Altai shook a handkerchief to the Super League

Altai, a 108-year-old club in Izmir football, returned 18 years later and made a great start in the Sport Super League. I completely lost the possibility of staying in the league in the remaining three games and transferred the handkerchief to the league. ..

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Izmir, who defeated fellow countryman Altınordu 1-0 in the playoff final in Istanbul in the first league of last season and marked in this season’s Super League, scored 6 on the leadership sheet in the second week. Did. Points, 15 points in the 7th week. Finished in 3rd place, 1 point behind the summit. Returning to Altay, Mustafa Denizli was happy to take the team to the Europa League after playing as a coach for 18 years as a soccer player 38 years later, but their goal is to participate in the Europa League after them. Announced that there is. Great performance in the first few weeks.

After the seventh week in the Super League, Altai broke up with Mustafa Denizli with 10 losses and three draws in 13 games in the Super League. Deputy Melt Nobre, who was appointed to replace Denizli, continued to win in a row with three losses in 16 weeks. Technical boss Serkan Osbalta, who commanded Gyozte Pederby, resigned after winning 2-0 in the 24th week of the league, scoring 11 goals in seven games. Sinan Kalogl, who took over the team as the fourth coach, gained his first experience by scoring four points in five games he has played in Altay so far. Osgur Ekmexioul, who welcomed Altay from the 3rd league to the Super League as president for 5 years, shared the pain of being demoted after his sixth resignation.

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Presidential recruitment

After the General Assembly on April 28, management was transferred to Parliament, Altay’s total debt was announced at 371 million TL, and it was found that the black and white community continued to contact to find presidential candidates. The parliamentary council is reported to have been in contact with Özgür Ekmekçioğlu, who resigned, and 0054brahim Akman, who was a presidential candidate but abandoned his candidacy. The Parliamentary Council has requested a meeting hosted by the club’s Doyen Mahmut Osgener. At this meeting, the final election date will be decided based on the ideas of people and organizations aspiring to the management team. The scheduled date for Altay will be announced from May 15th to 22nd.

EKMEKÇðOĞLU sends resources

After Özgür Ekmekçioğlu resigned from the presidency of Altay, he was announced to have provided 6.5 million TL to the club. It was noted that Ekmekçioğlu sent this money for player and personnel payments and current payments. Meanwhile, Ekmekçioğlu was also reported to have paid € 75,000 to Mardin Rodriguez in Chile. Chile’s Mardin Rodriguez warned the club that the installment payment for the transfer was not paid. After a noisy meeting, Özgür Ekmekçioğlu, who continued to fund the club despite fan reaction, is said to have said he would not leave without claiming the club unless he was a presidential candidate.

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League Giresunspor Company

Altai, who defeated Atakashu Hatayspor 1-0 in the Sport Toto Super League last week, will face GZT Giresunspor at home tomorrow. Juneate Chakir manages the match. The match begins at 16.00 at the Arsan Kakumstafa Denizli Stadium. Chilean back forward Pinares and Polish goalkeeper Squirrel, off-team Murat, still injured Dennis and Ozgul, after Paishao and Bamba, who have terminated their contract with the Izmir team, left the team after being reported. You will not be able to play. Rodriguez is in charge of the decision. Giresunspor, who guaranteed demotion last week, competes for fame with Altai, who has been demoted in the league.