Allegations of attacking a doctor by a sergeant on Medical Day!An image emerged and an investigation into the doctor was started


Sergeant AA, who was in charge of the Yatagan Military Police Command, became ill at around 23:00 on March 14, and was taken to Yatagan State Hospital by ambulance. AA was transferred to Muğla Training and Research Hospital after intervention at Muğla Training and Research Hospital. AA, Ph.D. in the emergency room who wants to find out about himself. He argued with Tahir Tarımer. Hospital guards intervened in the case. Talimar claimed to have been abused by AA during the discussion. Talima said he had a rash on his body and his glasses were broken, and he was reportedly assaulted and complained to AA. AA also received reports of the assault. AA diagnosed with appendicitis underwent surgery.


Dr. Talima was transferred from Yatagan State Hospital on suspicion of appendicitis. He said he wanted to have an ultrasound. He said it wouldn’t be possible without a blood test. He wanted to leave the emergency room with the paperwork. He wanted to chase him out. I didn’t forgive him. He got angry and pushed me to suffocate. “


He was dismissed for protest and detention

AA specialist, who was discharged from general surgery services after appendicitis surgery at Mula Training and Research Hospital, said the medical staff said, “You have been violent, abused and insulted. We treated you, we I was discharged. “The slogan was protested with applause. AA in a team vehicle was taken to Hamdibay Police Chief for his remarks.



Confusion again

The detained Sergeant AA was re-affected at the police station. The AA, unable to make a statement, was taken to Menteshe District State Hospital by a police team complaining of severe pain in the area that had been operated on for appendicitis. AA, who was discharged again after treatment at the hospital, was taken to the Chief of Police, Hamdibay, by a police team. In his statement, AA stated that he was the main victim, “I did not insult or physically intervene in the medical staff. I was unfairly lynched and in public. I was lynched, so I’m complaining about the doctor. ” AA, who was transferred to court after police action, was released on condition of judicial control.


Explanation from the Attorney General

In a statement by Prosecutor Mehmet Nadir Yatch after the incident, “during an investigation conducted on charges of insulting civil servants, deliberately damaging and damaging property, he committed a crime. The case was brought in detail and investigated. When evaluated with all the evidence in the file, “taking into account the nature and nature of the crime, and the current state of the evidence, especially the records of the surveillance camera. , Applying the judicial control provisions to the suspect, and investigating the matter with the utmost care. “


It turned out that he was chasing and pushing

The image of the security camera that was the subject of the proceedings emerged. Doctor, claiming he was attacked in the footage. There was a time when Talimar then took his document from the staff at the table and pushed Specialist Sergeant AA who wanted to remove his document by slipping and falling.


After the image emerged, Dr. Hospital Manager. He started an administrative investigation into the farmers. Meanwhile, Specialist Sergeant AA, Ph.D. He filed a criminal complaint with the public prosecutor’s office for deceiving himself about Talmer.


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