Alparslan Kuytul: Adana police are under the control of MHP

“MHP is fully responsible for the case, and no one knows that the police are completely under MHP’s control,” said Al Palslan Quitur, president of the Fulkarn Foundation.


Alparslan Kuytul, President of the Furkan Foundation, who was a guest of the “Nevş in Mengü Asks” program, answered questions about the harsh police intervention in Adana’s Furkan Foundation members.

“(Minister of Interior) Süleyman Soyle, to be clear, he is openly lying,” said Al Parslan Quitul on allegations that the Hulkan Foundation had caused police. “They have been trying to conquer us for years,” Quitur said.

Police are already completely under the control of MHP.
“All of you saw the case in this last case, and MHP was entirely responsible for the case,” Quitur said. “He said, Kuytul has never encountered such an attack from cults or communities inside or outside the state.

“From the beginning, we knew that there were people who claimed to be the state in this project, and it’s clear who is in power in Turkey. It’s clear that the AK party has now lost power.” Said.

“They don’t see the president as a nation.”
“No one knows what Turkey’s state is. Let them show who will decide this national policy,” Quitur said. .. Immediately after being arrested in 2018, Kuytul said Mahir Ünal “the state intervened in Alparslan Kuytul, not the government.” Kuytul said, “Let them explain who this condition is.”

Kuytul pointed out that there was a public statement that police were affiliated with the state rather than the government.

Kuytul replied that Islamic civilization was needed when asked if Shariah was needed, including human and moral values ​​and Islamic law.

“The current government, even the president, was with them at the time. I have never been with them. I criticized them very strongly in 1998. You are slapped by Allah. I said your actions wouldn’t stop. I gave a similar speech in the 2000s, “he said. “I have already cursed the coup on July 15th,” Kuytul said.

“They tried to patch me to four organizations. Is there such a person in the world? Are there people in the world like FETO, PKK, DAESH, Al Qaeda?” Kuytul uses his statement. He said it had nothing to do with these organizations.