AliKo thanked smail Kartal and talked about his new coach

Fenerbahe, the signature train was organized for six young players. Ferdi Kadolu, Arda Gler, Muhammed Gmkaya, Melih Bostan, Osman Erturul etin and Sak Vural have signed a new contract.

Description of Arco’s Small Eagle

Smail Hoca’nn’2. I don’t remember the words “I don’t want to be a man”. Not wanting to be an assistant professor is the most natural right of a smile teacher. smail teachers provide us better service. May God continue.

Take Hoca’s Fenerbahelili as your example. Six months later, I joined a foreign teacher and formed a team in a chaotic time without talking about money. Not everyone does this. I have known him since I was 19-20 years old. As a manager, a minister, and a human being, I don’t know Smile Hoja is very old. She was once angry with him. Ankaragc exaggerated a little after the person. I also told him. I know how good you are Fenerbahce. I need to put on a hat for him. If things go the way you want, you’ll be with smailHodja for a longer time.

If there’s anything I want to talk about about the technical director, I’d like to talk about it. It’s been a long time, but …

te Ali Ko’s acquittal:

We were here a few days ago. We were here because of our worries. Today we have come together for a beautiful, happy and positive topic in designing club threads.

When it comes to the gene in question, we’re happy to see our community excited, both on social media, feedback, and the media. We went on strike in 2018. I said something with it. Expect construction, land and investment from us. We are a sports club. Any investment will be completely and completely sports-oriented. The biggest thing in my dream is that when I look back when I leave, we are here within the framework of the academy to be at the same level as the corresponding ones around the world, including examples from around the world. I dream of doing, and this will set a precedent for Turkey. We take this a serious step. We will inform you of the details. One of Fenerbahe’s prerequisites for creating players from our own resources and being a net exporter is to have an academy that benefits us, our country and the wider community.

Today, we are innovating our system at 2-3 pitches, including Fenerbahe Sports Club and our competitors. One of us is the field. Not enough in every way. Nevertheless, the infrastructure staff is on track. All our players are valuable to us, you need to have the same physical opportunities as the 10-11 side net.

When we arrived, the average team was about 30 years old. 2 or drdk it. Turkey is the country that gives players over the age of 30 the most time. It takes 36 years at 30% or more. Turkey is the country that gives the elderly the most time and the young the least. With the expansion operation, whether foreigners or Turks, it was necessary to make significant structural changes to the contracts made by Fenerbahe. I made progress there as well. I had a job in the past. I will get a job even after 89 minutes. It’s like you have to start from the first 11, play 45 minutes and win the match. I don’t give anything like a house or an airplane anymore.

Eleven players were trained at the Antalya camp. Slavia Prague Buffalo 5 Infrastructure Player was on the team. We are in a position close to what we said four years ago.

There are two ways. 1, to train young players within our own structure, or to find genes of these ages, such as individuals, sack, or non-Turkish, and add them to our team. One of the important historical days for Fenerbahe.

I wasn’t usually at the table on a special train. I asked today. I’m at the table Six prlprl athletes from Fenerbahce are at this table. I’m proud to be with 6 players who can make a big contribution and share the same table with them.


Ferdi, I don’t know if he knows. This is the first transfer we have made since I was elected minister. When I went to Sardinia, Italy, I met Koku. There is a Turkish boy playing at NEC, I said what you are thinking. He said it’s okay, okay I know well. I transferred Ferdi.

The first season was paid more at U19. This season has reached its peak. Thanks also to Vitor Hodja. I know he also contributed to the development of his performance. I also asked Ferdi about this. We are very happy with Ferdi. We are even more happy when he extends his contract. The Turkish national team set is one of three national teams. We had a good conversation with him about it. Straight pass set.

It’s like the axle of an individual swift. You can play it anywhere. Congratulations to your father. May the roads of both Ferdi and Fenervahe be clear.

He cannot show success in football in terms of language. We gave him a goal. He will advance Turkish as soon as possible.

Description of Muhammad of Arco

Many teams wanted Muhammed Gmkaya. It is here from the 11th page. Rate these offers. Hodja Vitor said, “You don’t sell Muhammad or lend him. I raise this boy.” It happened at the same time. Buffalo in Europe has scored a goal to get us all up. Today, we receive offers from places we believe in and are developing themselves further. We believed in the team’s ability for your teacher to play Muhammad. He went to Giresun. There is also a difference there. The football he displays and his contributions have a direct impact on the team’s results. There is a greater contribution to the competition to stay in the cluster. It’s good that we stayed, fortunately we didn’t make that mistake. Stay here. He contributes to Fenerbahe.

Arco’s strength statement

Arda Guller, I hope you always laugh. First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Murat Jafkafu of Arda. Thank you for the need for this transfer. Thanks to Genlerbirlii for raising such a soccer player. I believe in the evil eye. May Allah protect you from the evil eye. I hope that you will continue to do your best without any difficulty or injury. More bandasn carriers. Enter history as the youngest goal scorer. We are also familiar with his mother and father. Congratulations. You raised a beautiful son. We paid a fair amount of money for our successor. It wasn’t free. When the subject of success first came, there was a photo. Fenerbahe is an academically successful boy who built a tree in front of Alex’s poster. There were a lot of handles that wanted Arda, but they didn’t give it. Then I called, please tell me. Okay, you’re on the road. Oh my god. Pressure takes you to the sky in a day and sinks you to the ground in a day. OKOK be careful. Thanks also to smailHodja. When I said, “My teacher, why didn’t he play, why did he come from reserves,” he said, “I have a plan.” Thanks also to Vitor. He believed in you and played it. That person does a lot of work on it.

