Ali Kochu’s “Who are you?” The girl he said turned out to be Ferdi Kadiol’s lover! The moment that makes you laugh at the signing ceremony of Fenerbahce …

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Fenerbahce signed a new contract with six young soccer players at a ceremony yesterday. At the signing ceremony, young soccer players made hopeful and future-oriented statements, and the dialogue between President Ali Kochu and Ferdi Kadiol’s lover made everyone laugh.

After the signing ceremony and taking pictures of souvenirs with the participation of the family, Ali Kochu asked the passing girl, “Who are you?” she said.

When Ferdi Kadiol’s lover, Sera Vrigi, replied “Ferdi,” Ali Kochu said, “Girlfriend?” She asked. Upon receiving the yes answer, Kochi turned to Ferdi and said, “Well done Ferdi.”

After these words, the signing players, especially Arda Gurel, burst into laughter.

Statement of Ferdi Kadiol’s national team

Ferdi Kadiol spoke at the signing ceremony. “I came here as a little kid four years ago. I weighed 64 kilograms and had no beard. Now I have 9 kilograms of muscle and a beard. Ready to fight. I want to win the trophy here, so I’ll give you everything. That’s why. I’m injured right now. I can go to the national team. “” I don’t know. I know. I hope. I can’t say anything about it. “

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How long is the contract period?

So what are the contract details for young players? How many years did they sign the contract?

Click here for player explanations and contract details at the signing ceremony …

ARDA GULER: This is a procedure

“Thanks to my family and teachers. It is a great honor and pride for me to be with you. I hope to serve Fenerbahce for many years. We have been very successful. Come here. I’m very happy. As my brother Muhammed said, the contract is our procedure. We are Fenerbahce. We have played. We will continue to play. We would like to contribute more. Alex. Alex has been my idol since I was a kid. I wish I could be like him. After I scored my first goal, there was an emotional outburst. I was so happy. I’ve been watching since I was a kid, so I was unaware and happy. We are players. We play, go. Hopefully we are for this club. There will be people who will come to our place after making money in. We hope that our other friends will also realize their dreams. “

Year: 17 17

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sign: 3 years

Ferdi Kadiol: I grew up here!

“I came here as a little kid four years ago. I was 64 kg and had no beard. Now I have gained 9 kg and have a beard. I grew up here. I’m proving myself every day. I’m very happy with this year’s performance. This season was great for me. I can say I’m doing the best. Today is big for Fenerbahce. It’s a day. There are a lot of talented players here. I hope one day I can fight for this team on the field. I’m ready to fight for more matches and trophies. I want to win a trophy here. I’m currently injured. I don’t know if I can go to the national team. I know. I hope I’ll be well again soon. What about this? I can’t say that. Finally, I’m happy with Fenerbahce. “

Year: twenty two

sign: 4 years

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ISAK VURAL: I was born in these colors

“I received a message this morning about what I need to say, but I don’t tell them. I express my love for these colors in my heart, Yellow Navy Blue. Born in the color of, I grew up with the dream of playing in this beautiful stadium in front of the best fans in the world. I am very happy to be here. My father and grandfather are big fans of Fenerbahce. I’m glad they told me that. I’m grateful to them. I came here with all my heart. I’m very happy. I want to help the team I’ll do my best. Good luck, Fenerbahce. “

Year: 15

sign: 3 years

El Tour Lucetin: I’m proud

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“I am very proud to be here today. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to being here. I came to the club at the age of 11. Fikirtepe Facility, Dereağzı, Can Whatever you want to see about Bartu, Şükrü Saraçoğlu, Fenerbahçe is right in front of you today. We are children of Fenerbahce. Fortunately, we grew up in Fenerbahce. Fortunately, we have Fenerbahce. “

Year: 18 18

sign: 2 + 1 years

Muhamed Gumshkaya: The signature of life!

“I am very happy. Thanks to the president, Dr. Tahil (Kalapnal), my family, and the managers who brought me to the club. I went through this door when I was 11 years old. The love of Fenerbahce was given to me when I was young. I am very happy. The contract we sign is a small opportunity, because I have a lifelong contract with Fenerbahce in my heart. I am honored and proud. There are many talented brothers here. I hope it will be good for all of us and our community. “

Year: twenty one

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sign: 4 years

MEL0054 HBOSTAN: My dream goal!

“I came to Fenerbahce when I was 12 years old. I’ve been here for 6 years. I’m very happy to be here. I’m very proud. I’ve been in Team A since I was a kid. I dreamed of playing and scoring a goal in Chubukuru. My club gave me the opportunity to make this dream come true. I work hard and pay for it. Good luck, Fenerbahce. “

Year: 17 17

sign: 5 years