Ali Kochu: We are the biggest candidates for the championship


At the ceremony, President Ali Koç of Fenerbahce said they were the biggest candidates for the championship under the leadership of Jorge Jesus.

The traditional celebration of the Fenerbahce Club was held at the Karamischfalkilgaz facility. In addition to President Ali Koç and members of the board, members and fans of the General Assembly also attended the ceremony. President Ali Koç of Fenerbahce and President Uglu Dündal of the Fenerbahce High Council greeted those who came to the festival at the front door and celebrated the holidays one by one. Uglu Dündal, Chairman of the High Council of Fenerbahce, and Ali Koç, President of Fenerbahce, gave speeches at the celebration.

Ugur Dundal: “The 29th Championship Trophy, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Republic, is perfect for us.”

First, Uglu Dündal, President of the Fenerbahce High Council, congratulated everyone on the holidays and said: -Adha. A very valuable member of the Great Fenerbahce family, the great leader who built the statue on the door of the stadium last week, said, “Writing history is as important as making history.” History is what we learn, learn lessons, and take pride in. History is the compass that we are sure to do next. History is a warning that reminds us of decades of mistakes. History is an undeniable fact, whether you like it or not. The Turkish Football Federation, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year, was established in 1923 and started hosting soccer games. Our community has also won the championship in Turkish football and has built an unforgettable history. It was the blessing of our President Ali Kochu to record this historic struggle that we have fought over the years. Congratulations to all the five-star Fenerbahce fans engraved on the chest of the glorious jersey. I would like to extend my greetings to the athletes, presidents, managers and supporters who have contributed to the championships they have achieved and have taken their lives for the country. Thanks to Zeki Rıza Sporel of Cihat Arman, Mehmetçik Basri of Lefter, and Altay Bayındır of Volkan Demirel. These stars, the sweat of each and every one of you, will shine in our position as a love for the independence of the same spirit and will be a hope for our future. Noble youth of Fenerbahce, you are undoubtedly the 100th year championship of the Republic written on your forehead. The glorious Fenerbahce 100th Anniversary Trophy, with its roots in the National Army, shines in the clean palms of carrying weapons to Anatolia while the country is occupied. Fenerbahce, the only fortress that could not be captured and destroyed, will undoubtedly carry the trophy to the square against its internal and external enemies. On the 100th anniversary of the Republic, our 29th Championship Trophy fits us very well. Once again, I greet St. Ataturk, who made us live these holidays on our land. Longevity of the Republic of Turkey, longevity of Fenerbahce “.

Ali Kochu: “Our path is clear. We are the biggest candidates for the championship.”

President Ali Koç of Fenerbahce, who was on the podium after Uglu Dündal, said: He communicated everything very well to the hearts, feelings and thoughts of everyone here. May this enthusiasm last forever. I especially love your child. Happy Eid al-Adha. We wish you a successful and happy holiday in dark blue as our country approaches its potential in fast steps every day. God blesses you again. I won’t talk much today, I’ll talk to the High Council on July 30th. Fenerbahce athletes have won 27 medals, with 108 medals at the Mediterranean Games. Congratulations to all athletes. I’m leaving a difficult year. But I would like to state that I have been successful in the Mediterranean Games. Our soccer team did not achieve the success we expected, we came in second. However, the stands and football gatherings that followed Ismail Kartal were important for the future. Congratulations to the men’s basketball team. This is a harbinger of many recent achievements we are aiming for as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. The 100th year championship is suitable for Fenerbahce, who helped establish the country. All the tickets we were able to sell were sold out in a very short time. This situation shows that Fenerbahcefan is thinking for the next season. Many phone calls regarding demand and thanks to the fans for consuming the tickets. Our first match is July 20th. Starting here, I hope our team will succeed in all official and private matches. Under the leadership of coach Jorge Jesus, we are the biggest candidate for the championship and will strengthen the team that has finished the season very strongly. Our road is open, “he said.


“You can’t win every match and become a champion.”

Keeping in mind that the TFF elections have just taken place, Ali Kochu said: Best wishes for the success of the board with Mehmet Büyükekşi. The board has just been announced and will be evaluated on July 30th. At least, the board has a lot of good intentions. Some of the steps taken are innovative in terms of transparency. Very important steps were taken in a short amount of time to minimize all doubts. In my opinion, at least in our recent history, we have left behind the worst and most scandalous TFF president and board the Republic of Turkey has ever seen. The destruction of the administration and the loss of confidence in Turkish football have caused great financial and administrative damage. It will take some time to recover this. As Fenerbahce, we will do our best to the new management team. We believe that their belief is to lead Turkish football to a fairer and more transparent point. We react when we see football driven by old habits, old structural processes, and relationships. The decisions made here in 3-4 weeks are very important. I hope they achieve their goals, which I think is sincere. We are all trapped in the 100th year. This is a cry to all our fans. We have brought one of the best professors from all over the world to Turkey. Of course, nothing is all rosy. But I believe that under the leadership of Jorge Jesus we are heading towards our goals. Of course, there are ups and downs in the long season, and no one has won every match in the league to become the champion. He has become an undefeated champion in 1967. Only when you get into these bad roads, I want you to stick to it more than ever. However, as with 1 goal and 1 minute, certain accounts have begun to work, causing confusion on social media. A few days ago they resigned from our teacher. But we have sincere and well-meaning fans, but we are joining this trend without knowing the problem. Dock around Fenerbahce. These stands lead Fenerbahce to the championship. Join hands and support your team for the new season. “Long-lived Fenerbahce,” he concludes.