ALKO’s description of ERTURULETN

I found goalkeepers like Erturul and Altay. Erturul has been here since the 11th. I need Fenerbahce. U19 goalkeeper. Goalkeeper coaches, other technical staff, and people from both the Vitor and smail Hodja eras talk about Erturul. They say our pens are guaranteed. May your path always be clear. I think you’re playing the arrow with Altay, you’re more mature than the side. You are a complete expert. Thanks to you, we will not suffer from goalkeepers for years.


The most challenging deal for us was Melih Bostan. I didn’t see the goals scored by Melih and his amazing technique. Both you and Turkey as a whole will see this ability in a very short time. You have served both the country’s nickname and Fenerbahe for years. Another feature of Melih is that he is the highest scorer of all ages. I have a goal. Our biggest drawbacks are goals and opportunities. May God protect you from injury.


Sak Vural is the youngest here. I deposited it in Arda and Ferdi. Arda and her room are in the back. Despite the big handle, we didn’t believe we could seduce him. Ksmet it. With luck, it happens this way or that. Sake, he’s a bad guy after many clubs that speak four languages. Ferdi’s mother is Canadian and his father is Trk. Sak’s father is Trk and his mother is Sveli. He has been in Portugal since the 12th. This story will one day be more complete. For one reason, Sakun’s father is enthusiastically from Fenerbahce. They are looking at all the goods. Did he also raise a child? He has one daughter and two sons. He did not live in Turkey until today, he was only on vacation, but he lived in Fenerbahe for his father. He has been spreading Fenerbahe since he was born. He has high expectations for him. He trains with our team. He pays with U19. After a series of networking, his absence was felt at U19. He will serve Fenerbahe for as long as this table, and he will make up for his shortcomings as he serves Fenerbahe economically and in football.

Arco’s words about genes

There is a word about Fenerbahe, it covers all of us. I was fascinated by his dignity when I was young …

It’s hard to be everything with Fenerbahe. It’s hard to be a fan, manager, minister, athlete, or soccer player. This love you have received, the strength of that love is not equal.

With these signatures, we entrust the dreams, beliefs and responsibilities of millions of Fenerva heli. There is no doubt that we will carry our responsibility, this happiness, this logo on our backs and live the right way at every moment of our lives. We reach the happiest point together.

He gave some explanations in our teacher’s email after Matt last week. Our current technical staff sees our young people differently, follows them differently, and assembles them differently. They are always in discussion and provide psychological support. You can see the courage of Smail Hodja in the field. We need to protect all young players. In our country, you can be a star in one day and one of the most unsuccessful people in the world in one day. We need to develop, train, educate, guide, own and quiver in every sense. If these friends are successful, more such friends will come. It also broke the notion that what comes from Fenerbahe’s infrastructure is worthless.

We are thrilled that the seeds we dream of are bearing fruit. Even more exciting is that it’s the beginning.


One of the U21 champion teams was unable to compete in Fenerbahce. I’m talking about Merih Demiral’s staff. I don’t want to make the same mistake. Under the leadership of Tahir Karapnar, Fenerbahe will continue to train soccer players on both the net and other teams in the league, like a football factory. Tahir Hodja and his team are moving quietly.

“Tar Karapnarurulu”

If Tahir Hodja realizes half of his dream, he will fly to Fenerbahe. Tahir Hodja doesn’t like killing this kind of conversation, but I keep saying that. There was a very good connection between Samandra and Deleas.


My biggest dream is to have all the football players in the same facility, throw at least 7 modern pitches, create a camp that makes us all proud, and walk around in harmony with the people. The land is in your hands. I didn’t mean to go this far today, but today there was a breakthrough. We were all excited. Tahir Hodja is doing well, but not in good condition. To make Dereaz a football center. We need money, but it’s our strike to find it. They fund here, we find it. It is our dream to be here on the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. God is happy and we make this dream come true. Being on the Anatolian side and being close to our neighborhood was very important. I can say so.

“Ask Ozan Tufan”

There is a yearly difference. Young friends are training on the net team. 1.5 to 2 hours. Then exit. These friends, players with this profile need to get additional. The training given to the 36 neighbors should not be the same as the training given to the 17 neighbors. We move forward with those who teach physically, mentally, and locally. No matter who the teacher is … our training is 6-6.5km and in the UK it is 8-8.5km. If you want to ask Ozan Tufan.

“The house was destroyed”

We are looking at my death, my daughter and three friends. We were 2-0. It was 2 to 2 for each horse. Did you say it again? The faces of my children have fallen. When the third goal came, my kids jumped on the floor. They said, “Father, get up, Alda at.” In the house, I made a laying work side by side. I never do that. Not only the children’s reaction, the goal, but the house was loaded from the reaction that Arda scored the goal. It’s working when I don’t go. 4 wins and 1 draw.


It’s very moist. Okay, I’m proud. These kids were small when I came here two years ago. Looking at the elders, their families have already had good upbringing, we want them to follow in the footsteps of Atatork, have a personality and read. Someone said Altai was reading a book. Mad. Is reading a book a feature?

There is a library in the infrastructure. All players contribute. Serap Panım, who is responsible for building the infrastructure, is a literary teacher. He sends a book summary every month. All the kids in the background are my family and they are all my kids.