All in London: A special unit looks for Putin’s personal property!

The 21-day war between Russia and Ukraine continues not only on the front lines, but also on diplomatic tables and politics. Countries trying to intimidate Russia with sanctions are making heavy decisions one by one. After Russia’s oligarchy, it is now Vladimir Putin’s turn.

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Russia’s economic collapse and intimidation policies, which declared war on Ukraine, continue to be implemented. The oligarchs are one of Russia’s first targets to be discouraged from the war, put in difficult situations by severe sanctions.

These new generations of Russian billionaires, especially those gathered in the United Kingdom, have been confiscated and their commerce is banned. The current goal of a country that has announced sanctions on hundreds of names is the personal wealth of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is believed to be in London.

They obey their personal wealth

The National Crime Agency (NCA), which works with the UK Home Office, is a privately established “thief politics.” * It aims to find Putin’s assets in his unit.

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The millions of pounds of personal wealth of Russian leaders are believed to be hidden in his London assets.

NCA is conducting this investigation in collaboration with intelligence agencies. The main goal is reported to be to find Putin’s wealth by tracking the oligarchs associated with the United Kingdom.

Putin is believed to have earned this wealth through prosperous businessmen thanks to an “approved” agreement from the Kremlin.

According to testimony in the US Senate in 2017 by a financial expert named Bill Browder working on another sanctions case, the personal property of Russian leaders is about $ 200 billion. This makes him the wealthiest person in the world.

“Dirty Russian money hidden in Britain”

During the first days of the war, Boris Johnson announced that the NCA would begin a fight against the Russian thief political cell. Britain’s main goal in launching an economic war with Russia is to reach and freeze Russia’s assets hidden in its own country.

The NCA, which has personally decided to impose sanctions on Putin, thus gains the authority to freeze the determined assets.

All in London: Special Forces Looking for Putin's Personal Property

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The sole purpose of this new intelligence unit is not just to find the sanctions that have been violated. Cooperation with the Russian government has been announced to identify “polluted” elites and prevent future corruption. This study is also needed to confirm Putin’s wealth.

Official sources have announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s annual income is 10 million rubles. This is equivalent to an annual salary of £ 70,000. However, the fact that reality is completely different is a fact known almost all over the world.

Opponents are printing

Accessing assets that are directly linked to the Kremlin by the NCA is not easy. The National Crime Agency needs to justify these results by sharing the information it obtains with intelligence agencies such as MI5 and MI6.

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Opponents continue to put pressure on the government as these investigations are conducted in Britain. Labor lawmakers remind the government that sanctions have been delayed and that decisions should be made and implemented sooner.

All in London: Special Forces Looking for Putin's Personal Property

The end of the problem seems to extend to Belarusian leader Lukashenko.

Meanwhile, NCA states that the investigation was carried out with great care. He ensures that research will reach the countries that supported Russia in this war, such as Belarus after Putin.

Kleptocracy: This concept is a term used to mean that a political party in power in a country systematically deprives the country of its resources.

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