Ali Kochu speaks at a press conference-TRT Spor

Ali Koç, President of Fenerbahce, says.

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“We have been systematically working on the discourse and actions of the 2010-2011 championship for months. The championship of any team is not our job, but the champion who gives us the right to break the rules and the law. There is no ship. There are also aristocrats to lose. They are competing with. “

“Before addressing the 2010-2011 championship and the clubs that crave for its weird stance, I would like to create three reminders. First, the president’s feelings and thoughts on this subject … Fenerbahce is a community and I fought alone with the supporters. “

“The second piece of information was released to the President in 2016. With this scheme, there is also a so-called match-fixing case on the way to July 15.”

“The third title is a book written by the Ministry of the Interior by Süleyman Soil, a member of the Fenerbahce Conference. The organization is said to have caused sensations in conspiracy cases such as Ergenekon, Sledgehammer and Cyc. It was illegally managed through the system. “

“The trophy is in our museum”

“We are calling on the managers of Trabzonspor. July 3rd has been proven in all courts to be a conspiracy. Remember that all the doors they applied for were rejected. CAS, UEFA , FIFA, Swiss Federal Court ruling … You went to all the courts and went to the door. You paid the lawyer the world money. “Some of them can be FETO lawyers. It turns out. You have sent false hopes to your community. Thanks to you, the admin is a fictitious championship. You couldn’t get any results from any attempt. Then this trophy is this It doesn’t stop at the museum. “

“Even today, despite these facts, you are fooling yourself by saying that we are the 2010-2011 champions. Introduce the facts to your community as soon as possible and they Please be familiar with the facts. “

“Does the rule behave differently?”

“Bannered and its subject matter constitutes crime, crime and criminals. Where is this courage? What do you rely on? What is your purpose? Club management The match’s federation representative didn’t know it, didn’t tell his boss, and there was no information about the coach. “

“This is an example of ignoring the board and the law and feeling privileged. It is one of the unlimited Fenerbahce complex to call on fans to” rejoice without weapons “and raise the armed flag in the match. It’s not just a club, it’s a complete delusion. No one says, “Wait, what are you doing?” “Did he not say?”

“On the banner of our stadium, 12-year-old Ferdica Diorfan said,’Can you get your jersey?’ No permission was given because I couldn’t understand what was written on this banner at the entrance of the stadium. The rules applied without exception in Istanbul broke the rules regarding Trabzon … Please implement our rules Do police stations work differently in different cities? “

“The sneaky and sneaky message that was held during the match is clear. As always, we received and wrote down the greetings of those who sent this message today. This community has its power, power. And, with supporters, make sure these things don’t happen. They cover up the useful tongs they find from all agencies and stand straight. I’m calling on the highest level people in my state. increase; Don’t let me reach this level anymore. “

“You affect all stakeholders”

“Unfortunately, the images provided at the games and celebrations unfortunately recognized our state as part of these celebrations. We are a politician who attaches great importance to fairness, Especially there is the president. When the president honored the Supreme Council, we played only for the European match. He said he would show sensitivity. I did this. I appeal to our minister who caused it. “

“It’s quite normal to have a heart in the team, but ministers, agents, mayors and state officials who have supported Trabzonspor in recent years have openly wanted a championship and privileged this community. It makes you feel. The ruler of Turkish football reverses all the dynamics of football. You influence and pressure all the stakeholders of Turkish football, especially TFF, board and referees. I’m calling. “

“I’m asked why I take care of the referee. We are the most suffering club. We don’t protect the referee. We oppose the corrupt structure of the TFF. Everyone knows. There are times, but no one can express it. The main danger is the effort to put the TFF under the control of the Trabzon and make it a Trabzon. “That is the reality we are facing.”

Is there anyone who can say “stop” to this?

“Of course, there are politicians who support other teams, but when it comes to Trabzonspor, their stance for the weight of the state is not shown. In the Besiktas, Galatasaray and Basakshehir games, which team’s ministers and deputies Did it look like this? The interests of Trabzon’s inhabitants seem to be of utmost importance. As Minister of State, those who know the country’s sensitivities confirm this banner assassination. 7 years, and FETO’s actions. “

“You may not have noticed the excitement of the championship in the match. You may have noticed the anger that followed. Why didn’t you take a step to save society? For Fenerbahce, this structure is Will it be legal? I say everyone who has salt in the soup in these irresponsible actions; our state, especially our president, will fight FETO in a cannibalistic way. You Would you like to cast a shadow? Is there anyone who can stop this? “

“I would like to point out that Trabzonspor’s reckless, rude and spoiled attitude is achieved by the protective shield they have. Trabzonspor has not been a champion for many years. They lost the championship in 2010. Hasn’t digested the pain yet-2011. Over the years, today’s infrastructure has been prepared. They lost their championship in the 2019-2020 season due to their panics and mistakes. rice field.”

