Altai President Ekmexioul: Serkan Osbalta could not understand the weight of the Altai emblem-Altai News

In a statement shared by the club’s media team, the young engineer emphasized that he was not even courteous of coming to Izmir, and President Ekm ekçioğlu said, “Serkan teachers could not understand the weight of the Altai coat of arms. . Disregarding and letting go of the Altai community, the president, and his administration, where no one can show such a thing. We are emotional figures. “He thought it was a decision, but sad. Especially I saw him planning long ago, “he said.

Özgür Ekmekçioğlu said they gave Özbalta the opportunity to work at Süper Lig and prove himself: “At this point, we haven’t promised anyone a rose garden. Like any other club, it’s difficult to pay. Nevertheless, although delayed, all payments were delayed, but with the first difficulty we leave the ship. Osbalta has no mental power to serve at the Super League level. In action, after this I wouldn’t recommend him to anyone. The club and I don’t take his remarks seriously. “

“He didn’t hesitate to throw us into the fire.”

President Ozgul Ekmeshioul of Altay emphasized that he had gone through a very frustrating process since the beginning of the season, saying, “I talked to Selkan Khawaja on the phone and seriously expressed my intention to continue, but he decided. I’m sorry he didn’t hesitate to throw us and our club into the fire at the most important stage for a while. I’m not trying to normalize the situation. But unfortunately this is the reality of Turkish football and everyone must inevitably accept it. “

“Sports Boy Couto is not a problem”

President Ekmeshioul explained the allegations that foreign players did not go to training because they could not make money, saying, “There is no boycott of training. At the beginning of the week, some players insisted and participated in the training. No. Their injuries, that’s it. We were really badly affected by the economic environment and the payment balance was naturally confused. We lost at least 50 million TL due to the increase in foreign exchange institutions. Of the bad series of 16 games The cost has reached 25 million TL for the club. Today, no one except one or two teams in the Super League can make regular payments. At the beginning of the season, 26 million TL broadcast revenue, match win. It’s very difficult to get back with payment and management resources. Next season will be even tougher. Everyone is thinking of ways to take the end of the month home, but the club isn’t willing to live. Selkan Hoja Has been playing soccer for years and has come to know this. “

“We have a debt of € 12 million in addition to the execution receivables.”

Ekmekçioğlu said he is the owner who creates the most resources in the history of Altay, “I owe 12 million euros, excluding the manager’s accounts receivable. This is an acceptable situation. Importantly. Focus on the goal to the end. Management, fans, community, technical team. “We are all from Altay. Let’s focus on the goal, not harm each other through Altay. We are about to do it. Will also play their part. Since the start of the season, we have created at least 10 million TLs every month. It’s time to sacrifice. “

“Calm down, together, together”

President Altay said: “No one wants the evil of this club, they are working in good faith. They say from the bottom of their heart that if they try to destroy each other every time their feet pierce the stone, Altay will suffer. Calm and united. Let’s be together. Even the offside goals we admitted in the Sivaspor game, “Unfortunately, football is such a game. If you don’t admit the offside goals, everyone praises us today. No matter how you look and accept it. “” Let’s focus on the game again at home. We also make a lot of material and moral sacrifices, but we are the beginning of our obligations and soon. Decide on a new coach. As much as possible. “