline, planning rather than day-to-day operations, and our efforts to build a healthy and sustainable structure to ensure the existence of a club with a 108-year history. One of the most important things in It was determined that there was a new “old debt” that was not yet in the accounting record and that the record needed to be revised. “

“The fraudulent accounting system is locked”

Emphasizing that this accounting discrepancy sought the views of members of the Board of Corporate Auditors in the previous period, it includes the following statement:

“For the above reasons, we needed to hear the opinions of the Board of Corporate Auditors of the previous period and requested that the club’s officers and members of the Board of Directors and the Board of Corporate Auditors attend the meeting, but the directors of the Altay Sports Club. The convocation and exchange of views was unresponsive to the former members of the Board of Corporate Auditors and was fraudulently intervened. It was created by the club’s accounting system and was blocked on June 14, 2022. Upon review, the club’s accounting system was determined to be owned and operated by members of the previous board of corporate auditors. Club management, unauthorized intervention using this ownership. When locked before April 26, 2022, the club’s accounting manager is only the “user” of the system, and unauthorized third parties access the system and act as “administrator”. Has all authority. I was surprised and sad. “


“We use all legal methods”

The Board of Directors of the Altay Sports Club called on former members of the Board of Corporate Auditors to:

“In today’s difficult times for our clubs, we eliminate unauthorized intervention in the system and turn it into a club by solving problems within the framework of goodwill and dialogue so as not to harm us. Our Efforts and Efforts to Transfer Our club unfortunately did not get unanswered. Reported that it was unacceptable.
In this regard, to the members of the Board of Corporate Auditors in the previous term.
-Immediately remove fraudulent intervention in our club’s accounting system
-Transfer fully granted access and control of the accounting system to the club,
-Show full and complete cooperation in migrating the current accounting system to an infrastructure created on behalf of the club and take the necessary steps. Otherwise, a written warning will be sent and all necessary formal and legal action will be initiated to all responsible persons using our legal rights.
・ In this process, the corporate accounting infrastructure of our club has been improved, and with the necessary cooperation, the transition to our club will be completed in a short period of time.
-If the required cooperation is not shown. The necessary steps are to look at ourselves on our club, our General Assembly, and our authorized board of directors, all internal and external mechanisms, and efforts for our club. By using, you will be immediately taken against those who interfere with the club’s “unethical”, unauthorized and illegal operation. Maintaining a healthy corporate structure will continue with determination.

Debt announced as 391 million TL

The meeting held in Altay on April 28, 2022 was postponed due to the fight. At the meeting on May 25, Ayhan Dündar was elected chair on behalf of Özgür Ekmekçioğlu. At the last general meeting, it was announced that the club’s debt was 391,074,000 TL and the former president, Ekmexioul, was 91,673,000 TL.