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Abdullah Avc, who became the leader of Trabzonspor and made a name for himself in history, visited the Turkuva’s Media Center yesterday. Morning SportsAn experienced coach who is a guest of the championship talked about his feelings after the championship and his plans for the new season. Champion of the first goal now 58 years old emphasizing that he is in the league Technician, also about Turkish football From an interview where he gave a very important message. The prominent ones are:
We will never forget the celebration of the championship. But both happiness and unhappiness last for three days. What’s next It will be more difficult now. Now you wake up in the morning and start the calculation as soon as possible, what will this transfer be, what will the friendly match be …
The team has a serious cycle. Some people will go. We go for change. It’s not perfect, but it has a touch. There are 6-7 transfers. foreign country Situations occur depending on the number of cases.foreign country I don’t know the number yet. Do you want to continue 8 + 3 or go back to 7 + 4? The transition between 8 + 3 and 7 + 4 shouldn’t be this fast. Contract signed There is.This in the medium to long term I need a plan.
I want to invest in infrastructure for educational purposes. Other than that, everything else remains empty love. I was the coach of the national team. Research to standardize infrastructure Hooray. I took Germany as an example. Release strangers as needed Nothing changes. Without doing something educational for Turkish football, without standardizing the infrastructure, we can never improve.
Let’s start with 18 clubs. If not, are Trabzonspor, Galatasaray, Besiktas, and Fenerbahce the engines of this business? Their infrastructure Even if I set the standard, I touched Turkish soccer. you will be. Can I get 3 Abdülkadir Ömür? Can I remove it from Emre Belözoğlu? Will you become Johnson if you pull Thomas? Do this If you don’t do that, whatever you do is useless!
Next, we will work on the infrastructure of Trabzonspor. Director, standard Bring to the competition.

Trabzon to my soul It was very good To Istanbul I didn’t miss
Trabzon was incredibly good for me. For 18 months I spent a lot of time resting and working. Istanbul really made me very tired and tired. I wear sweatpants and work until the evening. In the evening, we have dinner at the fisherman’s restaurant. I have always eaten appetizers in Istanbul! Three kinds of fish of Trazon I’m eating Salad, pickles, fish, that’s it. Perfect…
My wife and children sometimes come to me. My friends are coming, we go highlands together. I have never called Istanbul. I just went to the match. Other than that, I have never been there. I never got tired of Trabzon. City dynamics There is.City for you to win you are very It feels good. I’m in Istanbul now, I’m having a hard time with transportation.

We are also seeing Haril on our Masuras list
There was a waste of energy in the city, but our load also increased. This is the pain of growth. The important thing is to balance. Better than now We try to do it.Give it a name I am a growing person. A I will do better.
Migration Our work for that started long ago. I wanted Masoras to play at Olympiacos last year. It is still on the list at this time. Let’s look at the economic situation. With Haril Akbunal I also received information about it.He also It is being evaluated.

This success is not enough!
This year, I succeeded by saying “I’m glad I made Trabzonspor”. Everyone respected this team. Presidents Fenerbahce and Galatasaray appreciated our match and the transfers we made. But not enough! As I said before Trabzonspor, Single Championship Not enough. We want to race again to do better. And we have already started work for this.

Basically there is a good organization
No coach, only one He cannot make a team champion by himself. Now my management, my team, employees Thanks guys.The main character of this work is on the scene player.I believe Based on this Good organization, good There is a player.But communication I have to put it in That is impossible.we Player friendly In a way, very clear, No gray We shared everything.

There is a camp at RIVA
Before the new season, I take a short break with my family and take a break. After that, we will meet in Trabzon on June 27th. Preliminary preparation, testing and measurement are done. We’ll be there for 3-4 days and then come to Riva. I also made a project for the facility there, and then someone else did it (laughs) … After Riva, I’m planning a match organization with the quality team in Istanbul, the second stage is open-ended. .. There may be teams from Italy, Germany and France. If not, I would like to play with a serious team of 3-4 people in a central location in Europe.

I have been in Trabzon for a long time
My contract expires in a year, but that’s not a problem for me. Sit down and talk to the president to extend the contract. If you’re happy with both, you don’t even have to think about it. 3-5 years is not important … this is not our main consideration at this time. I plan to stay in Trabzonspor for years. Now is the time to enjoy and enjoy the championships we have won.

Now i play easy
This year we will be more comfortable doing what we couldn’t do as a game. The first achievable reality and biggest goal to contribute to countries and cities in economy and score is now the Champions League … we do everything we can on that platform.

Last year, Djaniny wanted to go, so I negotiated with him and convinced him. He also talked to Nuwakaeme many times. He also came to my house and we talked for a long time. The administrator continues the process. I would like to leave it as it is, but I will evaluate the situation. Satisfaction of both sides is important.

Thanks to Ertuğrul Doğan. He showed the nature of his Trabzon, his integrity, and what he could do. He stood behind me and opened this door for me. He reassured me of what he did. He is really Trabzonspor’s lover.