“After that championship, they attacked TFF, system and Basakshehir instead of congratulating their opponents. Lobbying prepared the infrastructure for this season. Everyone manages the match directly to the referee. I won’t tell you how to do it, but if you carve the system yourself, all TFF committees will start to have subconscious problems. “

“Everyone knows the weight of a TFF trabzon, but can’t speak.”

“They knew they could be harmed, so they managed the match by adapting to the pattern management wanted. Unfortunately, Turkish football is off-field, not on the field. It is governed by the rules of. This reality and its consequences are more and more coming to us. “

“I’m talking about a federation that wasn’t happy with creating scandals at every stage and lost the legality of its conscience. Trabzon’s weight in the TFF decision-making process is a factor we all know. No one is talking. “”

“September 19, 2015, Trabzonspor-Galatasaray match … The ball hit Denayer, but referee Junet Chakir hasn’t seen it. Manage the match at all levels around the world. Denayer Chakir has not been assigned to a Trabzonspor match. 1612 days. Ended 2-2 in 2019-2020. Alanyaspor-Trabzonspor match … After the match, the president jumped on the field. He showed offensive images and physically attacked. He should have been sentenced to at least 6 months in prison, but was only penalized for 15 days. “

“On September 27, 2021, the match between Trabzonspor and Alanyaspor … The match ended 1-1. Harris Ozkahiya, the referee who was dismissed as a referee in an unprecedented way. He gave a legitimate red card, Trabzonspor was so harsh that the TFF could not even respond to this statement. This timid spirit responded to all of Fenerbache’s statements within hours and minutes, but not even to this statement.

“This order is one of the biggest threats to Turkish football.”

“Do you know why they got off to such a tough start? Because the first home game after that was Fenerbahce. They put pressure on the appointment, a very inexperienced and incompetent referee was appointed, and you Everyone knows what happened. “

“Disciplinary action is based on the representative. The representative writes the report that night. According to the report, the attorney will send it to the PFDK without touching it. According to these referrals, the PFDK will punish. Decide. Without justice, weird, non-standard and ridiculous punishment will occur. “

“One of the biggest threats to Turkish football is this order. There are honest and good people who are fed up with this system. No matter how much reforms are made, the invisible problem continues to be the Black Order. Also, some clubs are trying to use it. “

“When he takes a vacation, no one can say anything.”

“I remember the referee being detained in the Trabzonspor Gaziantep match. The friend who caused this was sentenced to one year’s sentence. Whoever was sentenced to six months or more? Can’t take office either. This person applied and his files were quietly cleaned up. Now he is considered the next president. “

“Anyone who shares about Fenerbahce Match-fixing is a member of the Commission. You would be surprised if I told you the people who recommended these people. This person is also the Minister’s Communications Consultant.”

“The match that took place on Saturday was a match. The opponent’s team may have won. Remember what happened in the Adana Demirspors match. This is the result of years of luggage and panic. 8 points will be reduced to 6 points. 3 weeks left. No one can say that the penalty in Adana is a penalty. Saturday fans said, “Some of the players have been abused, according to President Antalyaspor. . Normally, the referee should go to the locker room and take a break from the match. When he takes a vacation, no one can say anything. “

“There is an example of a match where the referee has finished.”

“Can you imagine what would happen if Antalyaspor scored a goal at the last minute? What psychology did Antalya players learn when surrounded by thousands of people? If they were going to score, they Does not. Upright attitude and struggle. They have brought Turkish football back from the brink of turmoil. This is football. Is there a referee in the junction who can cancel the match? “

“Besiktas-Galatasaray match in 2013-2014 season … The referee canceled the match because the spectators entered the field. Besiktas was sentenced to play four games without spectators. They were also confiscated. The cup match was played in Kadi Koi …. “

“As you know, there is an application for a rule error regarding the Trabzonspor-Besiktas match. The application was submitted and rejected. The arbitration period was 7 days and the period had not expired. Before the application was completed. Looking at a representative report on the events of the Antalyaspor match, TFF took five minutes after the match ended, as if smuggling goods from the fire. One minute later, he was Trabzonspor. Broadcast a congratulatory message to. Is there any injustice, unfair competition, and favor as people in the heart?

“TFF T is for Turkey, not for Trabzon.”

“There is a derby on Sunday and there is a celebration of Trabzonspor in Yenikapi. Couldn’t you do it on Saturday? Couldn’t you do it on Monday? Don’t you feel sorry for our police? What are you trying to do ?? While waiting for a penalty without an audience, they want to play a match in Istanbul next week. “Isn’t this a provocation? Besiktas is the champion. If so, are they the last match at Trabzon? Is that the case? “

“They couldn’t decide on a 2010-2011 Super Cup match. Besiktas applied. I applied. I’m worried they might accept the championship. Already written on your site. TFF’s T is for Turkey, not Trabzon. “